Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Lies of Christianity

I. Eternal Hell                        II. The Trinity
III. Paul's 'Apostleship'          IV. The Bible is without error

V. Calvinism                          VI. The Law has no application today.


'But fear him who has the power to DESTROY both body and soul in HELL.' If people go to hell but do not die, then isn't this verse a lie? A total and complete farce! Because Jesus said those who went to hell would experience death, and in his final revelation He calls it 'the second death'. If people just go there to hangout and get eaten by worms perpetually and sit in hot lava, that sounds really gruesome and all, but not the same as dying.

Some of you make your last stand on this issue. In your mind it should go like this:

Christian: Jesus died for your sins. Will you accept Him into your heart?

Skeptic: No.

Christian: But then that means the all-loving Father will send you to a very hot place where you will burn forever and ever.

Skeptic: Oh, I never saw it that way before. Yes! I want to be saved!


But in reality it never ends like that. Because if you don't believe any of the good stories, you certainly won't believe any of the bad stories either. For some of you this is your reserve card, the final option. If they don't listen, then at least if I tell them about hell they will change their minds. But this is a terrible reserve card!

Hell has no power to save! Only Christ has the power to save. The risen Christ, the lamb of God, the Son of God. Only He has the power to save. You can't scare people into heaven. Christ has to penetrate their hearts on a spiritual level. For a long time hell has been preached thinking it would win souls. It's so sad to me because I know the only thing that can save a person is the person of Christ, not the fear of some terrible fate. And many of the churches teach so much of the epistles but so little of the Gospels, and that is heartbreaking too.


Jesus repeatedly stated "My father is greater than I," "There is one good, the Father," "No man knows the day or the hour, not even the Son."

James teaches, "Let no man say when he is tempted of evil, 'I am tempted of God'. For God is not tempted of evil, neither tempteth he any man." And Matthew, "Then was Jesus lead up of the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil."

The Bible declares God as 'the incorruptible'. One way this could be rendered for our modern vernacular is, 'immortal, everlasting, not subject to death'. But Christ did die on the cross and showed the world that even He was not incorruptible.

He prayed, "Not my will be done, but your will be done."

Even the devil, referred to by James, who said, "Even the demons believe in one god, and shudder." So at this rate, the devil has better doctrine than even the majority of Christians because HE KNOWS THERE IS ONE GOD.

Yeshua lived a life where He was given temptation so that He could truly be said to have lived a sinless life. He humbled Himself, very much unlike cult leaders we study from history, who are egoists who only think of themselves, and noted He did not have all the answers and that sometimes He did not even see eye to eye with His Father. And finally, He died a tremendously violent death, He became the perfect lamb sacrificed once and for all for our sins and their remission, the one final sacrifice. None of these God could have done in His perfect, incorruptible, spirit body, but were done by an angelic being. He is not God but is rather the most exalted of all angels who adopted a human nature as well. Because of His great outstanding service, He became God's only ->begotten<- Son, meaning literally that He was carried in the womb of a woman and experienced natural birth. But He did have a prior existence how many millions of years ago we can't begin to imagine.


Paul's 'apostleship'

Paul plainly taught to eat meats sacrificed to idols. All he had to do was say 'if you do not know its origin, then you may eat it, but if you do then you cannot'. If THAT is what he meant, then he should have said that. Then he makes an error by omission. Nevertheless, Christians teach mostly today that such meat is fair to eat. And they are not clear why it is not okay to eat. Peter and James were emphatic that these meats were to be prohibited but I have a better case to make. Jesus condemned it.

Revelation 2

12 And to the angel of the church in Pergamos..... 14 But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication...

Are not these Jesus' words? Do you not see it or will you deny these words mean what they say? I'm sorry, your whole sixty-six inspired books of the Bible argument is fine up until a point, but when it comes down to Jesus' words do not agree with what Paul said, I'm sorry but I'm not going to support Paul on that. I have to take another look at things and say there is something wrong with the traditional teachings, and I am not wrong.

I could make a few more points but this is by far the clearest and best point I have to make. I could at some point do a very thoughtful presentation to this topic but I don't want to let it become too important. Paul to me means little to nothing minus a few good things he gave us that were unique. But I think he also freely made observations on things that he wasn't qualified to speak on. Basically, I think he is talked about way too much and even when people disagree with him, I think he's still talked about too much. He should play a far smaller role than he does. I don't care if you're saying something good or bad about him because I think there are far more important things to discuss. I have already identified on here in several places that I am anti-Paul but have nearly completely avoided the topic because Paul is the most inconsequential thing in my book.

The Bible is Without Error

Just a few:

-Did God provoke David to number Israel or did Satan provoke David to number Israel?

