Friday, October 3, 2014

The 144,000 are not preached

There are some very well connected semi-prominent teachers that I have listened to lately. In this case days, but going back even months or years, there have been even more teachers I've heard. When I say well-connected, I know they communicate with God. I know they have deep insight. I value very highly the  things they are saying. I know they are seeing many things before they happen, and in ways that no one else can see.

But I know there are things they are not teaching. Why are they not teaching these things?

I believe their voices have been shut and it is not their message to preach.

I go high and low to hear the word of the 144,000, and all I would find is a few misguided deluded persons on Youtube talking about it. But these teachers will not teach it, because it is not theirs to preach.

The second reason for what I'm about to say is the teachers I'm referring to are all older. They are either raising children or have already raised children. There really is an absence of young people in the prophetic ministry 18-30.

So I stated the first two reasons. But for what? The 144,000 which are to come are preaching a message  that the generation preceding them cannot preach because it is not theirs to preach.

These older Americans 30-85 cannot preach the message. God wants to bring the young people into His  plan. God has reserved a great message for my generation, perhaps the greatest message of all, so that in that day, it will be like the prophet Isaiah stated,

And a child shall lead them.

So it must needs be now that the young men and women are given a voice to speak that which our elders  cannot speak, not because they will not, but because it is not theirs to speak.

The teachers are pointing to the sinkholes throughout the earth. None are sure what they are. I know that these are the pits described before the 144,000 are sealed. Out of the pits will arise the beasts that are given power to afflict man for a period of three months. We know this because this event is related to the 144,000, directly preceding them in time. The prophets who have been given power to speak now don't know this because their ministries precede the 144,000, and because they haven't been cleared to that level.

The 144,000 are men

The 144,000 are virgins

The 144,000 are all or nearly all races

The 144,000 don't skedaddle. They tell the truth. They are probably nearly incapable of lying like some  youths you may have heard about.

They are represented by the races because Israelite blood is represented by the races. Moses begat with a black woman. Ergo, black Israelites. Whites and Jews married in together, ergo, white Israelites and Semitic  Israelites. We know Thomas was in India and the early evangelists traveled to the four corners, and the Jewish people were eventually scattered. There is no reason to think Thomas did not take an Indian wife, to give an example, or that James did not take a Spanish wife, when he arrived in Spain. While I can't implicate Asia, it seems the Jews were scattered in all directions and I believe there will be Asian 144,000, who are descended from the monogamous unions of Jewish/Israelite and Asian parentage.