Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Re: Ariel Castro kidnappings

Some months after the three women were discovered in the home of a man in Ohio, one of the women appeared in an hour-long special on ABC. In the promotion leading up to the airing, in the commercial, the background music was a triumphant Kelly Clarkson hit single "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger". This is actually trying to juxtapose an image of triumph with the torment of being abducted for thirteen years, almost to imply that the women can be healed and move on, having conquered what happened to them.

But, I thought, how much more fitting Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You" would have been in this case.

Because of you I'll never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you I find it hard to trust not only me but everyone around me
Because of you, I am afraid

It's unfortunate that evil exists. But it is okay to admit that there are things done to people that one can never really recover from and receive healing. We can't whitewash it with fleeting promises of a fix or a transformation. The trauma some suffered is too great to know healing in this life. And that's sad. But that's truth.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

All Across the Nation, Pastors Are Telling Lies from Their Pulpits this Morning

Why do I say that?

Because Christianity is a lie. It is a lying religion, based in lies.

Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah was not a Christian. He didn't revere a mostly invented New Testament, mostly the opinions of a man whose real name was Sha'ul, but who would not even tell the truth of his own name, and His Bible didn't have 66 books either.

Jesus didn't so callously mock the commandments of His Father, among which we would be commanded to abstain from bacon. What large percentage of Christians will head to church after a breakfast of this abominable meat.

Then when they get there, they will be regaled with tales of Paul, and Timothy, and Barsabbas, and so on and so forth.

Not Jesus. Not the disciples. Fuck those guys! the Christians will say. We're not under all the old laws and old ways.

When those guys were walking the earth, they'll say, the law was still in effect. All we need is taught to us by "Apustule" Paul.

So there you go. I have good reason to doubt there will be even one church that will teach the truth.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Some Revolutionary Thoughts on Christianity

I think about this Walter Martin figure, who while looking for books to buy on Amazon, his classic "The Kingdom of the Occult" was presented under the 'Recommended' menu. I always thought it a bit strange how distorted ordinary Christians' views of so-called "cult" movements really is. For, isn't Christianity itself a cult of Judaism.

#1 Christianity is a cult of Judaism

Now whether that's historically relevant, or whether it's germane to the topic at all, I think we're remiss when taking for granted that [b]Christianity is itself a cult of Judaism[/b].

I mean, a rabbi, learned in the traditions of Judaism, Torah, Torah-observance, to come on the scene and to shock the elite of his day proclaiming to be God. That's as aggressive a maneuver as nearly any you might point to today, such as Jim Jones. Even Jim Jones spent many years cultivating his flock before asking them to drink poisonous kool-aid. Even Morris Applewhite spent years cultivating his flock before he asked them to commit suicide to join with Jesus Christ on Comet Hale-Bopp as it made its historic trip around the earth in 1997.

Jesus just came right in and said to everyone, "You're doing it all wrong." It was gutsy, it was audacious.

But it was also something that a cult leader would do.

So basically, Christianity is indeed a cult of Judaism.

#2 Mainstream Christianity is descended from Greek and Egyptian mysteries.

If we abandon the analysis, we will only overlook more subtle, but more pressing revelations. That is, that even acknowledging that Christianity is a cult of Judaism, modern Christianity is the spin-off of ancient mysteries and therefore is itself a cult of earlier cults.

Christianity is a Pagan religion at its heart, with sparse Judaisms thrown in to make it seem authentic.

Much of the central tenets of Christianity are very much indifferent to what pagans, Greeks or Egyptians once believed. The three-personalitied God, the eternity of matter, the eternal condemnation in hellfire, the host, it's all rooted in pagan superstition and, therefore, Christianity is very little judaic but is actually a cult of Christianity and paganism. Christianity is enmeshed with pagan religion through and through.

#3 At best, all Christians are cultists, at worst, they're willing to do extremely awful things to promote their cult.

Sometimes it may be innocuous, they write endless books condemning different believers for holding a variety of views, mostly in good faith.

Is this not concerning to you? How easily a Christian can pick up a pen, someone like Walter Martin, sit down at his typewriter and author up volumes of condemnations, anathemas, damnations, cursings, blotting outs, against people that the orthodox Martin does not want to share heaven with, and then find a publisher to publish it?

I actually think Martin's text is very good, however, I only use him as an illustration here, since his book is one most have heard of.

I think Christians are too concerned with what other people believe than what they believe. Because too often, what they say they believe is exposed by what they do in actual life. In actual life, their engaging in such notorious behavior that it's well-known and would surprise no one if I presented it here.

These are some of my thoughts about the "cult industry" in the book industry, etc.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pope Francis: Caught Between a Cock and a Queer Place

Sermon: Sunday, October 4, 2015

Just some thoughts I've been having about Francis lately.

I remember when he went to South America recently and one of the Communist leaders down there and gave him  a small statue or image with Jesus and sickle, which the Pope did not accept. He even waved his hand, gesturing, saying, "No, no, this is not okay." It was one of those character moments where, when you think he have a guy nailed down, then he does something that you might not have guessed.

In fact, it left me wondering what we could really come to know about old Frank.

Then, after his recent visit to the Americas, another astonishing tale: He is reported to have met with the Kentucky clerk, who resisted the gay marriage ban. It's said that when he met her, he praised her courage and asked her to, "Pray for me."

And I began to wonder if maybe Francis is being manipulated, perhaps he is someone's puppet. I remember where I was even, thinking how he must be under the control of someone. This is several days ago this news has come out.

Now, a couple days ago, Vatican officials are coming out and saying either the story is untrue and never happened or that it is embellished. In a sense, it made me think this could be confirmation of that theory: The Vatican is in effect controlling what comes out of the Pope's mouth and if the Vatican says it didn't happen, it doesn't matter if it did because Pope Francis broke script the official word out of the See is, "It didn't happen."

Should we be worried about Francis? Have the homosexuals who control the Vatican positioned the Pope between a cock and a queer place? He certainly seems as if he's being manipulated. So then let us pray for Pope Francis.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Testament Against the United Methodist Church

I had recently (last 16 months) become a tithing member of the United Methodist Church.

Around six months ago, I withdrew my support for this reason:

The newsletters from the church became very aggressive in asking for money. The moment I drew the line is  when they sent a letter saying, "In this issue we will tell you who your money belongs to."

No, you won't tell me who my money belongs to, because primarily, it belongs to me.

Secondarily, in the scheme of the Kingdom, my money belongs to God. But this argument of the church,  "Your money belongs to God, we represent God, and so we have a right to a portion" does not bear. I'll tell you why it does not bear.

This is a church that unabashedly teaches against the Law of God. Unabashedly. If you're going to make a  claim to tithes, which I will gladly hear, if it has founding, you will have to

a) Show that you are the lawful succession of the Aaronic priesthood


b) Explain which portions of the Law apply today and which do not and why

If you fail to do these both, then I conclude,

i) You are a church that makes a dubious and convenient claim that none of the laws today but the one that says give money to the church.

I can't conclude any thing else. I don't have a problem giving to a church that teaches error, if that error arises from a good faith claim, a good-hearted belief in the rightness of the way and it does not approach a level of infamous error.

In this case, this church approaches infamous error, by teaching a self-serving belief, and rejecting the Law of God for the commands of men.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Christians Don't Get Dementia

I don't feel that Christians will develop dementia.

I'll just come right out and say it: Christians do not get dementia.

Recently, I've come to acknowledge that both of my grandparents are suffering from some level of dementia  and they are probably winding down in the latter stage of their lives. I've had to ask myself, why are they suffering this dementia? They have always been churchgoers, for decades, they raised their kids in church, they've read their Bibles.

So I had to answer an honest question when I was confronted with a possible conflict.

When I look at it, and I look back on the years I've known my grandparents, I don't see any evidence they were born again. That doesn't mean I believe their souls are lost. I believe they had saving knowledge, but I would not call them Christians. A Christian is what I would call someone who genuinely loves  reading the Bible, Bible study, and holy living. I don't recall ever reading the Bible with my grandparents. Instead, the one time I do recall talking about it, they treated me like I was a freak, a religious nut. And as far as holy living, the extent of their religion said "gluttony", eating too much was a sin. Which basically meant quietly or privately passing judgment on anyone who in their judgment "ate too much". The Rock eats 9,000 calories a day, and some people consider him to be the epitome of a physique. And never mind my grandmother was pretty big back when I was a kid.

I think it was my uncle who said back in the day, the 1950s, my grandparents actually kept an ashtray lying around, they were liberal enough to respect any possible guests who came in and wanted to light up a cig. Although they themselves were neither drinkers nor smokers. That's pretty cool because most people are hardcore one way or the other.

Now socially, my grandparents were big into cultural Christianity, specifically the Christian gospel music scene. This isn't really a force today, but years ago, the Gaithers, Ivan Parker, and other groups were quite popular in mainstream Christian, but the music scene was considerably different as well. Country western music WAS "pop" music. Popular music charts were dominated by country and crossover artists. I doubt if anyone my age really knows who Guy Penrod, Ivan Parker, or David Phelps really are or what made them significant in the Christian gospel industry.

