Sunday, October 20, 2013

Churches and the Funds That Support Them and Their Vice

The Church's role is to do the work of God. Many churches do not do this, while only a few find success at it.

Many of you will tell me that I should give money in tithes and offerings.

Bull hockey!

Let us talk about the human condition and that pastors are just like everyone else, and sometimes worse.

In East Texas here, there has been a push in several towns to start allowing for alcohol sales for off-premise consumption because traditionally, much of East Texas has been dry. So the pastors have been very influential for many years wherever such an initiative was taken up in keeping their towns dry. This is an encroachment into the political realm of which I am not interested in supporting.

We can discuss in many other ways the churches are absolutely involved in political corruption, promoting evil politicians, and selling the hallowed sanctuaries to the highest bidder for weddings and receptions and many caterings toward whoredoms and political rallies.

How the churches have generally not fed people who were an hungered, nor have they generally clothed the deprived of robes, nor hath they seen those whose mouths were dried to have them nourished in terms of water and drink, and having not ministered medically to those afflicted in the flesh with sickness they have not even completed their duty in spiritually ministering to afflicted souls.

And in many cases, the pastors have used church computers to access online pornography, and have been placed in charge of youth departments where they have exploited children in their care, and have engaged in adulterous and infamous acts sexually with women who were not their wives and in some cases with women they have compensated and with church monies.

When they have been to the theater to see an immoral and filthy production from the mind of depraved Hollywood actors and directors, they have done so at the expense of God's people.

When they have submitted in their gluttony towards profane ingestions of hearty feasts gorging themselves at a feast, they have done so, they have pursued treacherous sin at the expense of God's people.

They found one Rolex was not enough, nor was one Mercedes, nor one mansion, they said they would take a 'love offering' and you would show your love by putting more money in the plate. What they had done, is count it the first time and out in the lobby they complained it was not enough. 'We will take one more and call it a 'love offering' they said.


What you have here is an abusive and fraudulent leadership who have continued in the ways of the religious leaders of old.

When you read of the leaders in the days of the prophets, who killed the prophets, and of those in charge in Christ's day, who killed Christ and then starting with Stephen, continued to kill many of His disciples, ask why we are told to believe that the religious leaders today are different people. Because they are not.

You have been lied to. The guy yelling to a bunch of fools on a Sunday morning is no more spiritual then you are. He's probably better dressed though because he doesn't pay for his own clothes but instead the church does.

Suppose I am a crook. I can put on robes and call myself 'Pastor Crook' and ask for an offering. I can run for Congress and say I am 'Congressman Crook' and ask for a campaign contribution. I can become a dentist and say I am Dr. Crook and explain how that tooth needs to be removed and that one, even though they really don't, and I can't make massive profits just by removing perfectly healthy teeth. I can walk in with a baseball bat and explain to the poor shopowner that, 'See, there has been a spike in crime in the community recently. We would not want your business to suffer the negative effects of this mischief now, would we?' And make the shopowner a very attractive offer of protection. I can sell counterfeit Viagra to sexually desperate men, I can cheat the elderly of their nest egg, and I can even sell things that don't even exist.

Basically, there are many ways to cheat others. Some have found a lot of success becoming priests or pastors. Only we do not find cheats so revered as the cheats in the church and in the Congress. These should be viewed as the highest offices of the crooks where a crook may pursue any line of corruption and will never answer for it.

The pastors are liars and cheats and God has seen everything that they have done.

Matthew 23:37,38

'O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth together her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.'


God already explained this in shadows. A shadow of many years ago in Israel is reflecting to the present. In the same way the scribes and priests of that day did not honor the Lord in all their ways but instead cheated the Lord and robbed Him, then we see in our day that the cheats have continued to prosper in their ministries and they are cheating the Lord as they always have, for they are cheats.

In contrast, the prophets of those days were killed or at least put into major difficulties, and today, the prophets have a bad name because clearly there are so many fakes out there and they make us all look bad. Let's just say I can not confirm that the pastors are still killing the prophets although it is a big world out there and I really will not be surprised if it is true. But we will say the people of the world have always killed the prophets and THAT DOES continue today.

Now, in those days, when the house was left desolate the people were divided from their land and the scribes were divided from their authority and power. Today, we expect two things. The pastoral office will be demoted and put back in its proper place which is below the prophetic office. The second, the prophetic office will be restored and the pastors will be placed below us, where they belong.

Prophets do not care for money or many of the things that the rest of everybody else cares about. We know right from wrong and we do our best to do that. If we are wrong at times then we have to face it head on and correct it. We cannot continue in error because God will minister to us, yes, with a rod of correction and we will be blasted for it. You, on the other hand, will not be blasted because you are too weak already and if you fall, you have not surprised or disappointed anyone. We are different. It is commanded of us and unless you want to have your family, town, and even your nation turn its back on you and hound you viciously, to be assaulted in many of your hangouts and your church, and for terrible accusations to follow you everywhere then please do not use this title for yourself until you understand what that means.

To conclude, I want this to be established: Before tithing, pray and seek God on the matter. There are many, many frauds out there and they will take your money and do whatever with it. In the meantime, we are stuck with the pastors; however, there are prophets on this planet right now in every country who are being prepared to reclaim God's ministry for God and out of the hands of the institutional churches and to do truly the Lord's work. The pastors for now we are simply stuck with. If God leads you to tithe to a particular one, then it is sin to not tithe to that church. But unless God is really ministering to you to do that, I would suggest that you continue in seeking His will, rather than take the advice of well-intentioned but deceived agents who will tell you to give to anyone and everyone.

The final injunction: God sees all, and the sin of all, so be careful so as not to offend the Father, who at different times has made an example through certain of His enemies by destroying them publicly and for all to witness. If you think to do evil in His name He will simply laugh in your face and have you destroyed in ironic and humorous ways for which we will all laugh together with Him.


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