Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wil the Church Lose Its Best Minds?

There are two conflicting trends at work in the church.

The church has a desire to be trendy, edgy, to present news ideas that are revolutionary and cool. It thinks this is necessary to stay relevant.

On the other hand, another trend taking place in the church is that the young people who have the most to  offer, new teachings which are transformative and challenging, the church manages to drive out.

A big part of the church demands conformity, and not to a scriptural model but a man's model, usually the pastor at the head of a church. If you do not rock the boat, and you offer yourself as a lackey to the pastor you get to stay and be promoted. If your belief in scriptural sanctity demands that at times you do the uncomfortable thing and call out sin or the complacency that leads to boring teachings that lack the life that Christ gives, you're thrown out on your ass.

I've seen it repeatedly: The church is losing its best minds. Despite any assurance they've promised  themselves that this rock is unmovable and unassailable and will be here to receive Christ and His angels at His Second Advent, they are wrong. They are terminal and they will lose the war and they will die out. The church will become like the Jewish temple and will be laid desolate. It will not function as an institution when Christ returns in glory. Christ's body is infinitely more rewarding than the church body and their commission will expire.

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  1. I went into biblegateway and typed "love" and "keep". There were 25 hits from these keywords.
    I will use Exodus 20:6 and John 14:15 to show that Jesus and The FATHER are on the same page. Both said that if you loved GOD and Jesus, you would keep the Commandments of GOD!!!!
    There was nothing in the letters of paul that said anything remotely close to loving GOD and obedience.
    If these passages do not convince you that impostor paul was a lying opportunist instead of a servant of the MOST HIGH GOD, Nothing will.