Thursday, January 2, 2014

Registering Displeasure with the Affordable Health Care Act

Registering displeasure with the Affordable Health Care Act

I want to say a few words about a new bill that has come into effect in my country recently. It is falsely called a 'health care' bill. In reality, it tends toward a destruction of the general health and in the cases of some individuals will be responsible for their deaths. Additionally, it is falsely called an 'affordable' act, whereas in reality, that is, the realm in which this monstrosity was passed, as opposed to a fantasy or an illusion which some people believe they are living in, it has had quite the contrary effect, resulting in many people losing coverage for what the government deems to be an inadequate scope of coverage and for many others raising their costs exorbitantly.

I. My first article of dissent against this bill, which has quite cleverly entered our realm from the realm of fantasy which liberals dwell in, is that it has had the effect of, rather than bringing millions more into the market with affordable costs and enviable coverage, has within its first few months of enactment resulted in several millions losing their coverage. On that note, it shows that its primary effect is working against its stated purpose.

II. My second article against this deceitfully named destroyer of the American system, is that for those who have managed to continue receiving their benefit of medical coverage, an extraordinary number have seen their premiums rise astronomically.

III. The third article against this ingenious mechanism by which to destroy the last vestiges of capitalism breathing laboriously its dying breaths, is that it is a scheme to affect redistribution. This is manifest in several ways:

a. That historically the costs of insuring women has been higher than the cost of insuring men. Women have a more tricky reproductive system that in comparison to the relative simple hardware of a man's sexual anatomy, is given more frequently to disease and dysfunction; that in the prevention and treatment of feasible dysfunction, is offered routine visits to OBGYNs, and of course, one cost which men do not at all incur is the cost of maternity and labor. Additionally, we see that breast cancer, being financially costly and prevalent, and as time progresses, exceedingly more prevalent, is an illness almost exclusive to women which men do not have a disease of comparable prevalence and is sexually exclusive. Finally, women tend to live longer than men. For these reasons, it is an actuarial reality that women are more costly to insure than men. However, this bill intends to make it so that women are no longer being penalized, which is to say, that women will be charged less (that they will be subsidized), and that men will be charged more. This is not a fair policy for healthy men who will be subsidizing coverage for millions of unhealthy women.

b. That the bill does not make a difference between the healthy and those with pre-existing conditions. This is to say that young men, of my generation, who are not given to a frequent malady, will be called upon, by the increasing cost of their coverage, who by a misfortune either of genetics, or of their own causing, such as with the case of drug addicts and those who make way for heavy indulgence in fatty foods and delicacies contrary to good health, have been stricken with a disease, that now us men of good health will be required to pay! I assure you, our hearts go out to them, as they should! But now at the threat of force, the government has made our pocketbooks to go out to them as well! This is a further burden upon a young generation that sees its future, already so bleak and discouraging, to shrivel to an old rotten appearance, such that we are not certain if a future is ahead of us at all, rather than a total collapse of all civilization.

c. That in the furtherance of its malevolent redistributionary scheme, and on top of the burdens it has already laid upon our heads, it lays yet one more burden: It carries on the shifting of the capital and future capital of the younger generations to the middle-aged and older. It helps for an older generation more disposed to sickness to see a moderation in the cost of coverage, whereas now, to many of my generation, are not able to afford coverage at all. One has noted that children ask Santa for gifts, for which the parents get the bill. Government, on the other hand, is who parents ask for gifts and the kids get the bill. My fellow countrymen, millennials and youth, this is a bill to carry on to an even more unheard of extreme, the notorious practice of pushing costs further down the road to benefit those currently in power and who benefit from their policies, for which we will ultimately pay, AND of creating a leisure class of affluent retirees with every sort of benefit imaginable, for which we will ultimately pay. My friends, this ought not so to be.

And finally, in summation of these points, overall, it is redistributionary in its effect, that the young and in good health, are given to support those of any age who are indigent and in poor health. By all means let them receive treatment.. but we are a generation which is to inherit a society in much worse shape than the one our parents inherited. It was the common implicit notion of Americans to give to the children opportunities that we ourselves did not have. Every subsequent generation of Americans has received a more affluent and prosperous society than that of their parents until my generation. Now, even that which is left of what we are to inherit is being auctioned off again to the people who have caused it to atrophy already!

