Saturday, April 25, 2015

Abel and Cain, Vegetarianism

This past evening, my mother brought me several volumes of books she had found at a sale. They're quite  beneficial for my studies and I've spent some time reading chapters here and there from the books. They are basically thick encyclopedias, with entries on famous persons, essays, speeches, it's excellent material and unlike anything I have in my library at this point.

I looked at some poems from Anne Bradstreet. And I was occasioned to see her poetry on the feud between the first brothers, Cain and Abel. It was here I was reminded of an old concept for an article I'd had ages ago, but never did compose.


Cain and Abel brought forth their offerings. The offering was a deference; it acknowledged the LORD of the Harvest and the generosity of God's good blessings in maximizing the work of their hands and the produce of the land. It was an occasion of honor and celebration.

Cain was not motivated from impure motives. He had the eager belief that the grain he brought would be  much to the LORD's satisfaction. Some think he may have held back calves that he wanted to eat himself,  and kept the best of his flock from the Lord. But I think we do this at the expense of impugning Cain's  motive. I think there is clear cause to believe that Cain was a vegetarian. The vegetarians we meet don't  seem to have subtle considerations at heart, an imperious design, when forming good action. We don't deep down believe that the heart of the vegetarian is overcome with evil. On paper, their cause seems quite just; that is, the alleviation of the suffering of all life, including animal life.

But is vegetarianism the great hailed system of our Jehovah?

I believe not.

It is in this "roots" ideology, the belief in a pure diet, no animal meats or products (dairy, for example), it is in this exquisite empathy with animal suffering that one finds harbored the deepest misanthropy.

It is in the earth based system that the highest value is attached to nature and animals; by extension, the lowest value is placed on that which threatens nature: Human life.

The most visible reckoning of humanity is children. Children are the image of the next generation, the next civilization, and therefore abortion, birth control, and homosexuality are very positive co-ideologies with the vegetarian movement.

Vegetarians care more for a purple salamander in a remote place in Nevada then they care about the fruit of their womb.

This is the deep seat of hate which existed in the heart of Cain. Cain so full of love, of hope for the earth, the peace of all life, "Nature, man."

"How could God accept his sacrifice and reject mine?", he'd ask himself.

It is in the heart of this man, an author of morality, like every political liberal who tries to author his own moral basis for by which to live, like every vegetarian that assents to the death of two million fetuses per year but cries, suffering in mental anguish over a purple salamander, is the heart of murder, of plotting, of cruelty and envy.

Goddess worship, veganism, the practice of yoga, court the moral teachings of Luciferianism. Kill fetuses, turn man against woman, woman against man, exchange natural affection for the unnatural, a man loves a man, a woman loves a woman, birth control... Nothing is out of reach of the people who want to see an end to human life. Only... not theirs. They pass the ideological test. They "revere" the earth; they get to stay. You "hate" the earth, so you deserve to die.

Why does God demand sacrifice?

On the most frivolous level, I would say because He likes the smell. I like the smell. Especially here in Texas, people just love the smell of grilling meat. But I think that's a back burner issue, pun intended, or let me rephrase that, all puns aside, I think it's only tertiary in the scheme of the Temple system of sacrifice and oblation that God instituted.

There really must be a vicarious substitution to sit in a place which man cannot rightfully sit. If a man dies, he dies in sin, and should be condemned. But in a very solemn shedding of life, and an inner acknowledgement of personal transgression and disavowal of that lifestyle does mercy arrive.

And yet God says, "I desire mercy and not sacrifice," and elsewhere that he does not desire blood sacrifice. The sacrificial was composed within recognizing one's transgressions and coming to repentance. If sacrifice continues only as a cultural idiosyncrasy of that time, or as an ancient practice that was carried without meaning into the present era, then the sacrifice truly does contain no symbolic or substantive meaning. It is actually nothing more than wanton killing of animals. The abolishment of the sacrificial system entirely is less appalling to God than profaning it.

Because of the "innocency" of animals, there is a noble loss of life when its blood is shed, and that covers the iniquity of the man. A penalty paid in substitution. At this rate, a man can die ceremonially clean and living in harmony with Torah.

