Friday, January 27, 2017

Donald Trump deflated Tom Brady's footballs - What you need to know


These two devils are thicker than thieves. They probably had this planned all along.

As just one more part of his devious ploys, Donald J. Trump, in addition to casting doubt over the elections and the entire nation, also cast doubt on the Super Bowl and National Football League by sneaking into the locker room and deflating the footballs.

I demand congressional hearings right now, dammit!

Congress, get a clue, we have been usurped by a lying usurper!

I have a message to all of you traitors, deflaters, and graters - I am watching you!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Being at Christian Youth Camp While Physically Disabled

Being at Christian Youth Camp While Physically Disabled

       This title may be a bit jarring for some readers. It's highly probable that parents have never considered what could or might happen to a disabled child at Bible camp. Of course many parents may not even consider sending a child depending on the extent of the disability, but it may not be so simple. I want to caution you: If you think the church will take as good care of your child as you would, I hope you're willing to live and die on that promise.

       When I was fourteen, I was going to a Baptist church. I was very involved with the youth group and I felt a sense of belonging I'd never felt in a church, or really anywhere before. It was a really good feeling. The youth would eventually that summer be leaving to go on a nearly weeklong get away in another state, on a large university campus where they would meet with congregations from many other states, who would descend on the school for five days of revival. I was thrilled to be going.

       But at the end of May, I was involved in a pretty serious accident. I fractured my jaw. Then I had to have surgery to wire it shut. For six weeks, I could only receive nourishment through a straw, which precluded nearly everything but soup and shakes. Now, this isn't entirely bad, because my mom regularly made me oreo milkshakes with the best ingredients. But let's say I was already a small kid and I lost a lot of weight during those six weeks. I looked like the liberated of Treblinka, or Buchenwald. I felt terrible. Having already committed to going, I had to reevaluate the situation and decide if I was still up for the journey. I had a choice to make, whether I would go on with the trip as previously planned or would I stay home and watch cartoons and drink milkshakes.

       Feeling the pull of adventure, I decided, probably against wisdom to go ahead and go. It was suggested that there would be some type of facilities at the campus where I could prepare my meals and eat (the other kids would get to eat in the cafeteria quite delicious food). I was also told that if I needed to be taken home because I was having trouble with the entirety of the circumstances, my mom would pick me up, and don't be afraid to call, because this was a difficult situation.

       We arrived at the campus. I was hoping to immediately be apprised of what those facilities were and mentally prepare myself for what my process would consist of, because it would be different from the other kids. Basically, the short version of it - There was no microwave in the dormitory room, shared with one other male student. There were not really the tools I needed - can opener, microwave, blender, silverware - available for me when I needed to cook myself a meal and there unfortunately were not any adults that took much interest in my situation.

       Now, my solution might have been, Can we explain to the cooks that there is a student with a medical situation to where he may need his food handled in a special way? Or that we can provide the cans, can you just heat up this soup and sort of accommodate that condition? That would be one. I realize I'm being a little selfish here. However, maybe a more reasonable solution is, Can we get the kid a can opener, a blender, and a microwave in his dormitory that he can use at any time he needs to eat, and also permission to leave a study or a revival if his medical condition would be benefited by eating?

       Those are reasonable middle-ground solutions to accommodate a very specific medical problem a child is suffering through.

       There was not really anything like that. I was kind of just left to figure all this stuff out on my own. I was helpless in other words.

       I would submit that over those five-odd days at the Bible camp, my medical condition did not improve. But I stayed all five days because I had made my mind up that there was a higher purpose in the experience of the youth camp, of the friendships I had developed with those young people, of having a faith experience. It was a bit like a fast, you could say.

       And that was all very true.

       But what I want people to know when they send their kids away to these events is not so simple. The short answer of it is no matter how close you are to the church leaders, no matter how well you think you know them (within reason of course, some of you may have family in leadership that you would trust with your life), when you send yours kids so far from home where it's not so simple as just a short drive to be with them, you're essentially sending your kids with a stranger. Or you should consider it as such. These people just biologically cannot feel the same way about your children as they feel about theirs. Forget all this lovey-dovey God talk, "the children!" as they would say. Nobody really believes that. We can talk about faith and God and the Bible and all these lovely ideas. What it comes down to is when your child is surrounded by fundamentalists and he or she gets sick, the chance that they hold hands and say prayers while your child dies before they get to a doctor is likely. The chances that they do nothing if your child gets sick from some infected tap water or has a reaction to the chocolate mousse - They're not going to be there. You're going to be there. You're the parent and you love your child. But what are they going to do when your child is sick, not well?

