Sunday, January 12, 2014

Elijah the Tishbite and Ariel Sharon

Elijah the Tishbite

This is a man who in our modern era who has claimed he is one of the two witnesses. He's been around for a long time and he's probably pretty old by now. He used to "minister" in Israel up until he was kicked out of the country. So supposedly the tribulation can't start until he's able to return to Israel.

It was several years ago he claimed through his 'scribe' that Ariel Sharon would wake up from his coma and would overturn the ban against him from entering. Ariel just died a couple days ago. I personally never believed the guy but I had a friend who somehow years ago was able to get him on the phone and talked with him. He said he had problems with Elijah too but "God" "told" him to not speak against Elijah. But knowing some of the other crap this "God" character told this creep I don't know if I should believe it.

As for "Elijah" he's getting older and older and he's still not welcome in Israel. I'm not making fun.. maybe I'm wrong about all this. I just don't get how he said Ariel Sharon would wake up as a miracle to the Jews and now he's dead. Even when I first read this, and it's been as many as six years ago I saw it, I didn't believe it. We knew Ariel was toast a long time ago. I don't know how anyone could have reasonably believed he would wake up.

The above I could not link to online.. but here is what I found from 2010... not as old as the article I read. The story apparently changed since I last read about it.

"To everyone's surprise, more so his doctors, when Ariel Sharon awakens, he will witness a great noise of rockets hitting nearby and the screams of the people dying all around him. There will be so many bodies on the ground that there will not be enough ambulances to gather them up.

"He will remember what I had told him was the truth about what would happen if he allows the Gaza strip to be given up."

This seems really mean spirited. It has nothing to do with the righteous anger of the LORD we see in the Books of Jeremiah or Ezekiel. It seems like a guy who couldn't control himself ended up getting banned from the country, and is still pissed off about it. He pretends he can vicariously make threats in the name of the LORD and that the LORD will fulfil his evil threats.

He says he is "Yahweh's Servant Prophet" and "G-d's Servant". There's nothing wrong with serving God but these two phrasings suggest a peculiarity or possessiveness to the title. By referring to yourself as "God's Prophet," you are suggesting either you are the ONLY prophet of God, or else, out of the many prophets you are the most EXALTED. It sounds like you're saying you are God's only prophet, most important prophet, or favorite prophet. Of course, there are many prophets on the earth today and my guess is they don't use phrases that distinguish themselves in a way these designations do.

Aside from that, I can't profess to have read anything else from him. At (please avoid unless you want spyware/adware downloaded without warning on your computer... aside from that it's one of the greatest sites I've ever enjoyed reading) a man identifying himself as the Scribe to the Prophet Elijah posted his messages there on his behalf. I suppose I read a couple but nothing I can remember. I'm sure he taught a lot of nice thoughtful things. I'm also sure he taught a lot of crap as well. But Voltaire said the same of Descartes, while thinkers concerned with logic look down on Aristotle as being outdated and unnecessary, and all I'm saying is this Tishbite character probably said some interesting things, but he also said a lot of crap.

My opinion is he's a complete fraud.

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  1. The response of Jesse is found in Deuteronomy 13.