-Did Solomon have 4,000 stalls or 40,000 stalls?

-Were there three roosters to crow before the denial or was there only one?

-How many people were at the tomb the morning of the Resurrection in the first party of women?

-The linens after the Lord arose were neatly folded or were not neatly folded?

Peter claimed to be the apostle to the Gentiles but Paul also claimed this for himself, with no authority. Which one was the true apostle to the Gentiles?

James and Peter decreed that the Christians could not eat meats sacrificed to idols. Paul in disputing their authority claims you can. Yes or no?

Paul said it was only faith which saved while James said that was only one aspect. Who was right?

Paul said "As in Adam, all die." But Elijah and Enoch did not die. How can these two agree?

Those are just nine points. I will wholeheartedly agree not all of them are completely true, that they can be
answered. And that a few are legitimate points for debate. But the first five that I have marked, these pertain mostly to number or to one specific detail which is not open for contention. It either was or it wasn't, there were this many or there were that many. You can debate how to read a verse, in what sense, that all is arguable and it would be a lie if I said it wasn't. But when there is not an agreement in number, if nothing else, then that must be agreed to be a mistake. And even here I am not adamant because you could say, 'It was this many at one point in time, and then at a later point, it was another.' And that is true, too. But it must also be conceded, if context is clear we refer to both the same time and same place, then traditional smooth-talking apologists cannot defend what is plainly stated.

I am not someone who hates Christianity or Christian people. I have been with God for nearly six years now. But I do not accept an approach that says to defend every traditional element of faith despite all evidence. The best argument will consider its own faults. Not only that, but it makes adjustments if necessary. And it makes no sense to continue to insist that the Bible is agreed in every one of its claims, down to exact number of livestock, or exact number of descendants of one man or another. I think Norman Geisler's argument draws to his readers' attentions that a disagreement in number is quite inconsequential versus an error in terms of doctrinal substance. It shouldn't shake a person's faith that a couple numbers were estimates as
opposed to accurate numberings. If a few details are not agreeing, then it is respectable and accurate to say,
"One of the authors may have had more direct and personal knowledge of that exact event, while the other author was reporting given the most reliable information he had from the people who were there or knew those who were there and so may not have been in perfect unison with the author who had been there. In that case we suspect the author who had more direct evidence, either from having been there or been with those people that same day and so knew first hand from those present, has the more accurate report of what happened."

That's all you have to say. You don't have to deny until you're blue in the face. If you do that, no sincere skeptic will ever listen to anything you say because he already knows you will resort to whatever level you must go to make your point and that you do not care to handle any question with integrity and will even deny the plain words, because YOU CAN BE RIGHT AND THEY HAVE TO BE WRONG. You act like if an atheist is right about one decimal point, that is tantamount to proving the non-existence of God. It's not.



It makes God a monster. It means He just sends some to Hell for no reason at all but that He just felt like it. It makes him the author of evil because He put a tree in a prominent place in the Garden and then, knowing beforehand what would happen, essentially tricked the humans into eating from the fruit, even doing the reverse psychology that parents do, "Don't eat it," because he knew if he said that then they would REALLY want to eat it. He creates a devil that kills people and creates every harmful thing in the world knowing beforehand what would happen. He even creates the human genome where inevitably things like cancer and hemorrhoids will develop. He doesn't care if children burn in hell because he already chose who would be saved and who would burn. So even aborted babies if they were not chosen will burn in hell. Aborted fetuses will burn in hell.

The guy who started it was known to enjoy killing people, by fire or by beheading. He was a total creep that ran a totalitarian state in Geneva and I do not see a lot of Calvinists today willing to give up Christmas or some of the other things that Calvin and his henchmen taught against. People who know the Lord and have the Holy Spirit do not go around killing people and using the government to oppress people, which seems more like something someone who was trying to play God would do. Calvin was a monster who fashioned a god after himself. The God of the Bible does not suffer from human vices or temptations like Calvin, who was a murderer and thug. God is not a murderer and Calvin taught that He is.


The Law Inapplicable

This one is self-defeating.

A) Paul says there is no law. But he also tries to prohibit women from preaching.

How do the churches respond? If there is no law, then even this command is not applicable. Therefore, women are given ordination in very many of the churches today.

If Paul says that much of the Law is no longer valid, then he even disproves his own case because he makes many rules whether off the cuff or of any legitimacy and no one today even listens to his rules.

Paul speaks positively of virginity. Oh, but that doesn't stop the Christians from being little man whores and woman whores like the rest of the world.

B) The churches need funding.

How did they decide that the Law should be thrown out but keep the one about the money? Oh, that's right.

