Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pornography II and First Note On Timeliness

Jesus said not to look a woman with lust. Therefore, if you can watch pornography without having lust, then you are free to watch pornography. But God can't approve of pornogrpahy on a couple counts: Rampant drug abuse, spread of disease, exploitation, and coercion are very real elements in the porn industry and God clearly will judge the criminals who are involved in these enterprises. True dignified, exalted pornography, watched for a biological purpose is not contrary to God's purposes in this dispensation. Obviously, dividing lust from porn viewing may be a difficult job. For a person who does not have such an aligned perspective, then they should not watch pornography. If the perspective is aligned and no addiction is present then watching pornography is okay.

That alignment needs elaboration. The alignment must be the view that pornography is only a facilitation for a biological function. The human body has needs of being saturated, nourished, and to some extent a washing of the spermal ducts and  male anatomical structures. As far as a woman's need, I can't say there is a one-to-one ratio in the two and the hardware is very different but we should still expect that they have a need of the same variety. I say this because we are told how former generations of women, many of whom did not experience orgasm with their husbands it is not clear if certain of the individuals had no orgasmic requirement or if the lack of education allowed some to maintain this unusual form of chastity. So long as pornography is only a tool in the aid of biological functions, then one should not have guilty feelings in watching it.

On Timeliness

Shortly I will speak on the incompetent producers at NBC that are not quite sure about what sorts of programs appeal to middle-of-the-road working class Americans. But first I should discuss the timeliness, or lack of, in the pastor's warnings. Because they do not have the spriit of prophecy they have been saying many great things, even if wrong, but great things. Lecturing against pornography. That REALLY fulfilled their need to be validated as culture warriors and powerful tell-it-like it-is preachers. Let me give you an honest assessment:

They went far, but not far enough. And really they didn't even go that far. Because history showed us that those who had the greatest command of truth were the ones your very churches and religious leaders killed. You thought you were tremendously clever 'warning' (of your own flesh) about impure hearts and wandering eyes and in your own midst you have instead tolerated abortion, divorce and remarriage, premarital sex even down to junior high school youth, out-of-wedlock pregnancy, and unchecked spread of disease. You are responsible for all of these things. You who lecture boisterously about pornography or holding hands, when your teens are giving birth and drop-outs and taking every welfare hand out the government passes for them. Get real, get real! You pastors who stream pornography on church devices, you who loot the offering buckets when it's time to trade in an old Rolex for a new Rolex, you took an offering before the first song and now you take a second and third before church ends for good measure. You are the frauds and the liars much the same as those who killed Christ and Zechariah. You keep a bag full of stones at the altar so when you begin to preach you have plenty to lob at any body in your pews that you so desire. Because you have not managed your estates with propriety and did not judge according to the spirit of the times, your churches are left desolate, your memberships are decreasing, funding is drying up, and instead of a Saviour to rescue you before the approaching Tribulation, you will have your wolves lead you as sheep to slaughter.

Some of you will accuse and say, 'See he has set himself up as the prophet, the mouthpiece of God.' No. I am another servant who was given commission to preach only. Consider me no more than an anonymous source, one of millions out there, no more important to the Lord than you might turn out to be, if you give yourself over to Him fully. If you want to find one of us, I am not convinced it ever happens that way in practice. Instead, God will have us find you.

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