But did I ever see any true image of Christianity in my grandparents home, beyond the lowest level, prayer at bedtime, maybe a short reading of the Psalms before going to sleep, no.

And yet I think they are probably saved. I might use the term "Theological Quotient". Simply put, not  everyone has a high theological quotient. I don't think that bars them from living decent lives, loving the Lord, being somewhat attuned to Christian living, and language, and community. I just think it means they're not going to be passionate about studying the Bible, searching for answers, day and night, praying intensely for revelation. That's something that a person with a high theological quotient would do. But perhaps, maybe, ordinary Christians are not called to that. Still I think most Christians are totally disengaged, but, this theological quotient will be a helpful instrument for us in the future to examine the body.

How to take America Back (Although it will Never be Done

Liberty is exclusively an Anglo concept

Liberty has never existed except among Anglo people. This applies especially to England and the  descendants of the English people. A very notable feature about the English is they are non-Catholic. Being a cultural Anglo means being a Protestant, opposed to the Catholic church culturally, doctrinally, and dogmatically.

The Catholic church is such an insidious force that when they solidified power in Italy, they began a  persecution of the scientists, killing some, life imprisonment for others. Italy, the origin of the humanistic Renaissance, was sucked into a dark age from which, in my estimation, it has never recovered. When you purge the intellectual class of a people, you sabotage that nation indefinitely, unless and until they can acquire such intellectual capital as to produce future generations of academic merit.

Elsewhere, the Catholic church engaged in such conspiracies as to kill hundreds of thousands, from the most evil plot of the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, even to the shores of England, when such Catholic monarchs as Mary brought the Inquisition to our land, and killed hundreds in the name of Rome.

If anyone is more paternalist than Rome, name it. This group thinks the Pope should determine policy  matters in every country on earth, even that the other nations are not fit to decide for themselves. This results in such blatant absurdities as these orthodox disagreeing amongst themselves.

Then we arrive to the present day, when the Catholic/Jewish Supreme Court, makes several landmark  decisions in a row, completing overturning every underpinning of democracy, the Constitution, and due  process which they could massacre.

The media is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Vatican. The Supreme Court is a wholly owned subsidiary of  the Vatican. The federal government, the Congress, and the executive, are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Vatican.

In theory, my theory, the only way to set America back on the right path is to pass draconian treason and  sedition laws depriving American Catholics of political privileges, stripping all Catholic politicians of political power as covert agents of the See, and depriving all Catholics of voting rights.

Many will think I say this with a hint of sarcasm or to be humorous. I can't think of a more effective way to take back the Constitution from its molesters than from the molesters who molest boys.

Catholics, be it noted, provide tacit approval to all clergy who molest children. When you give money to  your bishop-prick, YOU ARE personally funding the wining and dining of the young boys, who are wooed with chocolates and flowers by the Catholic priests. You are responsible for this.

A Catholic on the left or the right makes no difference. You can't argue Peter King is any less deranged than Nancy Pelosi. Peter King never met a constitutional right he wouldn't shred in the name of fighting terrorism. He is the very definition of one who would trade liberty for security and wind up with neither. Peter King fills me with more terror than all the hordes of the Islamic State. Sonia Sotomayor is a greater standing threat to American's rights than the nation of Iran and Nancy Pelosi has distinguished herself with decades of service to making America a worse place to live.

And so the answer for Americans is to completely deprive Catholics of political privileges.

(Note: This has nothing to do with oppressing Catholics or allowing violence to take place against them. This simply means to protect the rights of all, Catholics must be severed from the political process. Catholics cannot be relied upon to vote proper material into office and will end up jeopardizing their own rights if they are allowed to vote. Catholics vote against their own interest and should be compared to a metnally incompetent person who is judged in a court as unable to manage his own affairs. So therefore, society needs to take special measures to prevent Catholics from jeopardizing their own rights and the rights of everyone else. At one point in England, Catholis were banned from owning arms because every country they went into, they wantonly killed the native peoples and took over the monarchies to serve the Pope. Therefore at one point, they demanded that no Catholic could own a firearm. This did not protect violent crimes against Catholics or deny the Catholics the right to self-defense but was a short order measure meant to protect democracy)

Beware the Greeks

It was observed by the ancient poet Virgil to beware Greeks, even when they are bearing gifts. In the modern day, someone who I am sure history will be far less apt to remember opined, "Herpes is the gift that keeps on giving," and is perhaps an interesting microcosm for why modern society is falling.

But the history and evolution of popular aphorisms is a digression.

As to the Greeks, whose economy is on the verge of total collapse.

Why should the Greeks not suffer? They have an economy predicated on sloth. They retire at 61, they have  entitled themselves to rich pensions, they've helped themselves to billions of other Europeans' wealth.

The Common Market calls for austerity and calls for debt to be paid.

Greece claims this is an outrage, resolute in announcing that it is unjust and they will make no such payment. So the banks have closed and they are shut out. Money is scarce, ATMs are empty. The Greeks complain the banks will let them withdraw "their" money. A retirement pension is the treasury's money, paid out to beneficiaries. It's not clear what the ordinary citizen's indebtedness is to the European bank either, but it's a stretch to claim money which has clearly been stolen from European nations is "their" money. So whether the citizen has money or not, they will get their money when the banks open back up, when the entire mess is sorted out. It's really indefensible to have that much money tied up in a Greek bank anyway, especially in the current state of things in that country.

For a nation which is one of the earliest, and most successful, promoters of homosexuality, it is a fitting end to that nation which they are now experiencing. They never should have taken money they had no intention of repaying and they should have adopted the proper measures to prevent the current crisis. But they did not.

In the category of snobs, you have the French. But far more refined in their snobbery than the French even are the Greeks. In Italy it was reported that immigrants were baking pizzas in the pizzerias. The Italians wouldn't make pizzas, or deliver the pizzas. It didn't pay enough and while unemployment was high, the young people would sooner live with their parents than work in a pizzeria. Well of course they would. Most young people would live at home until they are asked to leave. But the Italians were handing their own economy out from under them and the immigrants were moving in on the Italian economy. Greece is filled with even bigger babies than Italy. They have babies that look for every excuse to not work, vacation days, early retirements, pensions, borrowing money from Europe then snubbing their nose and refusing to pay it back.

I'm glad the Greeks got shut out. They need to answer for their wicked ways.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wil the Church Lose Its Best Minds?

There are two conflicting trends at work in the church.

The church has a desire to be trendy, edgy, to present news ideas that are revolutionary and cool. It thinks this is necessary to stay relevant.

On the other hand, another trend taking place in the church is that the young people who have the most to  offer, new teachings which are transformative and challenging, the church manages to drive out.

A big part of the church demands conformity, and not to a scriptural model but a man's model, usually the pastor at the head of a church. If you do not rock the boat, and you offer yourself as a lackey to the pastor you get to stay and be promoted. If your belief in scriptural sanctity demands that at times you do the uncomfortable thing and call out sin or the complacency that leads to boring teachings that lack the life that Christ gives, you're thrown out on your ass.

I've seen it repeatedly: The church is losing its best minds. Despite any assurance they've promised  themselves that this rock is unmovable and unassailable and will be here to receive Christ and His angels at His Second Advent, they are wrong. They are terminal and they will lose the war and they will die out. The church will become like the Jewish temple and will be laid desolate. It will not function as an institution when Christ returns in glory. Christ's body is infinitely more rewarding than the church body and their commission will expire.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Christians discovered a paradox and called it a mystery

Is God able to do anything?

Is anything possible with God?

The answer is basically built into the question. It's surprising to a lot of Christians who have never thought about it before and many invariably think of the rock analogy. "Can God create a rock so big that He could not lift it?" They ridicule my question and compare me to a heathen even though serious theologians like Norman Geisler have also considered this question and came to the same conclusion I did.

The question is a dumb one because it does not compare to the question which I asked which highlights,  namely, the concept of a possible thing versus an impossible thing. For it's no wonder why some things are impossible. The ancients called it a paradox.

 Zeno asked, if we moved from one point on the line to traverse one-half the line, then traversed another half (3/4), then another (7/8), and continued the process ad infinitum, how long would it take to traverse the line? Would it not take us an infinity to move across the line? Zeno explored the concepts of change and infinity and today we remember him for a number of paradoxes which bear his name.

A paradox is a semantic construction which is no more than a conjunction of two dissimilar ideas which are basically opposites and cannot coexist. That's all it is. A paradox doesn't refer to a thing which exists in actuality, but can only be expressed in verbal constructions that can be intuited mentally, in the mind, but do not extend to a physical universe. It is a thing we can abstract and reason over, but which has no comparable thing which exists in actuality to which we can compare it.

Can God do anything? No, He can't, because there is one category of things which He can't do, and that is  the category of impossible things.