C) Interest rates

Christians, given the opportunity, will lend at usury. Explain to me why we do not have Christian pay day loan centers that loan out at less than 600% APR? I mean, even 300% seems like a fair Christian rate compared to the moneylenders lending at 600%. But they don't.

D) Other selective cherry-picking of which laws to follow

They say to keep the Ten Commandments. They should be more straightforward and say, "We obey the eleven commandments. Those are the ones that allow us to feel morally superior to everyone and the eleventh is the one where we get to pass buckets around the church on Sundays and beg for money from people." Who exactly determined there were only 11 commandments today?

What about loving your aunt or your stepmother? Do those apply today?

I know a lot of you would say to love God and love your neighbor and this sums all the law.

Well, if my aunt is my neighbor and I love her in a completely monogamous, responsible, and consensual way, then am I living according to the Law?

Of course not. So if we count the sexual commandments, maybe that is another 35? or so. So 46 commandments. That's good.

And the one about sticking your leg out when a blind person is walking by. HA that's hilarious! It's always funny when people fall! Even if they get hurt! But you should always laugh first and THEN check to see if the person is alright. And you should only stop laughing if you find out the person is really hurt.

^^^ Those are my rules. You should laugh UNTIL the person stops moving or becomes unresponsive, because THAT is CLEARLY not funny.

Come to think of it, I don't think Jesus would laugh about that. And even as cool of a guy the Gospels made Him out to be, I don't recall Him ever laughing at anything. So in some ways Jesus was a buzzkill. But He completely supported drinking wine, but you still might want to find someone else to party with.

Okay, so it's agreed it is NOT acceptable to trip blind people.

47 commandments!

There are 47 commandments total! Of course I could go forward but it's so stupid that I even have to explain all this to somewhat sentient beings. YES, there are ABSOLUTE commandments, and YES, there are more than TEN of them. I can't go and number them for you but we might draw a conclusion and say close to a thousand or more.


1. Go to a dance floor today and divide them either by Calvinist, Arminian, or other and I guarantee you the Calvinists will be the best dancers. Arminians are too busy reading books and doing things the common man wouldn't be caught dead doing to be bothered to learn dancing.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Churches and the Funds That Support Them and Their Vice

The Church's role is to do the work of God. Many churches do not do this, while only a few find success at it.

Many of you will tell me that I should give money in tithes and offerings.

Bull hockey!

Let us talk about the human condition and that pastors are just like everyone else, and sometimes worse.

In East Texas here, there has been a push in several towns to start allowing for alcohol sales for off-premise consumption because traditionally, much of East Texas has been dry. So the pastors have been very influential for many years wherever such an initiative was taken up in keeping their towns dry. This is an encroachment into the political realm of which I am not interested in supporting.

We can discuss in many other ways the churches are absolutely involved in political corruption, promoting evil politicians, and selling the hallowed sanctuaries to the highest bidder for weddings and receptions and many caterings toward whoredoms and political rallies.

How the churches have generally not fed people who were an hungered, nor have they generally clothed the deprived of robes, nor hath they seen those whose mouths were dried to have them nourished in terms of water and drink, and having not ministered medically to those afflicted in the flesh with sickness they have not even completed their duty in spiritually ministering to afflicted souls.

And in many cases, the pastors have used church computers to access online pornography, and have been placed in charge of youth departments where they have exploited children in their care, and have engaged in adulterous and infamous acts sexually with women who were not their wives and in some cases with women they have compensated and with church monies.

When they have been to the theater to see an immoral and filthy production from the mind of depraved Hollywood actors and directors, they have done so at the expense of God's people.

When they have submitted in their gluttony towards profane ingestions of hearty feasts gorging themselves at a feast, they have done so, they have pursued treacherous sin at the expense of God's people.

They found one Rolex was not enough, nor was one Mercedes, nor one mansion, they said they would take a 'love offering' and you would show your love by putting more money in the plate. What they had done, is count it the first time and out in the lobby they complained it was not enough. 'We will take one more and call it a 'love offering' they said.


What you have here is an abusive and fraudulent leadership who have continued in the ways of the religious leaders of old.

When you read of the leaders in the days of the prophets, who killed the prophets, and of those in charge in Christ's day, who killed Christ and then starting with Stephen, continued to kill many of His disciples, ask why we are told to believe that the religious leaders today are different people. Because they are not.

You have been lied to. The guy yelling to a bunch of fools on a Sunday morning is no more spiritual then you are. He's probably better dressed though because he doesn't pay for his own clothes but instead the church does.

