Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to take America Back (Although it will Never be Done

Liberty is exclusively an Anglo concept

Liberty has never existed except among Anglo people. This applies especially to England and the  descendants of the English people. A very notable feature about the English is they are non-Catholic. Being a cultural Anglo means being a Protestant, opposed to the Catholic church culturally, doctrinally, and dogmatically.

The Catholic church is such an insidious force that when they solidified power in Italy, they began a  persecution of the scientists, killing some, life imprisonment for others. Italy, the origin of the humanistic Renaissance, was sucked into a dark age from which, in my estimation, it has never recovered. When you purge the intellectual class of a people, you sabotage that nation indefinitely, unless and until they can acquire such intellectual capital as to produce future generations of academic merit.

Elsewhere, the Catholic church engaged in such conspiracies as to kill hundreds of thousands, from the most evil plot of the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, even to the shores of England, when such Catholic monarchs as Mary brought the Inquisition to our land, and killed hundreds in the name of Rome.

If anyone is more paternalist than Rome, name it. This group thinks the Pope should determine policy  matters in every country on earth, even that the other nations are not fit to decide for themselves. This results in such blatant absurdities as these orthodox disagreeing amongst themselves.

Then we arrive to the present day, when the Catholic/Jewish Supreme Court, makes several landmark  decisions in a row, completing overturning every underpinning of democracy, the Constitution, and due  process which they could massacre.

The media is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Vatican. The Supreme Court is a wholly owned subsidiary of  the Vatican. The federal government, the Congress, and the executive, are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Vatican.

In theory, my theory, the only way to set America back on the right path is to pass draconian treason and  sedition laws depriving American Catholics of political privileges, stripping all Catholic politicians of political power as covert agents of the See, and depriving all Catholics of voting rights.

Many will think I say this with a hint of sarcasm or to be humorous. I can't think of a more effective way to take back the Constitution from its molesters than from the molesters who molest boys.

Catholics, be it noted, provide tacit approval to all clergy who molest children. When you give money to  your bishop-prick, YOU ARE personally funding the wining and dining of the young boys, who are wooed with chocolates and flowers by the Catholic priests. You are responsible for this.

A Catholic on the left or the right makes no difference. You can't argue Peter King is any less deranged than Nancy Pelosi. Peter King never met a constitutional right he wouldn't shred in the name of fighting terrorism. He is the very definition of one who would trade liberty for security and wind up with neither. Peter King fills me with more terror than all the hordes of the Islamic State. Sonia Sotomayor is a greater standing threat to American's rights than the nation of Iran and Nancy Pelosi has distinguished herself with decades of service to making America a worse place to live.

And so the answer for Americans is to completely deprive Catholics of political privileges.

(Note: This has nothing to do with oppressing Catholics or allowing violence to take place against them. This simply means to protect the rights of all, Catholics must be severed from the political process. Catholics cannot be relied upon to vote proper material into office and will end up jeopardizing their own rights if they are allowed to vote. Catholics vote against their own interest and should be compared to a metnally incompetent person who is judged in a court as unable to manage his own affairs. So therefore, society needs to take special measures to prevent Catholics from jeopardizing their own rights and the rights of everyone else. At one point in England, Catholis were banned from owning arms because every country they went into, they wantonly killed the native peoples and took over the monarchies to serve the Pope. Therefore at one point, they demanded that no Catholic could own a firearm. This did not protect violent crimes against Catholics or deny the Catholics the right to self-defense but was a short order measure meant to protect democracy)

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  1. Israel was forbidden from mistreating visitors; however, they did not allow foreigners to practice their idolatry!