What Christians think they're doing when they say "With God, all things are possible," they think they are being particularly pious, righteous, showing what strong faith they have, in believing that their Father has all power in His hands, who they trust in fully. In another sense, they're mocking us by pretentiously demonstrating a false faith, to contrast to ours which by extension they mean to imply we're godless atheists for mentioning paradox.

Of course, with God, all possible things are possible. But not all things are possible. We can think of  hundreds of scenarios that can exist in literature or as a theoretical thing in the mind where nothing  comparable exists physically.

Can God decide to give godness to another person, saying, "I believe you will make an even better God than I, and therefore I believe you should have this crown, for it will be better for the creation for you to take it from me."

This is not what Christians imply, but what they imply is not clear either. Perhaps many Christians don't think much, don't read much, and aren't even sure what it is they mean when they say something so stupid as, "With God, all things are possible." Another trite, meaningless comment only a non-thinker could possibly say. I can think of a lot of things God can't do. He can't lie, one. Neither is He corruptible.

There are a lot of things humans can do that God can't. And in man's severalty comes his deterioration,  death, and destruction. God is one and is simple and Pure, and lacks severalty, and therefore has no parts and is not corruptible. This is also why we can say He's unchanging and will reliably be the same Person, yesterday, today, and forever.


Christians discovered a paradox and they called it a mystery.

Look at this doctrine called Trinity. Talk to them about it. Hear what they say about it.

"There is no way to logically explain it."

"There is no point in trying to understand it."

"It doesn't make human logical sense. It has a divine sort of sense to it."

My friends, what you're talking about is a contradiction. I realize how stupid that will make you feel, when you discover that what you're saying isn't clever and doesn't make heavenly sense, but is really nonsense because you're being evasive and intentionally conjoining contrary words.

Isn't that a thing does not make sense a great inspiration for young minds to try to delve deeper and find an explanation for something? Apparently with Christians it is not. In Christianity, if you ever questioned them about this particular "mystery", they would just kill you.

For Christians, there's a need for a market of contradictions, a market of mysteries. This is a good way to weed out the people who will be a problem for them later on. If you uncritically accept anything a Christian says, even when they know themselves that they are lying and creating logical contradictions, it is very rewarding for sorcerors or hypnotists when they find a subject that can be so mesmerized by their words.

It is rewarding for sorcerors and hypnotists when they find a gullible buyer of their snake oil, whose minds can be scattered with thoughts of paradox, who they can run interference on and scare with threats of hellfire and torment, as if they themselves are the Judge who can decide that, while they themselves do not live according to the code they espouse.

By contrast, if you do not believe every word of the sorceror-Christian, the hypnotist-witch, the Christian witch, their minds turn to all the fires of Inquisition which they cannot use today, but more frightfully, to how best to destroy your entire reputation, position in society, and life, for they think they are doing God a service, Prophet John.

Christians tinker and spin their webs of deceit, plotting how to destroy your entire life, every day they live and breathe. Because they hate you and your belief that much and that you will not believe their contradictions.

Because you are better, you are more highly trained. You see no mystery. You see a contradiction.

Christians have discovered a contradiction and have called it a mystery!

Why I must say, the greatest logicians before us are Christians for they have explained for us a contradiction. A mystery is something which is never found in the Bible, which logically contradicts itself, and which is so basic to the Christian faith, more basic than anything found in the entire Bible outright, that it is every Christian's duty to murder anyone who questions it!

Bravo, bravo!

The Sadness of American Christianity

I have observed the following:

a. When Christians share their ideas with each other, some will laugh at another person's views. They are so intellectually smug with their theology, they just laugh at the other person.

b. Christians often don't take too much time to explain their beliefs. They say that's just the way things are. And if you disagree with it, it's because the truth is not in you and you are on your way to hell.

c. Christians often don't know how or don't care to explain their beliefs. They are suspicious of the world and think there is no reason to have a strong argument because people will believe what they want. You should just laugh at everyone, basically.

d. Christians spit out theological terms one after another, but they can barely quote the Bible, or they have a few basic prooftexts that they can reach for whenever asked a good question. Christians have a hard time relation their theology and religious views to the Bible and seem to have a compartmentalized religion over here, Bible over there.

e. They are unable to weather trials. They seem to get very uncomfortable with the basic trials in life and very wishy-washy on the teachings of our faith. They don't inspire you as being people that, if things got really bad, would not sell out if that's what they had to do to survive.

f. Their willingness to pass judgment, or their willingness to cover up for their pastor's sins or their own sins, or a friend's sin. They basically use a crooked measure to make excuses when someone they care for does something wrong, or heinous, but they are always clear to call out what they see wrong about your life. Even when nothing is wrong, they search anything they can sniff out about a person, even if it's as silly as just disagreeing with them on a particular doctrine, for which they will then accuse you of not believing in the "whole Bible", "picking and choosing", or using the Bible for your own purposes.

g. They speak to others with such an air of cockiness, like they are great academics, in an ivory tower  somewhere. Even when they have only a very basic education and are not scientists or very good academics  at all. But the "Bible" gives every one of them a special area of expertise, and instead of acting as good stewards, leading sheep into light, they speak like the cockiest academic from graduate school, who  steamrolled all the students with the superiority of his scholarship.

It's not even that these apply to a small minority. These are basic character traits that you will find in almost any Christian you talk with, any day of the week. Not one person is going to demonstrate all of these traits, but almost every Christian you meet will have at least one on this list. This is a huge problem. If Christians cannot talk respectfully about their beliefs without mocking the person sitting across from them, or mouthing some curse about them going to hell or being a worker of darkness, how will Christianity survive? How will Christians survive when they start seeing prophecy fulfilling itself in front of them, and they have to decide if they are willing to die for their beliefs?

Christians should be learning now while there is still time, to separate themselves from the world, to be not like the world, to not behave like they are of the world, the way the world ridicules, and mocks and scandalizes those who disagree with it. Or else they will have to learn this later, and a lot faster. We still have time now to practice these now and learn from our mistakes.

Corrie ten Boom, witness is perfected under trial. The Church must suffer the tribulation because it is so far from being worthy now to be received into God's kingdom. American Christians are living proof of that.

Who is the white male?

Talking with a black man tonight, I saw first hand the true plantation mentality which exists among many black Americans, who are dyed-in-the-wool democratic voters. It's an American phenomenon that in most  election cycles, black Americans vote 95% in favor of Democratic party candidates and some times, over 97%. They state emphatically, with no indication the thought of error crossed their minds, that the  Republicans are bad for black people, the Democrats good.

But I have observed American politics far too long to gather that assessment. There is no ethnic policy  among Republicans. The national Republican party is a big business enterprise and will make deals with  anyone who will make them a buck. And they harbor no ethnic prejudice but a clear cut view that prides  money and business more than anything.

But neither do the Democrats have a clear ethnic policy. Instead, I think Democrats are willing to cater to whatever ethnic ideology will serve them at that moment.

If one district is served by running Shaka Zulu, the "kill whitey" candidate, then the Democrats will hit hard on the racial platform, reminding blacks of an imminent white conspiracy to take away their liberties. Meanwhile, if facing a black conservative, the Democrats will also cater to black stereotypes to win approval from the white voters.

Such is the case when President Bush nominated for the Supreme Court the Honorable Clarence Thomas.  When a known false accuser stepped forward to engage in insidious character assassinations against a respected judge, who merely differed from the prevailing political ideology of the left in Washington, white  Democrats appealed to every demeaning stereotype about African-American men, Clarence Thomas was  sex-crazed, he was a sexual predator. Even when Herman Cain, the pizza guy ran in 2012, the narrative was  still the same. Black men: Are sexually uncontrollable rapists who throw themselves on women every chance  they get.

Even one of the most honorable in Washington and that's saying something, it's the slimiest place on the  planet will escape the wrath of American liberals: Allan West, former Marine, one-term Congressman from  Florida. That's not okay. A black man talking about personal responsibility and strong families and not  inciting class warfare to stir up the masses, per Alinsky? Pssh.

Alan Keyes, he was quite a remarkable fellow. One of the most brilliant individuals who I don't know has  ever served in elected office, which is a great stain on this nation's record, that such able-bodied men are unable to win election. But he doesn't fit it. If you're black AND a conservative, in the United Socialist States of America, you aren't entitled to the same rights as those who pass the ideological test.

Recently, a young black woman learned first hand, the inner racist frustration of the Democratic party, who after announcing her support for Rand Paul was very condescendingly rebuked by a white male liberal,  stating something like, "Didn't you see the party? Republicans are anti-black and anti-woman." (Seems very  Jim Crow like, publicly belittling a black woman by a white man for holding a personal opinion.)

In America, if you are a minority, you don't get to make the same decisions as everyone else. You have to  pass an ideological test to enter the great American debate.

Its moments like these in the political landscape that I'm deeply troubled with the broad generalizations that "Republicans = bad, Democrats = good!" Many black people I'm certain don't have an analysis more than that more white people consider themselves Republican than Democratic and that anything white people support must be bad. I think it's a great example of the extreme racism prevalent in the black community.