Suppose I am a crook. I can put on robes and call myself 'Pastor Crook' and ask for an offering. I can run for Congress and say I am 'Congressman Crook' and ask for a campaign contribution. I can become a dentist and say I am Dr. Crook and explain how that tooth needs to be removed and that one, even though they really don't, and I can't make massive profits just by removing perfectly healthy teeth. I can walk in with a baseball bat and explain to the poor shopowner that, 'See, there has been a spike in crime in the community recently. We would not want your business to suffer the negative effects of this mischief now, would we?' And make the shopowner a very attractive offer of protection. I can sell counterfeit Viagra to sexually desperate men, I can cheat the elderly of their nest egg, and I can even sell things that don't even exist.

Basically, there are many ways to cheat others. Some have found a lot of success becoming priests or pastors. Only we do not find cheats so revered as the cheats in the church and in the Congress. These should be viewed as the highest offices of the crooks where a crook may pursue any line of corruption and will never answer for it.

The pastors are liars and cheats and God has seen everything that they have done.

Matthew 23:37,38

'O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth together her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.'


God already explained this in shadows. A shadow of many years ago in Israel is reflecting to the present. In the same way the scribes and priests of that day did not honor the Lord in all their ways but instead cheated the Lord and robbed Him, then we see in our day that the cheats have continued to prosper in their ministries and they are cheating the Lord as they always have, for they are cheats.

In contrast, the prophets of those days were killed or at least put into major difficulties, and today, the prophets have a bad name because clearly there are so many fakes out there and they make us all look bad. Let's just say I can not confirm that the pastors are still killing the prophets although it is a big world out there and I really will not be surprised if it is true. But we will say the people of the world have always killed the prophets and THAT DOES continue today.

Now, in those days, when the house was left desolate the people were divided from their land and the scribes were divided from their authority and power. Today, we expect two things. The pastoral office will be demoted and put back in its proper place which is below the prophetic office. The second, the prophetic office will be restored and the pastors will be placed below us, where they belong.

Prophets do not care for money or many of the things that the rest of everybody else cares about. We know right from wrong and we do our best to do that. If we are wrong at times then we have to face it head on and correct it. We cannot continue in error because God will minister to us, yes, with a rod of correction and we will be blasted for it. You, on the other hand, will not be blasted because you are too weak already and if you fall, you have not surprised or disappointed anyone. We are different. It is commanded of us and unless you want to have your family, town, and even your nation turn its back on you and hound you viciously, to be assaulted in many of your hangouts and your church, and for terrible accusations to follow you everywhere then please do not use this title for yourself until you understand what that means.

To conclude, I want this to be established: Before tithing, pray and seek God on the matter. There are many, many frauds out there and they will take your money and do whatever with it. In the meantime, we are stuck with the pastors; however, there are prophets on this planet right now in every country who are being prepared to reclaim God's ministry for God and out of the hands of the institutional churches and to do truly the Lord's work. The pastors for now we are simply stuck with. If God leads you to tithe to a particular one, then it is sin to not tithe to that church. But unless God is really ministering to you to do that, I would suggest that you continue in seeking His will, rather than take the advice of well-intentioned but deceived agents who will tell you to give to anyone and everyone.

The final injunction: God sees all, and the sin of all, so be careful so as not to offend the Father, who at different times has made an example through certain of His enemies by destroying them publicly and for all to witness. If you think to do evil in His name He will simply laugh in your face and have you destroyed in ironic and humorous ways for which we will all laugh together with Him.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Questions about Prophets

I. Are there prophets today?

Yes. The Bible is a recorded history of the words and teachings of prophets over a period of nearly two thousand years. Because there is not clear evidence to suggest that the prophetic office is ended, then the onus shifts on to those who claim there are no more prophets to prove it. Until it is shown biblically that the office is ceased then presumption should rest on them continuing. But do not confuse me as saying there are many of them because it is clear from my studies that they are vastly outnumbered by the frauds.

II. It has been said there is no longer any need for prophets today because revelation is complete in the Bible. Are you saying that revelation continues?

If revelation continues, it will not contradict the Word. I do confirm that revelation of a different scope DOES continue today. I view revelation as being divided between NATIONAL and INDIVIDUAL levels. Individual level revelation IS still in need because people have the same problems today as they have always had, whereas the case can be made that revelation of a NATIONAL scope is complete in the Bible. The prophets in the Bible days offered advice for people that originated with God and was reliable. So that does continue today. When a prophet in our modern era brings a message that is national in nature then I find that it will generally provide greater clarity to the prophecies already received. He would explain symbols or the mysteries that have long been a source for confusion.

The second thing is that the prophecies recorded in the Bible were of such substantial nature that inclusion was necessary. Clearly, not every word Elijah or ______ or ______ gave were necessary to be written for us today. And the prophets today give such types of words, which are life-changing for the people they are meant for, but not of worth to the church-at-large. So generally, yes, revelation is complete on a national level but individual revelation does continue. National revelation that takes place today is designed to clarify rather than add to.

