Saturday, April 25, 2015

Abel and Cain, Vegetarianism

This past evening, my mother brought me several volumes of books she had found at a sale. They're quite  beneficial for my studies and I've spent some time reading chapters here and there from the books. They are basically thick encyclopedias, with entries on famous persons, essays, speeches, it's excellent material and unlike anything I have in my library at this point.

I looked at some poems from Anne Bradstreet. And I was occasioned to see her poetry on the feud between the first brothers, Cain and Abel. It was here I was reminded of an old concept for an article I'd had ages ago, but never did compose.


Cain and Abel brought forth their offerings. The offering was a deference; it acknowledged the LORD of the Harvest and the generosity of God's good blessings in maximizing the work of their hands and the produce of the land. It was an occasion of honor and celebration.

Cain was not motivated from impure motives. He had the eager belief that the grain he brought would be  much to the LORD's satisfaction. Some think he may have held back calves that he wanted to eat himself,  and kept the best of his flock from the Lord. But I think we do this at the expense of impugning Cain's  motive. I think there is clear cause to believe that Cain was a vegetarian. The vegetarians we meet don't  seem to have subtle considerations at heart, an imperious design, when forming good action. We don't deep down believe that the heart of the vegetarian is overcome with evil. On paper, their cause seems quite just; that is, the alleviation of the suffering of all life, including animal life.

But is vegetarianism the great hailed system of our Jehovah?

I believe not.

It is in this "roots" ideology, the belief in a pure diet, no animal meats or products (dairy, for example), it is in this exquisite empathy with animal suffering that one finds harbored the deepest misanthropy.

It is in the earth based system that the highest value is attached to nature and animals; by extension, the lowest value is placed on that which threatens nature: Human life.

The most visible reckoning of humanity is children. Children are the image of the next generation, the next civilization, and therefore abortion, birth control, and homosexuality are very positive co-ideologies with the vegetarian movement.

Vegetarians care more for a purple salamander in a remote place in Nevada then they care about the fruit of their womb.

This is the deep seat of hate which existed in the heart of Cain. Cain so full of love, of hope for the earth, the peace of all life, "Nature, man."

"How could God accept his sacrifice and reject mine?", he'd ask himself.

It is in the heart of this man, an author of morality, like every political liberal who tries to author his own moral basis for by which to live, like every vegetarian that assents to the death of two million fetuses per year but cries, suffering in mental anguish over a purple salamander, is the heart of murder, of plotting, of cruelty and envy.

Goddess worship, veganism, the practice of yoga, court the moral teachings of Luciferianism. Kill fetuses, turn man against woman, woman against man, exchange natural affection for the unnatural, a man loves a man, a woman loves a woman, birth control... Nothing is out of reach of the people who want to see an end to human life. Only... not theirs. They pass the ideological test. They "revere" the earth; they get to stay. You "hate" the earth, so you deserve to die.

Why does God demand sacrifice?

On the most frivolous level, I would say because He likes the smell. I like the smell. Especially here in Texas, people just love the smell of grilling meat. But I think that's a back burner issue, pun intended, or let me rephrase that, all puns aside, I think it's only tertiary in the scheme of the Temple system of sacrifice and oblation that God instituted.

There really must be a vicarious substitution to sit in a place which man cannot rightfully sit. If a man dies, he dies in sin, and should be condemned. But in a very solemn shedding of life, and an inner acknowledgement of personal transgression and disavowal of that lifestyle does mercy arrive.

And yet God says, "I desire mercy and not sacrifice," and elsewhere that he does not desire blood sacrifice. The sacrificial was composed within recognizing one's transgressions and coming to repentance. If sacrifice continues only as a cultural idiosyncrasy of that time, or as an ancient practice that was carried without meaning into the present era, then the sacrifice truly does contain no symbolic or substantive meaning. It is actually nothing more than wanton killing of animals. The abolishment of the sacrificial system entirely is less appalling to God than profaning it.

Because of the "innocency" of animals, there is a noble loss of life when its blood is shed, and that covers the iniquity of the man. A penalty paid in substitution. At this rate, a man can die ceremonially clean and living in harmony with Torah.

And I love animals. I detest reckless corporate habits, which endanger the environment. I hate the  recklessness of societies that put more value on the stock market and capital than on preserving the earth, because we are stewards over it. At the same time, I hate the politicians which appeal to purple salamanders, who really just want favorable laws to be enacted that will allow them to go through with exclusive golf resort or winery development. I also hate when the politicians advocate that we must totally paralyze the economy for the sake of future hypothetical environmental casualties, like the Keystone XL, while simultaneously congratulating themselves for the booming American oil and gas industry, (which they had previously made efforts to shutdown post-BP crisis), and falling oil prices, which has more to do with Saudi production than domestic policy.

So what is the environment if not a ruse? What is vegetarianism if not a ruse for abortion, redistribution of wealth, Marxism, and misanthropy, a self-righteous hatred of one's own kind?

And so because of the haughty presumption of the moralist, in this case Cain, a moralist who strays from  God and His noble codes to author his own morality, his sacrifice is rejected and held in contempt. One must uphold all of God's righteous statutes and judgments and not deceive himself to think that he can please the LORD by doing it differently.


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  2. The username for gmail is very long, and I try not to use it. The above deleted comment only had "I" in it.

    Also, it will take several comments to cover this article.

    GOD has always required obedience, not sacrifice [1Samuel 15:22]. Neither is there anything in the Bible that suggests that GOD told them to sacrifice.

    I avoid using the words "believe" and "think". I only publish information; you can believe or think anything you want to! In Genesis 1:26 GOD told Adam and Eve that plants were their food. Both Cain and Abel were vegetarians. Sheep can be used for milk, shelter, and clothing.

    Mankind started out as vegetation eaters. In the New Heaven that will be on earth, we will again be vegetarians again! Pork chops do not grow on trees [Revelation 2:7; Revelation 22:2-14].