Who is the white male?

It seems at this time that there is no one more hated in this country than the white, heterosexual, Christian male. And that is an extremely harmful policy for this nation. Mores aside, family values aside, I want to outline who the white American male is and why he is the backbone in this country.

In the jobs market, the majority worker is the white male. White men make up most of the workers in this  country and they pay most of the taxes. And yet there is no more hated group in America than the white  male.

In America, over ninety million people do not work, AT ALL. The primary reason these people do not work, and don't have to work, is because of the largesse of the American worker, which is primarily a white
male workforce.

This is extraordinary. This is the only nation on earth that I'm aware of where nearly one-third of the  population does not have to work at all, and many are not retirees, they're people who have never worked  or never had constant employment.

In European social democracies, it happens that a young person could take three months paid leave from  work, or the ordinary worker could retire at 45. But the reasons that can be sustained there are as numerous as the reasons that it could not happen here.

In fact, managing a country as big and diverse as America, apparently, reviewing modern empires as well as past empires, appears to be totally impossible. The trend is borne out when one observes that America is reaching a point where it is no longer manageable. But in countries one may look at, China (very equal in size though much greater population), Russia (somewhat equal in population and very unequal in size), to other nations, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan. These are nations that are not truly functioning participatory democracies. Brazil is for all intents and purposes one of the most impoverished of the nations, India as well. China and Russia, nations which in the 20th century killed an estimated over 100 million combined of their citizens. There just is not a comparable nation that has been managed as well as the United States without either killing a huge number of its own or suffering tens of millions to live on the brink of starvation, which has been historic in India, where millions of its people die from too little to eat. Prevailing caste structure makes it repugnant to even help them and not the nation's responsibility. They are suffering because of the build up of evil in their former lives. Let them starve, the Indians say. (Apologies to all Indians, some in that nation do feel that way.)

So in America, where the prevalent attitude and history has been a strong family, a strong participatory  democracy, a system where despite all its wants and warbles, has been such a remarkable success, because  of the strong family tradition, and the industriousness of the American worker, black, white, male and female, all the workers.

But let's not claim victory. The white male worker, the predominant worker, I'm not being unfair, I'm saying because America is majority white, the majority worker is the white male. It is very substantially based on the taxes they pay and on their productivity, that ninety million people in this country do not have to work!

What in the world makes people want to change that? Imagine what will happen to this country if their  mission is accomplished. The majority of your workforce will one day be recruited out of the third world.  They will have poor command of the English language. Instead of high-paying skilled jobs, you will have  those fields replaced with a third-world labor force, who graduated from third-rate universities in India or Pakistan, who make a third of what the last guy made. Your tax revenues will shore up. Soon, many of that ninety million will find their money stops coming in. They have to look for work. At this stage, it doesn't matter what sort of education they have, they can't find work because an Indian will do it for a third the price.

All white people subsequently blamed and held to account. More demands for justice ensue. Society sinks  further.

Rinse and repeat.

This rhetoric, "for the worker!" The Democrats are not for the worker. The Democrats are for death taxes,  stronger regulation, impediments to business (that's right, if you have 10 workers you're uberrich and should pay the jizziyah!), then they'll also go on endless witchhunts: You don't hire enough blacks, you said something that a paranoid woman thought sounded sexual, etc etc.

I am for the worker. I recognize what this means to the economy that the worker is allowed to work and  produce, and take most of his pay home. Democrats' default position is raise taxes, class warfare, death  taxes, private property is unlawful, redistribution, pensions (where people get paid to not work, and paid even more than if they did work). There's a disjunction between their policy and their expectation: Looting Social Security is okay, even if there's no way to pay it back later, looting Medicare and diverting it to the Affordable Care system, pulling the plug on Grandma. Stalin's system was evil. The Democratic party's system is inventive and evil. How can the worker work and produce, under burden of regulation, and at the end of the day, take home less than 50% of what he's paid? The answer is he can't and the jobs because fodder for immigrant labor.

Why I am suspicious of the American Democratic party and why you should be too: The modern Democratic party is in the political tradition of a movement that climaxed in the October Revolution 1917. It came to a sudden, horrific halt when the factory workers were gunned down under machine gun fire. Their crime? They discovered that Lenin and his henchmen weren't concerned about the worker at all. They discovered they were only useful idiots in bringing about the Soviet revolution, and when they piped up to Stalin, "Hey, what about all that worker stuff?" they were ordered to be gunned down by Stalin. Nothing gets
people's attention faster than heavy machine gun fire into a crowd.

In fact, in Lenin's Russia, he had perfected the most expeditious way of eliminating one's political enemies. No need to get decked out with gas chambers and more expensive modes of dispensing with one's opponents. Machine guns are faster.

It's no wonder on a review of history why progressves opened abortion centers in black neighborhoods.  These were Sanger's "human weeds" who she announced speaking before the Klan in New York State were bad for the country. Sanger wanted black women to be knowledgeable about reproductive choice; she wanted black people to kill themselves, with the help of white and Jewish abortion doctors.

It's still no wonder today that the abortion clinics, the liquor stores, are all found in the black community and conspicuously target the black community.

These are all bread and butter for American Democrats. Anything anti-family, anything pro-drug, pro-abortion they love, and while many have shed themselves of the Jim Crow mentality that was once  shared by all liberals, it seems to me that a few of them still hold to the old way of viewing things. Why else is there the need to keep reliving on Meet the Press, Face the Nation, and elsewhere on the national stage the tried, and proven false, accusations, that black males are raging sexual lovers, drug maniacs, waiting to throw themselves on the first woman they see?

There is nowhere that is more prevalently discussed than in American Democratic circles.

As a Christian, I CANNOT support the American Democratic party. My vote for the Republican party is not an endorsement of their morals and every thing they do. It's because the DNC is a party that advocates for abortion, which takes two million lives per year, homosexual marriage, and caters to racist stereotypes, anti-black, anti-white, whatever it takes to win and they think people will vote for.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Marilyn Mosby is an Emissary of Jesus Christ

On April 12,2015, police publicly arrested, tried and executed twenty-five year old Baltimore resident  Freddie Gray.

The video is, though incomplete,  astonishing. In my estimation, it shows the aftermath of a brutal assault and the carrying away of a suspect who physically cannot stand, cannot hold his head up and probably has already suffered the injuries that would end his life seven days later. And then he is restrained in Medieval sort of metal restraints and loaded with conscious disregard of near fatal injuries and then taken for a bumpy ride through rush hour in a hopping town.

Even more suspicious is the other suspect who has now come out claiming that Freddie Gray injured himself. There is too much history of police threatening suspects and killing people in custody for me to believe this kid has not been threatened. As tasteless as it is to talebear the story he has brought to us, he likely would have been eliminated if he had not played his part in the operation. And that death would have never been discussed.

And here we have one Marilyn Mosby. She is the youngest prosecutor of a major city in this country. She  has on Friday, May 1, 2015, declared that the city will prosecute and seek the convictions of six officers on charges including second-degree murder ad false imprisonment, among others.

The commissioner of the police union says that the prosecution has rushed to judgment, Mosby should  recuse herself, and a special prosecutor should be appointed. He says at no time have his officers acted  wrongly.

"We are disappointed in the apparent rush to judgement, given the fact the investigation into this matter has not been concluded." 1

“Not one of the officers involved are responsible for the death of Mr. Gray.” 2

Who has rushed to judgment? Gene Ryan has rushed to judgment. He says in his own press conference that Mosby has rushed to judgment and his men did nothing wrong. That very statement is a rush to judgment! Marilyn Mosby is asking for the process that the police union says works when they put away your sons to  also apply to the officers who enforce it. And now the officers say it does not work. They want a just-us system, rather than a justice system. Mosby is asking for a jury of peers to evaluate the officers' conduct and is not rushing to judgment at all.

In fact, the Fraternal Order of Police letter directed to Marilyn Mosby contains veiled threats against her, stating that her and her husband's political career could be threatened if she does not cooperate with the entrench Baltimore political machine.

Marilyn Mosby is indicted saying that she has a connection to the Gray family attorney. And so the police  union is being very transparent: They are asking for a sham investigation seeking no charges on their officers, by a "special prosecutor" who is connected to the city brass.

Marilyn Mosby is an emissary of Jesus Christ.

It is for such a time as this, that this young litigator has been appointed to an office to publicly try the men responsible for the death of Freddie Gray, and to try the system itself.

I am afraid nothing is clearer than the video that Freddie Gray was murdered. And I'm afraid if it does not result in a conviction, the American people will lose faith in the judicial process completely and irrevocably.

The police cannot keep beating these sorts of cases without the ordinary American wondering if the system  is not functioning right. And an acquittal will be just as clear to police: You can kill Americans and the system will keep its own. And to America it will be clear: It is open season on the American people.

Who is Marilyn Mosby?