III. What is a major quality to look for in a prophet? I have a friend who I am not sure if his gift is authentic.

A prophet almost invariably has 'perspective'.

A prophet is not afraid to speak his mind or reveal to you things he received in visions or dreams. But the prophet will always be centered on the Word. If someone speaks nearly exclusively of HIS visions, HIS dreams, HIS prophecies... then there could be a few problems going on: a) He may genuinely have a gift that he is not yet operating in fully and he does not totally understand, b) he is immature and has greatly overestimated his gifting, or c) very likely, he is a false prophet who is receiving false revelation from either his own imaginings or a deceiving spirit. I say more likely because the character of the prophets discussed in the Bible all had the proper perspective or learned it very quickly and were not people with an ongoing spiritual problem. The perspective can be stated in a few ways: The prophet never has an inflated view of himself, unlike the frauds who receive much publicity today. They never exalt their ministries or revelations above God and God's revelation, that is meaning they will be fluent in the Bible and not simply harp on and on about their calling and their prophetic words. And they are centered on the Word and don't lose sight of those things we hold dear.

IV. Let's go back to revelation being complete. Most well-respected sources argue that because it is complete, there is no longer any need for prophets today. How do you square the idea that the Bible is complete and solely sufficient with the idea that there are prophets today?

Let us examine the two points of that argument, namely: 1) Revelation is complete and the Bible is sufficient and 2) Prophets are unnecessary.

    The syllogism is framed like this:
    If revelation is ceased, then - prophets. (minus prophets)   
    Revelation is ceased, thus - prophets.   
The problem is hard to spot, but here it is: If prophets are no longer necessary and the Bible is sufficient, then why don't you show me the verse that states that? Instead you have used a syllogism, a piece of your own logic. But if all revelation is in the Bible, show me the part where it is said that the gift of prophecy was to stop after the time of Christ. So either the Bible is not complete and we need you to add to it or it is complete and there certainly are prophets today. Don't expect everyone to buy into your sham argument defending an idea found nowhere in the Bible, which you are adding to, while also maintaining that it is complete and there is no need to add to it. You add to it right there.

But there is also an additional problem: It assumes that all prophecy is of a stature such that its inclusion is necessary and that it is of personal value to all in the church. It is not. Gad, Iddo, Nathan, several prophets who went unnamed (some of whom are found in I and II Kings) and others did not have their prophetic words recorded. That is because they had personal meanings to the individuals God gave them for and were of no  value to others. The New York Times once billed itself as "All The News That's Fit To Print". This shouldn't be misunderstood as saying that it is all the news in the world, just simply those an ample selection of stories that will speak to readers from all walks of life. The Bible in effect then is not All Prophecy, but instead, All The Prophecy That Is Fit To Print.

V. Where are the prophets?

If many are quiet now, it is because their time is not yet come. The others, if one has not found you, then it is not your time. When God sees you have a need, He will fill it. And third, some of you have found prophets already but despised and rejected them, like the Bible said most people would do. It always seemed to me that the verses against false prophets outnumbered the verses on true prophets ten to one. So if you are consistently finding fakes, you are like most everyone else. Keep looking and don't mind the fakers because they surely vastly outnumber authentic prophets! If all else fails, ask God to speak to you in a dream, vision, sign, or voice and wait on the Lord.

VI. I ask someone many difficult problems and they have a smooth answer for everything. Is he speaking truly? HELP!

There is a good piece of advice Christians must remember: Know what you know and know what you don't know. The prophetic calling demands this: If you are not certain of something, making a guess or speculation then you can never suggest to a person that something is from the Lord. If the prophet does not have the answer to something he should not be afraid to admit to not knowing and should preface any reply by saying, "My opinion is.." or some equivalent marker to note that he is not stating as a biblical certainty. You can always investigate more but if you speak error, this cannot be undone. A man who speaks smoothly and answers many difficult problems may not be a prophet and it seems he has more in common with the false prophets.They spoke many pleasant things as Jeremiah made clear with Hananiah. Prophets were not often known for being eloquent or skilled speakers. Moses stuttered, Isaiah was a man of unclean lips, Jeremiah complained he was only a child, and Jonah even complained that no one would want to hear him. Prophets were the awkward and the absurd of their generations. You would laugh if you saw a real one. I knew one whose chairs would fall out from under him, he'd trip over things that weren't there, or trip over three or four things at a time before falling flat on his face and breaking something. He'd open the door to a kitchen cabinet and the screws would pop loose. Please do not ask me why because only God knows why He chooses the absurd for this office! But God believes in the poor vessel, the stone the builders reject, that one who is reviled by his neighbors and thankfully shows special grace in these.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chris Brown and Trayvon

A young, out-of-control, violent and sadistic rapper, an abuser of women and drugs says he supports Trayvon.