And I love animals. I detest reckless corporate habits, which endanger the environment. I hate the  recklessness of societies that put more value on the stock market and capital than on preserving the earth, because we are stewards over it. At the same time, I hate the politicians which appeal to purple salamanders, who really just want favorable laws to be enacted that will allow them to go through with exclusive golf resort or winery development. I also hate when the politicians advocate that we must totally paralyze the economy for the sake of future hypothetical environmental casualties, like the Keystone XL, while simultaneously congratulating themselves for the booming American oil and gas industry, (which they had previously made efforts to shutdown post-BP crisis), and falling oil prices, which has more to do with Saudi production than domestic policy.

So what is the environment if not a ruse? What is vegetarianism if not a ruse for abortion, redistribution of wealth, Marxism, and misanthropy, a self-righteous hatred of one's own kind?

And so because of the haughty presumption of the moralist, in this case Cain, a moralist who strays from  God and His noble codes to author his own morality, his sacrifice is rejected and held in contempt. One must uphold all of God's righteous statutes and judgments and not deceive himself to think that he can please the LORD by doing it differently.

WWII veteran arrested for feeding the homeless

In Florida, there was recently the case of an old, WWII veteran who was leading a mission on the streets. He wanted to feed the destitute, the downcast, the homeless, and the struggling families.

The evil Democratic mayor and government of this town sent police to arrest this man.

How many thousands of dollars did this cost the city? To send police to investigate the "crime". To arrest this man, who is ninety years old, to transport him to the jail, to incarcerate him. Then to bring the case to trial and prosecute him? HOw many thousands of dollars did that cost?

And yet every year in this country, hundreds of thousands of rape kits go untested, and the true criminals who have made this country's streets dangerous to walk go without prosecution.

I know when I'm walking through town, I never have to fear a robber with a gun or a knife. I never fear  young teenagers with too much time on their hands and no fear of getting caught playing the so-called  "knockout game" or destroying personal property. My real fear is a man with a wielding a hot dog and a  bowl of soup.

Yes, it is these mad men giving us free food that is the most fearful nightmare of them all.

These Americans are very naive people, to continue talking about "American exceptionalism". America is not an exceptional country. Although in terms of ways we have devised to tax people, to arrest and confine people, and to suppress dissent, we are exceptional in those areas.

God does not love Americans more than, say, the Afghanis or the Senegalese. God loves all men and wishes
that all would come to know Him.

The average American does not know anything about this cook down in Florida. Even if they watch the news, the news does not publish everything which is fit to print, or report everything fit to report. The news  merely gives you tidbits of information and extraneous news stories, although nothing that would ever really inspire the people to action or to petition their representatives. We get only the news which however salacious and tragic, is just such that no one really asks if things have to be this way.

The true lurid, depraved injustice that exists here, like imprisoning a hero who helped defeat Hitler and  served this country as a hero, and today is still a hero and wants to change poverty and help people get a hot meal, and who is being relentlessly persecuted by the Democratic party in this country, will simply never be told in today's media.

And so Americans keep parroting, "America is exceptional, America is God's country," because they are not
told the truth, and that America is fallen, is fallen.

What a satisfaction to know, if you are raped, if you are brutally attacked in this country, it will take years for the DNA to ever be considered, but be safe and know that no uninspected, untaxed hot dog will never be passed on the streets here without brutally subjecting the giver to the barbaric prisons of this country.

The Biggest Enemies of God

The biggest enemy of God is not His critics, but His own followers!

I read an old article on John Calvin from Christianity Today, dated in 2009. Although I didn't read it all, I did until I felt so lightheaded and flushed that I had to go find something to eat.

Believe it or not, I am not the biggest enemy of the Christian faith. I am the biggest enemy of the Hindu faith. After I got sick reading the article on Calvin, I went had some cereal and a glass of milk. Already this evening I have had:

About a half gallon of milk a bowl of cereal and a large bowl of macaroni and cheese

It is udder abuse, what the cows go through each day. Later I may have some fried cheese or some more  macaroni. I'm feeling withdrawals from it now.

The Christian church majority is:




That right there should prove to you that the biggest enemy of God is the "Christians" themselves because  they believe, and love to believe false doctrines.

Jesus was not a Christian, and the Pope is not Catholic. So why should I be a Christian. You people have it all mixed up, who "God" is and what it means to be His people. Look at the Old Testament. Nearly every  page has a story about Him slaughtering His people or causing them to take wrong turns in the wilderness.

Some prize, to be God's "people", whatever that means.

It's very straightforward. God is a good Father. You should love your Father and want to obey Him, because you know He looks out for you and can better care for your needs than you can yourself. Christians do not show that. All they talk about are His commands are "a curse, and chains". They say if you obey His commandments, you are only showing off, to have something "wherewith to boast" and God's love is not in you, because you willingly choose to obey His words.

