Saturday, April 26, 2014

Emergence of a Highly Integrated Beast System

We are now seeing the implementation and introduction of a highly integrated beast system.

Years ago, the internet was a massive network of many corporations vying for status and share. Dot coms such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Altavista, and many others were a few of the represented entities that users went to for basic services such as email, web searches, and news.

Yet in the last few years, we've seen a consolidation of these entities to a few giant masses. Google went the way of Kleenex; it finally became synonynous with 'web search'.

Youtube became a premiere video and video upload website where people from around the globe could share content and follow each other.

Gmail revolutionized email service when it was released seven years ago.

Facebook ascended after winning the hearts of netizens from the monolithic Myspace and to this day attracts over one billion visitors.

And for those of us who have used the internet and these particular services in the last few years, we have noticed the continued integration of the services.

Now, Facebook and Youtube, Google and Gmail, and other services are being integrated. Youtube has asked for the phone numbers of its users. The internet now is becoming a gateway for profiles of its users. Your account that the controllers of the internet are compiling will include web searches, preferences, unique content, and any personal identifying and contact information.

This is the slow construction of a highly integrated beast system.

EDIT: May 15th... Users are now seeing Yahoo! request phone numbers as well as Facebook.

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  1. With these devises, privacy has become nonexistant.
    One good thing about it, the Real Gospel can now be preached all over the world!!!!