Marilyn Mosby is a third-generation public servant. Her father served with the Baltimore Police department. She also has other family who have served the public. Marilyn Mosby is a public servant, a jurist, and someone who has a deep understanding of the interrelationship between the public and the law. She understands the challenges of those working to keep the streets safe and as a black woman, the unique  challenges black Americans face, in a country where there is a particularly aggressive prosecution against blacks, that reeks of profiling and discrimination.

In short, she is uniquely qualified to navigate the tricky intersection of the interests of law enforcement and the public.

It makes Gene Ryan's remarks even more remarkable in that Marilyn Mosby is a public servant herself, the  daughter of public servants, and should be received by law enforcement as an ally, as two parties both seeking the judicious outcomes that result in criminal convictions and a fair procedure for all.

But Gene Ryan disagrees. For him, Marilyn Mosby, a sound litigator, really a virtue to our system, with an independent mind and not simply rushing to kowtow to the police association, is someone who has rushed to judgment (a judgment different from his). Marilyn Mosby, to him, is not a public servant. She is an ally to the parties who want to sink Baltimore into vice and destruction and she should recuse herself.

But it is really quite different. Marilyn Mosby is a virtuous prosecutor who believes in the sanctity of our process, and that it applies to the citizen and to those who enforce it alike. Gene Ryan, well, Gene Ryan and who he represents, believes that if they murder your people, a stacked prosecutor's office should refuse to indict, no questions asked. The rules that apply to you do not apply to him and his men. And a special prosecutor should be appointed, as Gene Ryan says, but to investigate the Baltimore Police Department, for a pattern of misconduct, of discrimination, and over 100 deaths of the detained while in police custody. No more of this police bureaus investigating the police. That didn't work.

Like biblical Queen Esther, Marilyn Mosby has been appointed to intervene on behalf of God's people, a people whose leadership has long forgotten them. Marilyn Mosby, your people are my people!


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Abel and Cain, Vegetarianism

This past evening, my mother brought me several volumes of books she had found at a sale. They're quite  beneficial for my studies and I've spent some time reading chapters here and there from the books. They are basically thick encyclopedias, with entries on famous persons, essays, speeches, it's excellent material and unlike anything I have in my library at this point.

I looked at some poems from Anne Bradstreet. And I was occasioned to see her poetry on the feud between the first brothers, Cain and Abel. It was here I was reminded of an old concept for an article I'd had ages ago, but never did compose.


Cain and Abel brought forth their offerings. The offering was a deference; it acknowledged the LORD of the Harvest and the generosity of God's good blessings in maximizing the work of their hands and the produce of the land. It was an occasion of honor and celebration.

Cain was not motivated from impure motives. He had the eager belief that the grain he brought would be  much to the LORD's satisfaction. Some think he may have held back calves that he wanted to eat himself,  and kept the best of his flock from the Lord. But I think we do this at the expense of impugning Cain's  motive. I think there is clear cause to believe that Cain was a vegetarian. The vegetarians we meet don't  seem to have subtle considerations at heart, an imperious design, when forming good action. We don't deep down believe that the heart of the vegetarian is overcome with evil. On paper, their cause seems quite just; that is, the alleviation of the suffering of all life, including animal life.

But is vegetarianism the great hailed system of our Jehovah?

I believe not.

It is in this "roots" ideology, the belief in a pure diet, no animal meats or products (dairy, for example), it is in this exquisite empathy with animal suffering that one finds harbored the deepest misanthropy.

It is in the earth based system that the highest value is attached to nature and animals; by extension, the lowest value is placed on that which threatens nature: Human life.

The most visible reckoning of humanity is children. Children are the image of the next generation, the next civilization, and therefore abortion, birth control, and homosexuality are very positive co-ideologies with the vegetarian movement.

Vegetarians care more for a purple salamander in a remote place in Nevada then they care about the fruit of their womb.

This is the deep seat of hate which existed in the heart of Cain. Cain so full of love, of hope for the earth, the peace of all life, "Nature, man."

"How could God accept his sacrifice and reject mine?", he'd ask himself.

It is in the heart of this man, an author of morality, like every political liberal who tries to author his own moral basis for by which to live, like every vegetarian that assents to the death of two million fetuses per year but cries, suffering in mental anguish over a purple salamander, is the heart of murder, of plotting, of cruelty and envy.

Goddess worship, veganism, the practice of yoga, court the moral teachings of Luciferianism. Kill fetuses, turn man against woman, woman against man, exchange natural affection for the unnatural, a man loves a man, a woman loves a woman, birth control... Nothing is out of reach of the people who want to see an end to human life. Only... not theirs. They pass the ideological test. They "revere" the earth; they get to stay. You "hate" the earth, so you deserve to die.

Why does God demand sacrifice?

On the most frivolous level, I would say because He likes the smell. I like the smell. Especially here in Texas, people just love the smell of grilling meat. But I think that's a back burner issue, pun intended, or let me rephrase that, all puns aside, I think it's only tertiary in the scheme of the Temple system of sacrifice and oblation that God instituted.

There really must be a vicarious substitution to sit in a place which man cannot rightfully sit. If a man dies, he dies in sin, and should be condemned. But in a very solemn shedding of life, and an inner acknowledgement of personal transgression and disavowal of that lifestyle does mercy arrive.

And yet God says, "I desire mercy and not sacrifice," and elsewhere that he does not desire blood sacrifice. The sacrificial was composed within recognizing one's transgressions and coming to repentance. If sacrifice continues only as a cultural idiosyncrasy of that time, or as an ancient practice that was carried without meaning into the present era, then the sacrifice truly does contain no symbolic or substantive meaning. It is actually nothing more than wanton killing of animals. The abolishment of the sacrificial system entirely is less appalling to God than profaning it.

Because of the "innocency" of animals, there is a noble loss of life when its blood is shed, and that covers the iniquity of the man. A penalty paid in substitution. At this rate, a man can die ceremonially clean and living in harmony with Torah.

And I love animals. I detest reckless corporate habits, which endanger the environment. I hate the  recklessness of societies that put more value on the stock market and capital than on preserving the earth, because we are stewards over it. At the same time, I hate the politicians which appeal to purple salamanders, who really just want favorable laws to be enacted that will allow them to go through with exclusive golf resort or winery development. I also hate when the politicians advocate that we must totally paralyze the economy for the sake of future hypothetical environmental casualties, like the Keystone XL, while simultaneously congratulating themselves for the booming American oil and gas industry, (which they had previously made efforts to shutdown post-BP crisis), and falling oil prices, which has more to do with Saudi production than domestic policy.

So what is the environment if not a ruse? What is vegetarianism if not a ruse for abortion, redistribution of wealth, Marxism, and misanthropy, a self-righteous hatred of one's own kind?

And so because of the haughty presumption of the moralist, in this case Cain, a moralist who strays from  God and His noble codes to author his own morality, his sacrifice is rejected and held in contempt. One must uphold all of God's righteous statutes and judgments and not deceive himself to think that he can please the LORD by doing it differently.

WWII veteran arrested for feeding the homeless

In Florida, there was recently the case of an old, WWII veteran who was leading a mission on the streets. He wanted to feed the destitute, the downcast, the homeless, and the struggling families.

The evil Democratic mayor and government of this town sent police to arrest this man.

How many thousands of dollars did this cost the city? To send police to investigate the "crime". To arrest this man, who is ninety years old, to transport him to the jail, to incarcerate him. Then to bring the case to trial and prosecute him? HOw many thousands of dollars did that cost?

And yet every year in this country, hundreds of thousands of rape kits go untested, and the true criminals who have made this country's streets dangerous to walk go without prosecution.

I know when I'm walking through town, I never have to fear a robber with a gun or a knife. I never fear  young teenagers with too much time on their hands and no fear of getting caught playing the so-called  "knockout game" or destroying personal property. My real fear is a man with a wielding a hot dog and a  bowl of soup.

Yes, it is these mad men giving us free food that is the most fearful nightmare of them all.

These Americans are very naive people, to continue talking about "American exceptionalism". America is not an exceptional country. Although in terms of ways we have devised to tax people, to arrest and confine people, and to suppress dissent, we are exceptional in those areas.

God does not love Americans more than, say, the Afghanis or the Senegalese. God loves all men and wishes
that all would come to know Him.

The average American does not know anything about this cook down in Florida. Even if they watch the news, the news does not publish everything which is fit to print, or report everything fit to report. The news  merely gives you tidbits of information and extraneous news stories, although nothing that would ever really inspire the people to action or to petition their representatives. We get only the news which however salacious and tragic, is just such that no one really asks if things have to be this way.

The true lurid, depraved injustice that exists here, like imprisoning a hero who helped defeat Hitler and  served this country as a hero, and today is still a hero and wants to change poverty and help people get a hot meal, and who is being relentlessly persecuted by the Democratic party in this country, will simply never be told in today's media.

And so Americans keep parroting, "America is exceptional, America is God's country," because they are not
told the truth, and that America is fallen, is fallen.

What a satisfaction to know, if you are raped, if you are brutally attacked in this country, it will take years for the DNA to ever be considered, but be safe and know that no uninspected, untaxed hot dog will never be passed on the streets here without brutally subjecting the giver to the barbaric prisons of this country.