Wow, ew what a deep view of things you have, what profound knowledge of the world and how it works!

Doesn't he know he makes things worse by stating his support for Trayvon?

Let me tell you something. Violent sadists have to stand together, or they will fall separately. If sadists do not support other sadists, then no one will support sadists.

Let's talk about those lovely specimens of humanity called black men. In much of this country, and in other parts of the world who are so unfortunate to entertain you as guests, you generally run roughshod over the average man on the streets. You inspire reigns of terror, violent crimes such as robbery, rape, and murder, and then you complain that the police are racist and have an agenda. You demand because you choose not to work that monies should be taken from all the other races but especially Whites, since you so clearly have nothing but HATRED for the white race, and handed to you to supplement your wages as pimps and drug pushers. So many of you drive nicer vehicles and own many nicer things paid for with taxpayer dollars that frankly and unbeknownst to you, white people grow up every day and simply cannot imagine having the luxuries that many of you enjoy and yet never worked for. You speak againsty the evils of slavery, no, your hatred of White America, and yet you turn a blind eye to the Africans who are sold into slavery everyday. I have never heard one word from a black America, and I am 25 years old, about the slavery of blacks in Africa every single day, and much less slavery in Asia. Instead, you complain about some distant evil that no one alive can even be blamed for and expect to receive payment though none of you have ever even suffered for it. You great humanitarians! You rail against the evil of 200 years ago and you yourselves commit murders 3x your rate in the population!

Let's be honest. Nearly every one-and-a-half hours, a black man or woman kills someone in this country. On any street, of any town, on any night, EXCEPT THAT STREET, OF THAT TOWN, ON THAT NIGHT, a black man would have beat his victim nearly to death, then rob him and leave him for dead, if HE DIDN'T ALREADY KILL HIM. Yes, I imagine it is upsetting to know that that is not always going to work. That you will not always get away with a victim's wallet. That some of you will be met with armed resistance and might be shot down. You have tried to strong-arm an entire country, an entire race. One of the young men was killed. In your cities, you kill them by the thousands and no one cries or remembers those youths. You made this as the crime of the century, so that you could indict White America, no, so that you could lynch us, because of your sick hatred.

Because of black America's sin in acquitting a violent murderer like OJ Simpson, black America had to offer their children to atone for their national sins. Until you confront the demons within you, the violence will not stop in places like Chicago and Baltimore. You must call upon the Lord lest you all be burned up in God's violent anger.

You see, Chris Brown supports Trayvon because he sees things from his perspective. As a violent sadist himself, an abuser of women and drug addict, someone who will wreck into someone and then speed off before police arrive, a TRUE SADIST, like many young black men today, has to support a SADIST like TRAYVON MARTIN.

The Judgment Against Wal-Mart

I was saved very powerfully in November 2007. In 2008, I received the prophecy against Wal-Mart.

I was with a friend one afternoon when we stopped at Wal-Mart. He went in before me. I might have been smoking a cigarette outside. I went in going to look for him. But I stopped near the front and focused in on the magazines. The Holy Spirit showed me how It feels about the immorality present in society. I was intoxicated. I saw people in the stores who practiced deep immorality in their lives, some were dressed in not much more than a stripper's attire, the clothing sold in the store was not much more presentable, and the magazines on the stands promoted the immoral lives of the nation's celebrities. When I say I felt intoxicated, I am telling the truth and that I was stumbling through
the store.


I made myself in between a couple check-out lanes and I started looking at the candy, struggling to hold my head up. I looked down and it was at this point I received a vision. I saw a whirlwind, a tornado in other words, descend from heaven. It went through the front of the store sweeping out the moneychangers, the cash registers, the customers, and all the money. Instantly, it was made known to me the meaning of the vision. Wal-Mart, a sort of Babylon, would be financially destroyed.

This is what will come to pass: Because of the great corruption of the Wal-Mart company, their manipulation and exploitation in the third world and its general disrespect for human rights and workers' rights, God will send a spirit of confusion into its corporate hierarchy.

The accountants and the chief officers will continue managing the company believing that everything is sailing along just fine. They will report many billions in profits, they will continue growing setting up more stores and nothing will signal that something is amiss. And then in one day, a bombshell will drop: The numbers will come out, and something is wrong. A file was misplaced, a decimal was misplaced, an accountant's failing vision; I can't say for sure. But it will come to pass that management will be shocked and will announce that Wal-Mart is collapsed.