       Alright, Johnny. You just go ahead and go nighty-night now. You close your little eyes and say a little prayer to baby Jesus and before you know it it will be morning and you'll be all better. Nighty-night Johnny, Johnny can it will you, we're playing cards in the other room! Go ahead and leave us alone now, Johnny.

       They'll come in in the morning and Johnny is comatose, maybe he'll even be swollen up like Violet in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when she ate the experimental candy. And Johnny will never wake up.

       Or maybe you'll have the other problem. You'll send your little girl to one of these camps and she's violated by a pervert while away.

       Go ahead and laugh. They'll say I've twisted the mission, I've twisted the meaning of Bible camp, and brought lies and accusations upon it.

       No I haven't. I've only told you the truth. They can smile, shake hands, pass around the offering bucket (I guarantee even if they don't smile and shake hands they'll still pass around the offering bucket), but these people don't really care about your kids.

       I know you, any of you, would take a bullet for your child. You'd jump out in front of a car to save your child. Will the pastor do that? "Well, if I jump out in front of the car, then the kiddies won't have their pastor! Oh, and then if a ravenous wolf takes over the flock, Oh! then who will the kiddies have to look after them? Nice knowing you, Johnny!"

       Or even worse. "Ha, Johnny! You little devil. Now we won't have to deal with your little devilish ways of deceit! Ha! Sayonara, Johnny!"

       And then Johnny is left as roadkill on the side of the road.

       Okay, I didn't need to be graphic just to make my point, but the people don't care about your kids. They're there for the same reason the kids are - Free cafeteria food, a five night stay in dormitory accommodations, a university swimming pool, and every other level of fun that that entails. It's a cheap getaway, just a fun little ditty. That's all.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Greatest Harm Done to Ethnic Bodies

The Greatest Harm Done to Ethnic Bodies

       While those in the racial grievance industry decry harm done against "black bodies" and "ethnic bodies", let's examine what the greatest harm done against ethnic bodies really is.

       I'd submit that those in the University of Missouri movement, which has spread to Ithaca, Yale, and other campuses, are profitting off of racial suffering. I'd suggest that the real testimonies of victims of racism are being drowned out by people with megaphones and media savvy, with a gift for manipulating media, and deploying it to their advantage.

       I'd also submit that if racial injustice were ever totally cured, the crutch these provocateurs have used to get ahead for so long would no longer be as potent a weapon, and then they would have no more excuse for their failures.

       The real greatest harm against ethnic bodies exists long before life in the projects, in a broken education system, or in an economy where minorities have suffered generationally high unemployment and less prospects than middle class whites.

       The greatest harm awaiting ethnic bodies begins in the womb of his or her mother. The crime of abortion makes certain that fifty percent of black fetuses will never experience life at all. Before forty weeks of pregnancy is up, his mother will go into a legal medical clinic, taxpayer funded, and be given a drug to dilate her cervix, and a doctor will insert barbaric tools to obliterate the baby's body and remove it from his mother's uterus.

       The crime of abortion affects millions of Asian, African, and Latin American women every year, not just in this country, but in places like China, where a one-child policy has led the government to forcibly seize and abort women who violate that statute, and others.

       If this child beats the fifty percent odds of not making it into the world at all, then he or she will certainly face many another injustice.

       Perhaps this child will become one of the victims of the high homicide rate in the black community, where black people kill six thousand black people in urban communities every year? (Black killers choose black victims approximately 90% of the time).

       Maybe the child will come under the influence of older kids at school, who teach him that it's cool to take drugs, and to live a life of petty crime? Maybe the young man or woman does a prison stint in a state penitentiary after being tried and convicted for his or her crimes.

       In summary, white people do not represent a threat against minorities today. There is no secret Wednesday night meeting, or secret handshake gathering of whites plotting how to sabotage black people in their careers or educational pursuits. Instead, white people form the backbone of the philanthropic community, the medical community, education, and all other industries that are the most potent organized weapons helping to advance the black community today. The greatest funding, and skilled workers, are brought together to put the sum of the community's aid into action, to help ordinary people. This is seen in every Habitat for Humanity project, food pantry, college scholarship program, medical assistance for the needy, and every other program that is organized solely on the generosity of those involved.

       Those are actual products of the white community. That isn't saying there are not black professionals and Hispanic professionals involved as well; that certainly is the case. But the largest burden of funding those organizations falls on white people, because of our position historically as having fairer opportunities when laws once did not favor minorities.

       The language of protesters is going to sour good will between the peoples, and incite hatred, more than has ever existed than at any point in our lives. The injury done to ethnic bodies is being done almost wholly by the minorities themselves, and then some in the race hustling industry, try to profit off of this and institute a reverse apartheid system, to make technical lynchings of white people permissible.