The Biggest Enemies of God

The biggest enemy of God is not His critics, but His own followers!

I read an old article on John Calvin from Christianity Today, dated in 2009. Although I didn't read it all, I did until I felt so lightheaded and flushed that I had to go find something to eat.

Believe it or not, I am not the biggest enemy of the Christian faith. I am the biggest enemy of the Hindu faith. After I got sick reading the article on Calvin, I went had some cereal and a glass of milk. Already this evening I have had:

About a half gallon of milk a bowl of cereal and a large bowl of macaroni and cheese

It is udder abuse, what the cows go through each day. Later I may have some fried cheese or some more  macaroni. I'm feeling withdrawals from it now.

The Christian church majority is:




That right there should prove to you that the biggest enemy of God is the "Christians" themselves because  they believe, and love to believe false doctrines.

Jesus was not a Christian, and the Pope is not Catholic. So why should I be a Christian. You people have it all mixed up, who "God" is and what it means to be His people. Look at the Old Testament. Nearly every  page has a story about Him slaughtering His people or causing them to take wrong turns in the wilderness.

Some prize, to be God's "people", whatever that means.

It's very straightforward. God is a good Father. You should love your Father and want to obey Him, because you know He looks out for you and can better care for your needs than you can yourself. Christians do not show that. All they talk about are His commands are "a curse, and chains". They say if you obey His commandments, you are only showing off, to have something "wherewith to boast" and God's love is not in you, because you willingly choose to obey His words.

These are the blasphemous lies from the Christians themselves! They love to attack God's word or anyone
who believes it.

If you dare say that the Bible is a literal book, they will attack you, they will slaner you, and say how you do not understand that most of it all is a metaphor and that it only has metaphorical meaning. They sit there and mock the words as too unbelievable to be true.

Christians hate the Bible, and they teach others to hate it too.

Then they teach lies about the Book so that they can cause atheists and all other people who have never read it to hate it too, they love to teach lies about it so much.

The Bible is such an easy book to read, if you do not have some moron with a ministry degree trying to  cloud your notion of what it means. You have to stop listening to these bloviators and loudmouths and listen to God, for He will give you a word.

There's no reason to listen to a pastor. They sold out. They only want to have a light-hearted chat. Pastors are so stupid, all they want to do is tell jokes. But they are so boring because they have such an antiquated view of society that their "jokes" fall flat because they aren't funny. And then they speak about something unrelated like how to spend your money or whatnot.

I saw one newsletter a few days ago with a title "Who Your Money Really Belongs To"!!!

Pastor you gotta be shittin' me. I guess according to you my money belongs to the church.

Look, you send the bucket around and I'll put in what I want to put in. You don't have to do a sermon every 4-6 weeks reminding people to give and then send out newsletters to insult people's intelligence and suggest that their money belongs to the church.

At that rate, I may just not give you any money at all. I think from now on, I'll keep my money and spent it on Cheetos and whatnot. This church takes in $20,000 to $40,000 a Sunday and they're still sending out  letters to shake its members down. WTF? I'm not familiar with these things, but a $2,000,000 to  $4,000,000 budget for one church in a town with 2,000 churches in a 15 mile vicinity seems like a lot. I think being resourceful in managing what one has is another thing that religion teaches. Also being thankful. This church doesn't seem thankful. They seem actually very greedy and thankless for the several million that some of the richest families in our community give to their church every year.

Perhaps if they were using this money to substantially change the lives of members of the community,  extensive work in feeding the needy, etc., etc., it could seem justified. I actually have no accounting of where the money is going and there certainly doesn't seem to be a united front against poverty in the community that I'm witnessing. Therefore it must be a money pit. I don't think a Federal Reserve printing press could provide this church with enough money into making a difference in the community because I think their "difference" is all about making a show.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The future of Christianity will be determined by how quickly Christians come to recognize that Pauline theology is frivolous and a dead end

Look how the world hates us.

"Why [i]does[/i] it hate us?"

Why it hates us doesn't matter as much that it does. And Pauline theology has offered nothing to counteract it.

For instance, Paul has a very low view of values (works). He believes that there is a sort of insurmountable distance between man and the divine, and that individual human works are worthless, that they have no value. He suggests that those who do aspire to live graciously are looking for something "wherewith to boast". Many are therefore convinced that the goal of Christian living is not to live in a holy way, but "roll with the punches". If you sin, that's fine, you can always feel sorry for it later.

To Paul, it's not what you do, as much as what you think. As long as you think the right things, the right doctrines, God accepts you in your worthless condition.

One of the main objections of non-believers is very much related to this. They see the Christian moral standard as faulty and contradictory. They often see how many Christians apply one standard to their friends or the group and another set of standards on the world. Christians choose to look the other way when they see a brother in error, or they even try to defend it or cover it up.

Because Christians have not taken a unanimous and decisive stand against immorality, the world views Christians as immoral hypocrites.

The moral component is something sorely missing in Paul's letters. Even insofar as it is contained there, as many would maintain, it is surrounded within such a sea of seemingly contradictory affirmations that many leave with the wrong impression. This is a grave lack of clarity, if the epistles are not wholly deficient of this concept.

The ardent defender of Paul, Martin Luther, after reading Paul, and drawing the same conclusions I've reached here, went on to write, "Be a sinner and sin boldly!" to paraphrase Luther.

So far, Christians do not inspire me with their ability to get this done. Because Christianity was unable to bring many of its marvelous anticipations to pass, it will eventually be violently suppressed, and Christians will be virtually wiped out.

It is not to say that you were not warned. John anticipated this as an inevitable fact over 1900 years ago. Assuredly, it is written in stone, as is our outcome.

Though we are divided now, true Christianity will ultimately prevail in victory, and the good will be given reign to walk the earth without the weight of the iniquity present in this life.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

I am a conventional, Christian traditionalist

I am a traditionalist. I am a big Bible believer.

You will wonder, why do I spend so much time attacking the church and Christianity?

I think you should know.

Because the churches attack each other.

In the churches, they speak evil about the "Calvinist-Arminian" dichotomy, the "Catholic-Protestant" dichotomy, the "Pentecostal-traditional or mainline" dichotomy, the "futuristic-preterist" dichotomy, and for every conceivable reason do pastors go up to the pulpit, which when I'm typing I started to type on accident bullpit (bullshitpit), which actually is a lot more accurate than "pulpit", do they teach hatred for other churches and other religions.

They will teach the evil of Islam, they will teach how perfect the Jews are, they will teach how evil the Jews are, on and on and on, and it makes my head spin and it bothers me.

So, instead of choosing sides, I will choose every side.

I will come here, as often and as vulgarly as I want, will I attack every church and every Christian who does the same. If and when you decide to stop attacking people, I will stop attacking you.

Even when Christians meet in public, they trash talk each other. They insult others for their beliefs and put down their beliefs. They argue about what translation is the best and how you are lost if you use this-or-that translation.

I'm irritated by these people and annoyed. It's very rare I deal with them extensively because it's like going into a nuclear waste site without a Hazmat suit on. It's icky and it rubs off on you.

Like the Reformers' Shit Don't Stink

Many of you are so clever.

You read Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, so on and so forth. So refined, so clever.

You make repeated appeals to authority. "Luther said, _____", "Calvin said, ____"

and then you saunter off with a stupid grin on your face, like, "Stupid unread moron, who never read the  prescient words of the great Luther and Calvin, ha, imbeciles. I sure showed him. I will leave him trying to pick up the broken pieces after leaving him in intellectual tatters and embarrassment. Ha!"

You act like the Reformers' shit don't stink.

I'll go a step further and tell you what Luther said, "Burn the synagogues." He said persecute the Jews, curse them, banish them.

Or Calvin, he said he did Servetus an honor. He had him burned at the stake when he could have had his  head cut off. It's a real dishonor to have your head cut off. Therefore, Calvin saved Servetus' honor. Yeah, and he had him burned at the stake. Woohoo!

Many of you still have not learned. You still have not seen the point.

Eric Hoffer would say, Calvin and Luther opposed dogmatic systems and did not recognize authority  because they were not the authority! They were not men against a brutal system. They were men against  another one's brutal system.

I would go further in showing you how many of the great men you hold up are not great at all. Clive Staples Lewis, Pope John Paul II (agent of I.G. Farben), Rick Warren (CFR globalist), Benny Hinn (wants  permission from God to murder people), Ted Haggard (he likes boy prositutes and meth benders), Oral  Roberts (performs rituals in the basement of one of the facilities at ORU), Billy Graham (Masonic plant).

I can go further historically and show

Tertullian waffled and picked and chose what he believed and finally became a Montanist

how Augustine said unbaptized babies would burn forever in hell

and how many other of these giants you Christians love and adore were vile, vulgar, evil people.

You sit in very good company. I can't tell the difference between the two of you.

A Life of Sin

A Life of Sin

There is one demoniac, named David. I want to tell you about the depravity of his way of life and the evil he performs.

