Thursday, October 3, 2013

NBC and Timeliness

NBC promoted an horrific comedy program for the Fall 2012 season, The New Normal. It had gays wanting to adopt who hired a surrogate mother to carry one of defective offspring in her womb who had a mother who was a lampoon of the ordinary American who would be offended at the social commentary of the show. Basically, it was something that a small number of coastal-bicoastal Americans might have thought clever but would never actually tune in to the show themselves. Is it more important to shock and offend near every American who lives east of California and west of Delaware or do they actually mean to shoot for ratings and success?

Luckily, to show that there is a God and there are still honorable men left in this country. After one season, 22 episodes, the show was cancelled. So, America is not ready to embrace the society changing from a Christian base to a post-religious, progressive society. But then again we are still vastly to outnumber those who support this trash and we ultimately still decide in the end, maybe not what shows will air, but the shows that will continue to air.

So we've seen this same principle before. If you decide to make your audience a target, to lecture them and put down their views by airing programming that more than challenging our morality runs it through a blender and throws it back in our face, then you will not find success with your Fall lineups.

NBC came up with a new one this year. This one might be a valedictorian, popular kid gets his girlfriend pregnant right before graduation. Okay. This was something that happened 40 years ago, back in the 1960s. But in the 1960s, it was a near sin to show anything but couples sleeping in separate beds or even a toilet. They are just now catching up with the times.

Let's be real: Today, those white, suburban-middle class white kids will go get an abortion. They'll get hooked to different drugs and alcohol, get in a car, and kill someone after running a stop sign. Their influential businessman father and whore mother will make some calls and maybe Mom will blow a few people and he'll get drug counseling for six months and serve no jail time and the victim's family will be left with funeral expenses and never see their loved one again.

Meanwhile, the young woman, after getting an abortion, will get a nice job she has no qualification for, sleep her way to the top, and then get breast cancer and Komen races for the cure and fundraisers will continue searching for a non-existent cure..

And then, somewhere in the inner cities, young black women are encouraged by their Democratic politicians to have several children, manipulate the welfare system, and if they opt to abort, the procedure will be paid for with the taxes of workers in Texas and Alabama.


Young, intelligent, middle-class kids get pregnant, opt to have the kid and start a family? Not likely. Now if you wanted to do a show centered around life as a poor black teen in the inner city, they would have hit the nail on the head. But we will have to wait 40 more years for that.

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