This news will shock the world. The giant of giants, a giant no one could imagine would fail, WILL FAIL. It will be destroyed. This is financial Babylon. It is the backbone, it employs millions, it is the one-stop shop for millions of Americans needing car work, groceries, tools, weapons, ammo, toys, pet food, eye care, etc. Whole communities rely that Wal-Mart will always be there to provide its people with food. Wal-Mart collapses... what will happen then? The shelves will be emptied, and Wal-Mart will close its doors.

Many communities will realize they have no way to provide their citizens with food. Gradually, what will begin to happen is discontent will grow. People will be robbed, and not even for their gold and jewellery. They will be robbed who have the food, the water, the supplies. Protests will grow in the cities to the point of rioting and looting. Government will try to consolidate resources, gradually confiscating implements of production, food, and water. Soup and bread lines will be introduced, as well as a new ID system, a chip. It will improve on many of the problems of old identification methods and represents a new generation of technology. People will be enticed through the provision of aid, they will be told they will receive food, clean water, even vaccinations that will protect them from the new viruses that begin to spread (read: be released) at this time. Many for fear of starvation of they and their children will take the chip. A new generation of vaccines will be another basis for aid. If you want aid you will take the jab.

A remnant will complain and warn neighbors of the evils of the new innovations in society. Neighbors will be troubled, politicians will rage that a small minority are making their implementations more difficult.

I could go on but many of you know how the story ends from here. And if you are on this page and do not know the story, I sugegest that you may be on the wrong page. But if you insist on understanding, I will say, 'Go search Google and find one of hundreds if not thousands of websites that tell this story'. When you are finished reading, come back here and we will pick up where you left off.

It is too late to go back now. I was given a prophetic commission and it is way too late in the game for me to slow down and start at square one. The time is short people and we must forge ahead. If you need to back out now and read up on some old publications, please do so and then come back. Revelation is to bring what has not been said. This story has already been told many times and you can find it online in many places. What I do as a prophet is bring the missing piece. The piece is that the collapse of Wal-Mart will work tremendously to destabilise the American economy, and yes, EVEN THE WORLD ITSELF. When you see that this is beginning to take place, pray to the Lord that He may reveal to you what He says for you to do, and it is to be very nearly aligned at this same time, that God will reveal His word to His people.

ADDENDUM: I wanted to bring this message several months ago, really not that long after starting the blog here. But I am convinced that this message, as well as others on this theme, was not yet time to reveal. I started high school in 2003 and there was a young man, a couple grades ahead of me, who I played in the band with. Somehow, after nearly ten years, we managed to bump into each other one day and talked a little bit. After a couple more conversations, we exchanged numbers, and this was nearly a couple weeks ago. On Tuesday night, we talked and he had a story to tell me. A friend of his in the last year received a vision of Wal-Mart. He was very happy becaue now just a few nights ago, he says God showed him a dream of Wal-Mart.

In my heart I said, "What did they see of Wal-Mart? That Wal-Mart will grow and find more and more success?"

He said they have both seen that God will bring judgment on Wal-Mart.

I am commissioned as a prophet, my readers, and I need to tell you that it is troubling to be the first to receive a revelation of something. I have searched the internet far and wide for several years and I HAVE NOT FOUND ONE CORROBORATION of the vision I received. Could I be a liar, could I be a false prophet? 'But no, I know what I saw and my love for God, I must be right against all odds' I have always maintained. Thank the Lord, that the Lord has brought this man to bring word to me so that the Lord has spoken to me, and the word serves many effects.

I. It shows that my message is true.

II. It shows that I am correct in the suspicion as to my office.

III. It shows that this man, and his friend are both followers of the Lord and it improves their position.

IV. It can help to show to this man that I am a follower of the Lord too.

For these several reasons, this is a very important witness. And fifth, I am now free to go forward, given peace, that now is the time to blast the trumpet and warn the world, that Wal-Mart will not remain. God will judge this wicked corporation, and the people will tremble.

NBC and Timeliness

NBC promoted an horrific comedy program for the Fall 2012 season, The New Normal. It had gays wanting to adopt who hired a surrogate mother to carry one of defective offspring in her womb who had a mother who was a lampoon of the ordinary American who would be offended at the social commentary of the show. Basically, it was something that a small number of coastal-bicoastal Americans might have thought clever but would never actually tune in to the show themselves. Is it more important to shock and offend near every American who lives east of California and west of Delaware or do they actually mean to shoot for ratings and success?

Luckily, to show that there is a God and there are still honorable men left in this country. After one season, 22 episodes, the show was cancelled. So, America is not ready to embrace the society changing from a Christian base to a post-religious, progressive society. But then again we are still vastly to outnumber those who support this trash and we ultimately still decide in the end, maybe not what shows will air, but the shows that will continue to air.