David is a very cheap man. He works less than ten hours a week to my knowledge. He is incredibly lazy and he spends most of his time playing on the computer. He does not work by choice, not disability or stupidity. In fact he is very smart but he does not like work and so does not work anymore than he has to.

How does he support himself?

Well, one means is he goes to the soup kitchens. He goes to the Salvation Army every day, sometimes  several times a day. Other nights, when a church opens its doors to feed the needy, he goes to those too. So when he goes to work, about two days a week, he keeps that money for himself to spend it as he pleases.

You see, by the stupid generosity of stupid Christians, we see the lives of evil men supported.

One should not give charity to anyone and everyone who asks. Personally, I do not care to give to any  ministry that will give support to stupid, lazy, drug abusing bastards who offer nothing to the world but only take. They are worthless to me.

There are children living a life of want, there are mothers who work tirelessly to provide a decent way of life for their families.

And yet you bring in a bunch of men who are too God damned lazy to go out and get a job! These men who I have seen in the streets and I have seen them in soup kitchens because I have been invited to come see  these places, I also know spend their money on drugs and cigarettes and liquor, I know they are petty  criminals who threaten people in the streets. I have been accosted by them, I have been threatened. I know these are the people that these ministries support and offer food.

I know those mothers and those children will not go into those kitchens. They are afraid. They do not want their children exposed to the criminal underclass, of lazy, conniving, welfare artists.

This little sick, homosexual man, David, if you can call someone so lazy and impotent a man, proudly says he will take no form of support. My family was proud, he says. We would never have taken food stamps or support. It was frowned upon in those days.

And yet, there is hardly a meal he ever eats that was not given to him. He willingly takes charity from the children and takes it for himself, so he can eat. He does not care to see that others, more deserving starve.

This is the stupidity of the believers in Sha'ul. Sha'ul said, A man who does not work does not eat. There are no free lunches. Some of your own economists say that. And yet what do these liars do in their private lives? They are thieves. They work as the children of the lawless. They take the food of the children, which Jesus said was not meet (fit) for them to take.

And what else did Sha'ul say, hmm? For he said also one of my first comments.. To not render charity to anyone who asks. But what he meant by this is far, far different than what I mean.

James, the brother of the Lord, the leader of all the church in the years following Jesus' death, said to not fail to render aid to the widows.

Paul said you should not give to widows. He said basically many of them were whoremongers and sick, they were not true widows until they were 60 years old and their sex drives had stopped.

So under Paul's fucked up system that the Christians have created, we should feed the drug addicts, dealers, mentally disturbed and criminally insane, the wretched, underclass that does a great share of crime in this nation, but dare not feed a widow! Dare not feed children.

Some in the conspiracy circuit say that the powers have begun rounding up these eaters, and sending them to camps for permanent relocation, or elimination. They say a pattern has been noticed in urban areas of California, Colorado and other places that these populations have dwindled and are disappearing.

Hold on while I attempt to give a fuck.

No fuck given. Sorry.

I've never seen more shysters, more subhuman dirt than the trash that is welcomed into these facilities. I don't accept the fact that the people who need the most help and community support are too afraid to go into these dens, BECAUSE COWARDLY CHRISTIANS CANNOT PUT THEIR FOOT DOWN AND SAY WE WILL NOT SUPPORT YOUR VAGRANT, COWARDLY WAY OF LIFE.

One doubts such backward humanity exists until they walk into such a place. I don't believe there was ever a point in life where I lost faith in the entire human race, until I moved down the street from the soup kitchen. And trust me, these people are all smiles and pots of joy when in the soup kitchen, and they are the tackiest, most disgraceful examples of, I will not say humanity and stain the whole race by comparing the two.

As a society, we need to stop giving a free pass to these men and look after the broken and lost in the  community.


You need to become part of the solution and stop contributing to the problem, or sit down, and shut up and let men, instead of cowards fix this problem.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Christians and Their Lies

Why do you say, "Why did he lie to me?"

Did you not know the character of the liar, and the character of the one sworn to tell only the truth?

Machiavelli said to not listen to the one who praises you. Those who praise you, your every thought and  devotion are not your friend, are not good ministers. They are lying to benefit only themselves. A true  minister will tell you if he believes you are in error, and a good king will not inspire a climate of fear, where ministers are afraid to speak.

There are two categories of people I am sure will lie to you: Christians and pro-choice women.

As to the latter I say, If a woman has no compunction against killing her own children, then she will have no problem lying to others. You would be a fool to get mixed up with one. This is the sort that will take you to court and bleed you dry. The best case scenario: You're bankrupted and keep your honor, and may be able to make another fortune. Worst case scenario: You're bankrupted and imprisoned and also lose your honor. Fret not over lack of evidence; juries love salacious stories and imprisoning innocent people.

As to atheists. I do not consider them much liars, but for different reasons. Atheists have no shame, but even more they lack any care for others. They will not lie to make you feel better or to make themselves look better. They really have no reason to lie. No matter the evil they commit they are quick to take credit and defend it, proudly. There is nothing so shameful to say, that it should not be said, that they will not say. Rather, the more shameful a thing to say the more likely they are to say! They proudly speak shamefully and therefore have no reason to lie but rather to flaunt their depravity honestly!

The Christians though are very paradoxic. These are among the worst deceivers you should meet. Why are  you surprised? Ask them, "We are not under the law but under grace." If I confess to being a pirate, why are you distraught to be robbed? If I am known to be maniacal and devious, why are you confused when I defraud and abuse you?

Why are you deceived that a person who claims no law or constraint to morality should abuse and mistreat  you?

I say if you respect the Mob, they will heed you.

I say if you respect your neighbor, he will heed you.

I say if you respect those who are lawless and claim no law, they will repeatedly defraud and incriminate you, to promote themselves.

Christians lie for different reasons. A strong motivation is they don't want to be made uncomfortable. They don't want to tell a person what they really think about them because it feels better for them, and to rationalize, I have hurt no one's feelings. Most people do not like to feel uncomfortable. They lie to you because it feels better than telling the truth and putting themselves in an uncomfortable situation. They also feel better to think they have morally guarded your feelings instead of hurting your feelings.

But, when the Christian is around other company, however, you can trust he lies about you. He will speak any nasty lie at the time that he can think of. There are different levels. One, a person can rehearse themselves to believe falsehood, by continually denying evidence to the contrary and repeating the same lie until they no longer can distinguish it from the truth. Others lie because they believe they are more broadly doing a service. For if one is accursed of God, then any lie that is spread about them only serves to deter God's cherished from being involved with that person. Therefore, to use their reasoning, if I lie and slander a man's reputation, I am doing a very noble act before God and the Lamb. Therefore, I must lie repeatedly.

Others believe that lies are only bad in terms of the evil which follows them. Therefore, if I lie for noble reasons, or I lie trusting that good effects will follow, and naturally I believe in the sovereignty of God and that all that happens is in His domain and made for good, then I trust that my lies all have very good effects according to established dogmatic precepts! Let my lies be unto God's glory, with honor and thanksgiving! I should even praise God by my lies, and that I should lie more regularly, more shamelessly and without compunction whatsoever! Our own most honest apostle Shaul tells us this!

So trust that when you deal with Christians, they will lie to you, rob you, and even murder you and believe they are doing God a service. We should commend them that they act to honor God! We should hate their actions and revile them openly for treacherous dealing. They have lied to promote their business toward God as being honorable and forthright. By their actions they execute treachery and dishonesty and with their mouths speak death.


You should beware of those who speak with popular support and approval. Like the evil minister, telling the king only what he believes he wants to hear, and such as will support his plans, the teller of untruths relies heavily on public approval of his lies. Ergo, he appeals to the bottom feeders, those who enjoy, like stupid dogs, to be scratched on their heads and behind the ears.

The people who tell the most truth are the ones who get in trouble the most for their mouths. They are those who are indicted for their speech, those who enjoy no popular support and are most probably the ones to suffer exile and banishing for their views. They cater to none, but Truth, and they don't offer a service satisfying the pedestrian notions of the common man. Their views push science, push society to the next era, and everyman of yore that you love and praise now was the enemy in his time!

"Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, and say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers! how can ye escape the damnation of hell?"

Now also be witnesses,

"Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them ye shall scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city: that upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zechariah son of Berechiah, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar. Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation."

Now see that this is a basic problem with a broad class of men. Men like words that push no boundary, that say nothing new and say nothing that puts a fire under his pot. Prophets demanded action, they demanded that you surrender to the enemy. They demanded that you abandon your life and flee into the mountains. They called for radical change because in the face of war, the alternative was to die, or perhaps worse. They said you would lose your wars, they said your nation would be destroyed. They said your families would be murdered before your eyes.

And even when they did not speak about such imminent disasters, they said things that were not comforting at all.

And this ministry was not a comfortable ministry. They spoke with full knowledge of the result, that 99.7% would refuse to hear, and many of those would become imminent bodily threats, they would detest the speech so much.

