Saturday, May 2, 2015

Christians discovered a paradox and called it a mystery

Is God able to do anything?

Is anything possible with God?

The answer is basically built into the question. It's surprising to a lot of Christians who have never thought about it before and many invariably think of the rock analogy. "Can God create a rock so big that He could not lift it?" They ridicule my question and compare me to a heathen even though serious theologians like Norman Geisler have also considered this question and came to the same conclusion I did.

The question is a dumb one because it does not compare to the question which I asked which highlights,  namely, the concept of a possible thing versus an impossible thing. For it's no wonder why some things are impossible. The ancients called it a paradox.

 Zeno asked, if we moved from one point on the line to traverse one-half the line, then traversed another half (3/4), then another (7/8), and continued the process ad infinitum, how long would it take to traverse the line? Would it not take us an infinity to move across the line? Zeno explored the concepts of change and infinity and today we remember him for a number of paradoxes which bear his name.

A paradox is a semantic construction which is no more than a conjunction of two dissimilar ideas which are basically opposites and cannot coexist. That's all it is. A paradox doesn't refer to a thing which exists in actuality, but can only be expressed in verbal constructions that can be intuited mentally, in the mind, but do not extend to a physical universe. It is a thing we can abstract and reason over, but which has no comparable thing which exists in actuality to which we can compare it.

Can God do anything? No, He can't, because there is one category of things which He can't do, and that is  the category of impossible things.

What Christians think they're doing when they say "With God, all things are possible," they think they are being particularly pious, righteous, showing what strong faith they have, in believing that their Father has all power in His hands, who they trust in fully. In another sense, they're mocking us by pretentiously demonstrating a false faith, to contrast to ours which by extension they mean to imply we're godless atheists for mentioning paradox.

Of course, with God, all possible things are possible. But not all things are possible. We can think of  hundreds of scenarios that can exist in literature or as a theoretical thing in the mind where nothing  comparable exists physically.

Can God decide to give godness to another person, saying, "I believe you will make an even better God than I, and therefore I believe you should have this crown, for it will be better for the creation for you to take it from me."

This is not what Christians imply, but what they imply is not clear either. Perhaps many Christians don't think much, don't read much, and aren't even sure what it is they mean when they say something so stupid as, "With God, all things are possible." Another trite, meaningless comment only a non-thinker could possibly say. I can think of a lot of things God can't do. He can't lie, one. Neither is He corruptible.

There are a lot of things humans can do that God can't. And in man's severalty comes his deterioration,  death, and destruction. God is one and is simple and Pure, and lacks severalty, and therefore has no parts and is not corruptible. This is also why we can say He's unchanging and will reliably be the same Person, yesterday, today, and forever.


Christians discovered a paradox and they called it a mystery.

Look at this doctrine called Trinity. Talk to them about it. Hear what they say about it.

"There is no way to logically explain it."

"There is no point in trying to understand it."

"It doesn't make human logical sense. It has a divine sort of sense to it."

My friends, what you're talking about is a contradiction. I realize how stupid that will make you feel, when you discover that what you're saying isn't clever and doesn't make heavenly sense, but is really nonsense because you're being evasive and intentionally conjoining contrary words.

Isn't that a thing does not make sense a great inspiration for young minds to try to delve deeper and find an explanation for something? Apparently with Christians it is not. In Christianity, if you ever questioned them about this particular "mystery", they would just kill you.

For Christians, there's a need for a market of contradictions, a market of mysteries. This is a good way to weed out the people who will be a problem for them later on. If you uncritically accept anything a Christian says, even when they know themselves that they are lying and creating logical contradictions, it is very rewarding for sorcerors or hypnotists when they find a subject that can be so mesmerized by their words.

It is rewarding for sorcerors and hypnotists when they find a gullible buyer of their snake oil, whose minds can be scattered with thoughts of paradox, who they can run interference on and scare with threats of hellfire and torment, as if they themselves are the Judge who can decide that, while they themselves do not live according to the code they espouse.

By contrast, if you do not believe every word of the sorceror-Christian, the hypnotist-witch, the Christian witch, their minds turn to all the fires of Inquisition which they cannot use today, but more frightfully, to how best to destroy your entire reputation, position in society, and life, for they think they are doing God a service, Prophet John.

Christians tinker and spin their webs of deceit, plotting how to destroy your entire life, every day they live and breathe. Because they hate you and your belief that much and that you will not believe their contradictions.

Because you are better, you are more highly trained. You see no mystery. You see a contradiction.

Christians have discovered a contradiction and have called it a mystery!

Why I must say, the greatest logicians before us are Christians for they have explained for us a contradiction. A mystery is something which is never found in the Bible, which logically contradicts itself, and which is so basic to the Christian faith, more basic than anything found in the entire Bible outright, that it is every Christian's duty to murder anyone who questions it!

Bravo, bravo!


  1. I have heard it as such, "GOD can do anything but fail." I am more concerned with what HE won't do, 1, HE will not lie, but HE will allow others to do so, usually as a test. GOD had told our original parents not to eat of a certain tree. HE permitted satan to lie, and they failed the first test [Genesis 2:4].

    2, GOD will not be defeated by mankind. GOD told Moses what to write in Deuteronomy 28. Even when always, all, and for ever, were not in the same verse, all through the Bible, it says that the Laws of GOD continue. Pain and simple, GOD allowed the opportunistic, conniving Paul to preach Romans 6:14. This was another test to see if they were listening to Jesus.
    If we are now under grace, as paul has so deceived, this would mean that the sins of mankind has defeated GOD!

    1. This reply is just a continuation of May 4, 2015.

      Since GOD created everything in the universe, including satan, GOD does not have to lie; however, HE allows satan and his agents to do so: Chapter 3 of Genesis; IKings, Chapter 22; and the many lies of impostor paul found between Acts 9:1 and Hebrews 12:25.

  2. It has been working for a few days, but today I tried to post 5 paragraphs about John 14:26; and it did not publish.

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    1. The words of Jesus are displayed in John 14:26, but they trinity idiots don't care.

      According to some, this passage should read: "But the Comforter, whom is me, and also the Holy Ghost, whom I will ask myself to send in my name, so that I will teach you everything that I have already taught you."


    2. If I ever delete anything, it will be by mistake or an accident!!!