       If black people want love, if black people want acceptance, they must first come to love their own children, instead of seeing them as an intrusion into their fun, something to be aborted, or what many have said who did get a chance at life, were told by their mothers, "I should have aborted you."

       The greatest hatred against blacks is not engineered in the deep South, in white families' households or in the halls of Congress. It begins inside the womb, and then on the block, and then in the schools. Black people who kill each other because he wears this team's hat, or he wears that color shirt, or because I live on 19th Street and he lives on 21st Street.

       This evil talk of racism on the college campuses is poison and is hatred and needs to stop.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Trump is as yeast and as yeast doth rise, so doth Trump rise

For it would have been true, were Jesus to say, "A little Trump doth leaveneth the whole lump," for as yeast doth rise, so doth Trump rise.

Now let Trump bake you wonderful bread, and make America great again.

Beware, my children, the leaven of the Republican party, of liars who doth lie, of Bill Kristol, of the National Review, and of FOX News, who are wolves donning the outward appearance of sheep. They are wolves who seek to devour the true.

The same cannot be said of MSNBC, who are lying wolves but who take no strain to conceal their appearance. They are honest wolves.

All that are about us are as thorns and thieves, and wolves and foxes. And so therefore we go out wise as serpents, and as harmless as doves.

Beware, I say, the leaven of the Republican and the Democratic party, of Hillary Clinton, the matronista of the Clinton Crime Family, for there is a long trail of dead bodies on the way back to Little Rock.

Beware the leaven of the godless Jew, Bernie Sanders, whose God is Marx, onto whose altar he may well sacrifice millions, as all the disciples of Marx left him for a prize, among which were both Stalin and Pol Pot. These bodies are a token of their worship inside their cult of death. Sanders' god is death, murder and mayhem, and chaos.

So now set aside all political convictions and ask yourselves who is the enemy to both of these Pharisaical institutions, the left and the right? It is Trump. And Trump doth rise.

Satan has taken up residence in the church

So what are we to do with this institution?

What am I to do with this institution?

Should I cherish it, and hold it dear, as a mother, to minister to me and bring me closer to experience God?

No. I revile the Church. I hate it. I want it to burn and to be left in ruins. The Church is the enemy of God, who opposes God, and whom God opposes.

The Church is a whore of an institution, a disgrace and disgust.

And yet where is immaculate ministry? There is not one. So we have the Church or none at all. Will that cause me to love the Church? No. Neither will it cause me to save it, should it need saving.

The Church again is the office of the Pharisees, and where are they? God lost all good use for them as well. So God gave them, the men of letters and men of the law, to be destroyed.

For there is no temporal flesh which is indispensable to God, a being of eternal power and life. We are merely frivolous and impotent with regard to the fact of eternity. He may even give His church to brutal torture and permanent destruction, even if it is only a very temporary pleasure to Him.

So the Church has been taken, and now we must let it go. For it is polluted, and all polluted must be thrown out as refuse and burnt.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Re: Ariel Castro kidnappings

Some months after the three women were discovered in the home of a man in Ohio, one of the women appeared in an hour-long special on ABC. In the promotion leading up to the airing, in the commercial, the background music was a triumphant Kelly Clarkson hit single "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger". This is actually trying to juxtapose an image of triumph with the torment of being abducted for thirteen years, almost to imply that the women can be healed and move on, having conquered what happened to them.

But, I thought, how much more fitting Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You" would have been in this case.

Because of you I'll never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you I find it hard to trust not only me but everyone around me
Because of you, I am afraid

It's unfortunate that evil exists. But it is okay to admit that there are things done to people that one can never really recover from and receive healing. We can't whitewash it with fleeting promises of a fix or a transformation. The trauma some suffered is too great to know healing in this life. And that's sad. But that's truth.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

All Across the Nation, Pastors Are Telling Lies from Their Pulpits this Morning

Why do I say that?

Because Christianity is a lie. It is a lying religion, based in lies.

Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah was not a Christian. He didn't revere a mostly invented New Testament, mostly the opinions of a man whose real name was Sha'ul, but who would not even tell the truth of his own name, and His Bible didn't have 66 books either.

Jesus didn't so callously mock the commandments of His Father, among which we would be commanded to abstain from bacon. What large percentage of Christians will head to church after a breakfast of this abominable meat.

Then when they get there, they will be regaled with tales of Paul, and Timothy, and Barsabbas, and so on and so forth.

Not Jesus. Not the disciples. Fuck those guys! the Christians will say. We're not under all the old laws and old ways.

When those guys were walking the earth, they'll say, the law was still in effect. All we need is taught to us by "Apustule" Paul.

So there you go. I have good reason to doubt there will be even one church that will teach the truth.