IV. The fourth article against this quagmire, this unprovoked onslaught against everything which is good in America, which men are to decent to call a bill at all rather than a death certificate, is that it is destructive against the ends of small business. It requires that employers having greater than fifty employees insure their workforce. Why, the very effect of this one provision alone stands to bankrupt the majority of small business in America! The only recourse many businessmen face is to sell off portions of their business or to fire their least productive workers. What mobility will be left when such a disastrous measure is implemented? There was always a permeability between the rich and the middle class, where men of ordinary means, who played their cards right, would see their wealth abound and would enter into affluence. Likewise, the rich who played the fool with their money would see their fortunes shrink, and they would slide back into an ordinary position, if not bankruptcy. Who among us has the clever ingenuity to become wealthy now, now that this plank, nothing less than a plank of socialism itself, has been placed into effect? As the saying goes, The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

A final word on the sheer nefariousness of this provision: It is being selectively enforced with dozens of government-friendly corporations being completely exempt from this provision. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

V. The fifth article, against this red-headed stepchild, this leper which no one but a saint like Father Damien would dare to touch, it applies a net investment tax on the sale of some homes, which will harm the profits of sellers.

VI. And the sixth and final article against this pee-brained, ill-fated, society-destroying measure, which I will not dignify and call a bill, is that it instructs everyone to do something, but offers nothing to aid in its doing. It says, Here, you there, go and get health insurance, which we will not offer for you, nor which we will make affordable. Here, we will stipulate every measure of cost increasing, wealth-destroying and small business-destroying measure and we will even engineer failed websites, at the cost of hundreds of millions to taxpayers, and then we will shut them down and still insist that you enroll and we will through regulation make it as costly and as difficult for you to enroll as we might. We will even make it so that if you have care, you will have it cancelled. We will see that if it is not cancelled, that it is raised in cost astronomically! We will see that you can no longer see the doctor you prefer, we will see that you are insured for things you will absolutely never use, we will even see that you have a part in paying for the care of others, and we will institute $10,000 deductibles so that you will never get one cent in coverage.

The true failure of this bill is that it provides nothing but regulation. It does not insure one individual. It has caused millions to lose the coverage they had. And tragically, people whose lives were being prolonged and saved through care provided for under their policies, have now seen their policies cut, with no way to continue their life-saving treatment, and they will die for 'Affordable Health Care', Orwellian newspeak for 'total government takeover'.


  1. Republicans, racists, and other types of sinners are criticizing the President without a sensible alternative. I am calling them sinners because they are. One of the major Commandments is LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. These evil people want healthcare for themselves, but not for others.
    These liars have spread hate and fear instead of patience and understanding. They mention that premiums have gone up. They purposefully omit that the rate of increase has gone down.
    Other stupid assholes are even against the "pre-existing clause". Being female is a pre-existing condition. There are a few repubs who want to keep this provision.
    The excuse of the young and less sick should not pay for those old or less healthy undermines the whole use of insurance. Such stupidity justifies I WILL NOT PAY FOR CAR INSURANCE BECAUSE OTHERS DRIVE POORLY.
    Many of these haters think that they are pleasing. They only need to read Matthew 25:31-46 to find out that they are not followers of Jesus.
    There are many brainwashed people in the world, especially Americans. The mentality is similar to the Confederate soldiers. They lost their lives so that the rich could continue to live in luxury and privilege.
    Acts 4:32 is proof that the Early Church was leaning toward socialism instead of capitalism!

    1. Barack Obama is not a black man. You black people can't keep telling this same lie. He is not black. He is mixed race. No one is against him because he is black. If such a person does exist, they are stupid and delusional for hating someone because of their skin color, especially since Obama is not black, so it would be stupid to be against him because he is black because he is not black.

    2. You also overlook that there are as many Democrats who are racists as there are Republicans who are racists. Some Republicans are racists, who are white. On the other hand, many black Democrats are straight up racists and I have met some of them personally, and they are very racist against white people. I personally when it comes down to it, I defend my race over other races. But I should, because the black race commits hundreds of thousands of crimes against whites and their own people and they are out of control. I believe the blacks ought to be on their best behavior, or it will not stop at Trayvon and Michael Brown, and I will never defend out of control youths over law enforcement. Blacks need to calm the fuck down.

    3. Here's what's hard to swallow about your sweeping remark that the American economy needs to be transformed into a socialist one.

      There is not one country run by Africans that is a economic player, a viable player on the world scene.

      There is not one African military that can stand against the most meager Western offensive.

      There is not one African market exchange comparable to the NYSE that plays hosts to the world's traders and a major exchange in stakes in companies or commodities.

      There are hardly any African nations that have per capita incomes over $1,000.

      There are many where running water, or even safe drinking water is a luxury of the super rich.

      Before you or any black person suggests a fundamental alteration to the government structure of the United States, you have a tremendous burden of proof to show that this country will not sink to the same level of neglect your countries have sunk to, or Detroit for that matter.

  2. You are like so many other selfish racists. You benefit from Democratic programs, but vote republican, plain stupid and ungrateful!