These are the blasphemous lies from the Christians themselves! They love to attack God's word or anyone
who believes it.

If you dare say that the Bible is a literal book, they will attack you, they will slaner you, and say how you do not understand that most of it all is a metaphor and that it only has metaphorical meaning. They sit there and mock the words as too unbelievable to be true.

Christians hate the Bible, and they teach others to hate it too.

Then they teach lies about the Book so that they can cause atheists and all other people who have never read it to hate it too, they love to teach lies about it so much.

The Bible is such an easy book to read, if you do not have some moron with a ministry degree trying to  cloud your notion of what it means. You have to stop listening to these bloviators and loudmouths and listen to God, for He will give you a word.

There's no reason to listen to a pastor. They sold out. They only want to have a light-hearted chat. Pastors are so stupid, all they want to do is tell jokes. But they are so boring because they have such an antiquated view of society that their "jokes" fall flat because they aren't funny. And then they speak about something unrelated like how to spend your money or whatnot.

I saw one newsletter a few days ago with a title "Who Your Money Really Belongs To"!!!

Pastor you gotta be shittin' me. I guess according to you my money belongs to the church.

Look, you send the bucket around and I'll put in what I want to put in. You don't have to do a sermon every 4-6 weeks reminding people to give and then send out newsletters to insult people's intelligence and suggest that their money belongs to the church.

At that rate, I may just not give you any money at all. I think from now on, I'll keep my money and spent it on Cheetos and whatnot. This church takes in $20,000 to $40,000 a Sunday and they're still sending out  letters to shake its members down. WTF? I'm not familiar with these things, but a $2,000,000 to  $4,000,000 budget for one church in a town with 2,000 churches in a 15 mile vicinity seems like a lot. I think being resourceful in managing what one has is another thing that religion teaches. Also being thankful. This church doesn't seem thankful. They seem actually very greedy and thankless for the several million that some of the richest families in our community give to their church every year.

Perhaps if they were using this money to substantially change the lives of members of the community,  extensive work in feeding the needy, etc., etc., it could seem justified. I actually have no accounting of where the money is going and there certainly doesn't seem to be a united front against poverty in the community that I'm witnessing. Therefore it must be a money pit. I don't think a Federal Reserve printing press could provide this church with enough money into making a difference in the community because I think their "difference" is all about making a show.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The future of Christianity will be determined by how quickly Christians come to recognize that Pauline theology is frivolous and a dead end

Look how the world hates us.

"Why [i]does[/i] it hate us?"

Why it hates us doesn't matter as much that it does. And Pauline theology has offered nothing to counteract it.

For instance, Paul has a very low view of values (works). He believes that there is a sort of insurmountable distance between man and the divine, and that individual human works are worthless, that they have no value. He suggests that those who do aspire to live graciously are looking for something "wherewith to boast". Many are therefore convinced that the goal of Christian living is not to live in a holy way, but "roll with the punches". If you sin, that's fine, you can always feel sorry for it later.

To Paul, it's not what you do, as much as what you think. As long as you think the right things, the right doctrines, God accepts you in your worthless condition.

One of the main objections of non-believers is very much related to this. They see the Christian moral standard as faulty and contradictory. They often see how many Christians apply one standard to their friends or the group and another set of standards on the world. Christians choose to look the other way when they see a brother in error, or they even try to defend it or cover it up.

Because Christians have not taken a unanimous and decisive stand against immorality, the world views Christians as immoral hypocrites.

The moral component is something sorely missing in Paul's letters. Even insofar as it is contained there, as many would maintain, it is surrounded within such a sea of seemingly contradictory affirmations that many leave with the wrong impression. This is a grave lack of clarity, if the epistles are not wholly deficient of this concept.

The ardent defender of Paul, Martin Luther, after reading Paul, and drawing the same conclusions I've reached here, went on to write, "Be a sinner and sin boldly!" to paraphrase Luther.

So far, Christians do not inspire me with their ability to get this done. Because Christianity was unable to bring many of its marvelous anticipations to pass, it will eventually be violently suppressed, and Christians will be virtually wiped out.

It is not to say that you were not warned. John anticipated this as an inevitable fact over 1900 years ago. Assuredly, it is written in stone, as is our outcome.

Though we are divided now, true Christianity will ultimately prevail in victory, and the good will be given reign to walk the earth without the weight of the iniquity present in this life.