The prophet was groomed repeatedly in youth, toward embarrassment, toward shame, toward the most hurtful ridicule man might endure without ending his own life. Then he was thrown out in the cold and tested repeatedly as to his grain. If he prevailed in truth, in speaking only that which he was commanded, never varying, adding or subtracting, he could prophesy to nations. If he transgressed he might be excused. If he profited to transgress, he'd be killed.

You tell this man the hounds of hell are unleashed on him and his family unless he turn from the One that sent him out, then release the hounds of hell! Release the greatest damnation you have, because I am no scoundrel nor will I go the way of the scoundrel!

How did God send these men out, with full faith in their ability to execute? It was because in their weakest defeated moment, they soared to do righteousness, when all else would abandon. Because they were defined in their tragedy and they were transformed. There was nothing they feared  more than to defame the Almighty and become the object of His eternal scorn.

Hence, they never defamed His law, no prophet ever. One should fear to detest His law, for we did not author it to scorn it. I have no authorship in it to repeal it! There is but One who can repeal it and I am not He, nor do I envy His job!

Some of you have been taken by one that came in not by the door but by some other way. Jesus said that the one who came in not by the way was a thief and a liar. He told you, when He called you, that His sheep would hear His voice, and know His voice.

That man you claim, I do not know his voice, nor that of the one he heard. Although I will say, that voice knew well the words ascribed to Bacchus in Euripides' Bacchae. So perhaps I shall call it Bacchus who spoke, for lack of evidence.

I do not know his voice.
Paul going not by the way, but out the back like a fugitive fleeing justice

Have you never seen the film of wartime, of imminent threat and the colonel tells his men, Do not believe any who do not prove to you they are authorized. The authorized have the password, and do not believe any man who comes to you with any other story.

A young man, unlearned, believing the fate of his country is at hand, will let in the enemy. He will invite the enemy in. "The colonel will praise my great valor to deny his orders, as in my superior judgment I have adjudged its great purpose, and I will be hailed a hero!"

You may lose every man in your detail, or at best, you may be killed and the mission saved when the intruder is found.

I am under such an order. Believe not he who does not go by the door but goes up by some other way!

Those of you who teach a twisted unbalanced conception of grace start with a lie. You lie when you say your gospel is not amoral and that it is moral, and then you lie for very different reasons after this.

But you lie and I know you lie.

You go by this horrid distinction, Christian under a new covenant, a covenant never established by a prophet or intercessor but established in a metaphor drawn out in Hebrews, that is a confused notion of what a covenant is, details, or maintains.

You are liars and until you stop lying I will never stop calling you liars.

I will forever slay your doctrines, your orthodoxy, because I hate your system and what it means. Your orthodoxy said to turn your face to murder done in its name, to save its system. It said to turn your face from child molestation to save the system. You could not admit to the most egregious wrongs because it was tacit with many prior assertions. When you asserted it was faultless, therefore it was theologically perfect, therefore it was essential, therefore all subsequent assertions depend therefore on the last and our basic integrity cannot be questioned, it was by design that it could never acknowledge its wrongdoing without destabilizing some or all of its fundamental teachings.

Many of you defend much less, but defend it.

Why are you surprised when they lie to you? They have told you what they are.

The Only Hope for the Palestinian People

My view on the matter is Israel has a right to exist. I don't believe the Israelis or the Palestinians should make war on one another. I believe in diplomacy and diplomatic methods and Palestinians who can see the writing on the wall need to be vocal about making a truce with the Israelis. This will not be easy because adherence to the Palestinian national platform is demanded at pain of death among the radicals there. But as is so often the case, evil triumphs because good men do nothing.

And that is the crux. Many Palestinians, or notably the ones in charge, want war, but they want it in a "have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too" sort of way.

I am afraid the political groups that claim to speak for the ordinary Palestinian believe that a dead Palestinian is a good Palestinian. Americans talk about our old washed-up activists from the 60s era that pretend they represent black Americans. It's said if racism were totally defeated, these individuals, who have fleeced millions from government and business over decades running the racket of "civil rights" would be out of business. The Palestinian political parties see propaganda value in slain Palestinians and are not invested in seeing Palestinians safe in their homes. The greater animosity they can foment between the Palestinian people and the Jews the better they line their pockets and boost their image (as an embattled minority) in the Western media.

Like I said in a previous article, if women were not subjugated, there'd be no need for women's rights  organizations. It is necessary to their business model that women are raped and beaten.

This is Hamas' business model. Hamas grows in notoriety, in funding, in material and intellectual support when situations are created where Palestinians get blown up by IDF munitions.

There is only one solution for the Palestinians.


Palestinians must turn to Jesus Christ to save them.

You see, the Israelis who occupy Palestine now have a very special advantage over the Palestinians. They  are predominantly a people who are descended from the original settlers, Abraham and his camp.

In this sense, they are occupying a land that was once promised to be held eternally as a deed to the Israelite people. This actually is very close to being correct and presents a very strong basis outside of our dimension, i.e. by spiritual fiat outside of this world, that that land cannot be severed at all from their possession.

Id est, it is a policy that I would say is fruitless to imagine a scenario where the Israelis will give up their land. With all due respect, this is a fourth-dimensional principle that is binding on our human civilization. The solution has to work around that.

I'm pointing out that there is a superior fourth dimensional principle that overrules that principle, however inviolate it may be. Although I imagine 99% of you have no idea what it is I'm saying or how important this article is in the great scheme of things.

We must look at the examples of this people and their land. They were removed from it several times. There were several hundred laws that were established going into the land that God gave for them to honor.

There were several times of national crises, and one could write a book about it. In fact, I'm sure you could find a number of books on this very topic in a mid-sized, urban public library, and possibly thousands of resources on the internet. I'm not invested here in writing a book but a short article so I'll recommend you check into that if not already familiar. (You really must look no further than the book of Jeremiah to familiarize yourself with it.)

These crises were connected with increasing lawlessness, and eventually, the people were taken into captivity, and led away captive.

This happened on several occasions and the final destruction of Jerusalem (AD 70) came a couple short  generations after the crucifixion of Christ. And there's a long story from circa AD 30 to AD 70 that most don't know but I'll talk about it some other time. But a very significant event during this time is the Jews killed their Messiah.

There actually was a larger principle at work in the Old Testament that was magnified over the people, the land, and the covenant.

It was the entry into the world of man of the Promised One, the Redeemer, the Son of the Everlasting God.

This was more important that any other one fact of Scripture. Jews today do not recognize the books that  came to follow Malachi, but that are named Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

These are four short books, amounting to about 100 pages, that I contend are the defining documents of  human civilization, that tell you everything you need to know about man, life, and how to live, and the meaning of life.

There is nothing that has been stated, or written, or thought, that transcends the arguments and observations in these books in any way, and they are the most undying testament of the existence of a great and powerful God who formed this earth by the power of His hands and wants us to want to know Him.

The truth is that there is not a distinctly Jewish people. There is not a distinctly Israelite people. Those people that lived eons ago are dead, but only after they were dragged to Rome, Persia, western Europe, Africa, and anywhere else the captors like. There, they did their best to survive. The women were taken in harems, the men made eunuchs. Some begat children with the locals. The true descendants of Abraham are everywhere to be found, and they are not one race, but all races.

The land for a specific genetic reason cannot be held in deed by the Palestinian people.

The great principle at work here is the most important thing that the Palestinians should see.

The state of Israel, as an object, of land, or as an idea in the mind, belongs to the children of God, and this also includes the followers of the Meshiach, Yashua ha'Meshiach, Jesus Christ.

The only claim to the land that you as a Palestinian has that trumps the genetic claim of an Israeli, which I say now is only genetic and tenuous, is by claiming Christ, who will give you that land.

The Jews are going to be in very big trouble if the Palestinians experience a revival.

The Bible states, and you can verify that at that time, the land will never be divided from the people again. One point however, is Zechariah prophesied a final captivity where a foreign force occupies Jerusalem, but these two prophecies have different scope and impact.

Ultimately, the fact is, the genetic claim to ownership means zero. Jesus said that one could not enter the kingdom, that one could not know the Father without going through him.

It is only in this dispensation that the Jews can refer to the genetic contract. In the future, coming dispensation, which is very close at hand, the Jew who reviles Messiah is no different than a heathen before a graven image. They will be cast out as chaff.

The land belongs to me! And it belongs to us all! It is the richest heritage to man and this world! But for me it is only an idea! I like that idea! I like the idea of streams of living water, the tree of life for the healing of the nations, where the wolf lies with the baby goat, the lion eats grass as the ox, and a child shall lead them! I like that!

But the land as an object. For me it only belongs in spirit. These are tough words to someone who is so close to holding the land themselves but are being sighted by Israeli military forces. To you, if you are Christ's, if you are Yeshua's, Jesus's... The land is yours! And I promise you, though the Israelis may defeat you, in spirit, and in flesh, and sever your life, the richest inheritance awaits you past this sorrowful veil.