So we've seen this same principle before. If you decide to make your audience a target, to lecture them and put down their views by airing programming that more than challenging our morality runs it through a blender and throws it back in our face, then you will not find success with your Fall lineups.

NBC came up with a new one this year. This one might be a valedictorian, popular kid gets his girlfriend pregnant right before graduation. Okay. This was something that happened 40 years ago, back in the 1960s. But in the 1960s, it was a near sin to show anything but couples sleeping in separate beds or even a toilet. They are just now catching up with the times.

Let's be real: Today, those white, suburban-middle class white kids will go get an abortion. They'll get hooked to different drugs and alcohol, get in a car, and kill someone after running a stop sign. Their influential businessman father and whore mother will make some calls and maybe Mom will blow a few people and he'll get drug counseling for six months and serve no jail time and the victim's family will be left with funeral expenses and never see their loved one again.

Meanwhile, the young woman, after getting an abortion, will get a nice job she has no qualification for, sleep her way to the top, and then get breast cancer and Komen races for the cure and fundraisers will continue searching for a non-existent cure..

And then, somewhere in the inner cities, young black women are encouraged by their Democratic politicians to have several children, manipulate the welfare system, and if they opt to abort, the procedure will be paid for with the taxes of workers in Texas and Alabama.


Young, intelligent, middle-class kids get pregnant, opt to have the kid and start a family? Not likely. Now if you wanted to do a show centered around life as a poor black teen in the inner city, they would have hit the nail on the head. But we will have to wait 40 more years for that.

Pornography II and First Note On Timeliness

Jesus said not to look a woman with lust. Therefore, if you can watch pornography without having lust, then you are free to watch pornography. But God can't approve of pornogrpahy on a couple counts: Rampant drug abuse, spread of disease, exploitation, and coercion are very real elements in the porn industry and God clearly will judge the criminals who are involved in these enterprises. True dignified, exalted pornography, watched for a biological purpose is not contrary to God's purposes in this dispensation. Obviously, dividing lust from porn viewing may be a difficult job. For a person who does not have such an aligned perspective, then they should not watch pornography. If the perspective is aligned and no addiction is present then watching pornography is okay.

That alignment needs elaboration. The alignment must be the view that pornography is only a facilitation for a biological function. The human body has needs of being saturated, nourished, and to some extent a washing of the spermal ducts and  male anatomical structures. As far as a woman's need, I can't say there is a one-to-one ratio in the two and the hardware is very different but we should still expect that they have a need of the same variety. I say this because we are told how former generations of women, many of whom did not experience orgasm with their husbands it is not clear if certain of the individuals had no orgasmic requirement or if the lack of education allowed some to maintain this unusual form of chastity. So long as pornography is only a tool in the aid of biological functions, then one should not have guilty feelings in watching it.

On Timeliness

Shortly I will speak on the incompetent producers at NBC that are not quite sure about what sorts of programs appeal to middle-of-the-road working class Americans. But first I should discuss the timeliness, or lack of, in the pastor's warnings. Because they do not have the spriit of prophecy they have been saying many great things, even if wrong, but great things. Lecturing against pornography. That REALLY fulfilled their need to be validated as culture warriors and powerful tell-it-like it-is preachers. Let me give you an honest assessment:

They went far, but not far enough. And really they didn't even go that far. Because history showed us that those who had the greatest command of truth were the ones your very churches and religious leaders killed. You thought you were tremendously clever 'warning' (of your own flesh) about impure hearts and wandering eyes and in your own midst you have instead tolerated abortion, divorce and remarriage, premarital sex even down to junior high school youth, out-of-wedlock pregnancy, and unchecked spread of disease. You are responsible for all of these things. You who lecture boisterously about pornography or holding hands, when your teens are giving birth and drop-outs and taking every welfare hand out the government passes for them. Get real, get real! You pastors who stream pornography on church devices, you who loot the offering buckets when it's time to trade in an old Rolex for a new Rolex, you took an offering before the first song and now you take a second and third before church ends for good measure. You are the frauds and the liars much the same as those who killed Christ and Zechariah. You keep a bag full of stones at the altar so when you begin to preach you have plenty to lob at any body in your pews that you so desire. Because you have not managed your estates with propriety and did not judge according to the spirit of the times, your churches are left desolate, your memberships are decreasing, funding is drying up, and instead of a Saviour to rescue you before the approaching Tribulation, you will have your wolves lead you as sheep to slaughter.

Some of you will accuse and say, 'See he has set himself up as the prophet, the mouthpiece of God.' No. I am another servant who was given commission to preach only. Consider me no more than an anonymous source, one of millions out there, no more important to the Lord than you might turn out to be, if you give yourself over to Him fully. If you want to find one of us, I am not convinced it ever happens that way in practice. Instead, God will have us find you.