Saturday, April 26, 2014

God Hardened Pharaoh's Heart: Divine Responsibility

Divine Responsibility

God Hardened Pharaoh's Heart

I told a Baptist yesterday that my theology is influenced largely by Genesis and Exodus. I have managed to pick up again on Exodus, a book I've read several times the first third and actually have never completed entirely. I get a feeling of redundancy when it does the, "The LORD said Go to Pharaoh and say _____. Moses goes to Pharaoh and says ____. Pharaoh challenges Moses. Plagues fall. Pharaoh apologizes. Then Pharaoh takes it back."

Repeat ten times.

Then I get to the point where they cross the sea and I just can never go any further.

So among the things that Exodus says that cause trouble for some folks is how God hardened Pharaoh's heart. If you're like me, you find this to be a really mean thing to do. To force someone to do something they do not want to do and then to punish them for doing it. That just seems really mean and I know that even though God is higher than our ways, I know He has to agree. So the verses that read this way are really indicative of something else. I will write here what these verses really mean.

What it means in one phrase is: It implies divine responsibility.

Now Pharaoh, as per Roman 1, is enticed of his own volition. God hands him over to his depraved volition. God isn't in any way forcing Pharaoh to do anything. But because God makes the case that He is the creator behind all things, that He has set the world in motion, and that everything following is contingent, then He is responsible for everything. I do not mean He is criminally responsible, because that would be like saying He is responsible for child molestation. But that's not what is meant here. What is meant, is that as the Precipitating Precipitator, He acknowledges that all future events that He either causes or neglects to prevent, He has precipitated. Because if He has neglected to exert a more persuasive role on Pharaoh, then it is that He has allowed the king to be enticed of his own volition.

Responsibility, though not Culpable

So if He does not prevent a thing, then as the Motionless Motioner, as the Unmoved Mover, the Uncaused Cause and the eternally existing I AM, it is even in his non-motion that motion arises. How is He not culpable? He is not culpable because suits are brought namely by parties with standing. Do we have standing to question God? That is a very good question and the answer though straightforward is No, many people every day forget this simple truth.

God is not responsible for the active occasion that Pharaoh's heart is hardened, but He is accepting the responsibility of being an all-powerful Creator, Who has endless means at His disposal and nevertheless He seeks this one mysterious way. And I continually read it and am always confused.

Why didn't He just kill Pharaoh and have him replaced by a puppet government? That's what the American nation does. Seems very straightforward. Or why instead of sending what was it, nine or ten plagues, why didn't He send two or three? It seems He could have been far more efficient.

Yet He said, "That they will know there is none like me in all the earth."

Very good point.

But like I said, if we are to take Exodus at its word, it is completely awesome, but also just really

Emergence of a Highly Integrated Beast System

We are now seeing the implementation and introduction of a highly integrated beast system.

Years ago, the internet was a massive network of many corporations vying for status and share. Dot coms such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Altavista, and many others were a few of the represented entities that users went to for basic services such as email, web searches, and news.

Yet in the last few years, we've seen a consolidation of these entities to a few giant masses. Google went the way of Kleenex; it finally became synonynous with 'web search'.

Youtube became a premiere video and video upload website where people from around the globe could share content and follow each other.

Gmail revolutionized email service when it was released seven years ago.

Facebook ascended after winning the hearts of netizens from the monolithic Myspace and to this day attracts over one billion visitors.

And for those of us who have used the internet and these particular services in the last few years, we have noticed the continued integration of the services.

Now, Facebook and Youtube, Google and Gmail, and other services are being integrated. Youtube has asked for the phone numbers of its users. The internet now is becoming a gateway for profiles of its users. Your account that the controllers of the internet are compiling will include web searches, preferences, unique content, and any personal identifying and contact information.

This is the slow construction of a highly integrated beast system.

EDIT: May 15th... Users are now seeing Yahoo! request phone numbers as well as Facebook.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Trinity: Was Jesus a LaVeyan Satanist?


Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, is One...

When Jesus prays this prayer, He notes that "Our" God, is one.

But the Trinitarians say that Jesus here is referring to a plurality of persons within a Trinity, a godhead, you might say.

You don't say? So what Jesus is saying, by saying Our God, which also implies His personal God, that He is in fact His own personal God.

But that is precisely the teaching of LaVeyan Satanism. They mock religion completely and say they are all gods unto themselves.

So if Jesus in repeating the prayer found in Deuteronomy, is claiming that He is His own personal God, and that He is starting His own personal religious cult claiming Himself as God, then He must be a LaVeyan Satanist.


But that is all absurd, just as we have been trying to tell you. There is no Trinity. Jesus makes as much clear right here, when He quotes the words in the prayer of Moses.

So if He says "Our God" but He really means Himself, then He is a bald-faced liar for speaking deceptively.

I'm sorry I had to post this message but you Christians are at fault!

You all teach such stupid drivel that the prophets will have to come in and clean up your mess.

The prophets were always the gatekeepers of the true religion.

There is no one else who decides what the religion states.

Not one prophet taught a Trinity, including Jesus. The only thing you can find is in the apostolic writings and those are not inspired scriptures. The prophets have the final say. If you are not a prophet, you will not understand.