Sunday, April 5, 2015

The future of Christianity will be determined by how quickly Christians come to recognize that Pauline theology is frivolous and a dead end

Look how the world hates us.

"Why [i]does[/i] it hate us?"

Why it hates us doesn't matter as much that it does. And Pauline theology has offered nothing to counteract it.

For instance, Paul has a very low view of values (works). He believes that there is a sort of insurmountable distance between man and the divine, and that individual human works are worthless, that they have no value. He suggests that those who do aspire to live graciously are looking for something "wherewith to boast". Many are therefore convinced that the goal of Christian living is not to live in a holy way, but "roll with the punches". If you sin, that's fine, you can always feel sorry for it later.

To Paul, it's not what you do, as much as what you think. As long as you think the right things, the right doctrines, God accepts you in your worthless condition.

One of the main objections of non-believers is very much related to this. They see the Christian moral standard as faulty and contradictory. They often see how many Christians apply one standard to their friends or the group and another set of standards on the world. Christians choose to look the other way when they see a brother in error, or they even try to defend it or cover it up.

Because Christians have not taken a unanimous and decisive stand against immorality, the world views Christians as immoral hypocrites.

The moral component is something sorely missing in Paul's letters. Even insofar as it is contained there, as many would maintain, it is surrounded within such a sea of seemingly contradictory affirmations that many leave with the wrong impression. This is a grave lack of clarity, if the epistles are not wholly deficient of this concept.

The ardent defender of Paul, Martin Luther, after reading Paul, and drawing the same conclusions I've reached here, went on to write, "Be a sinner and sin boldly!" to paraphrase Luther.

So far, Christians do not inspire me with their ability to get this done. Because Christianity was unable to bring many of its marvelous anticipations to pass, it will eventually be violently suppressed, and Christians will be virtually wiped out.

It is not to say that you were not warned. John anticipated this as an inevitable fact over 1900 years ago. Assuredly, it is written in stone, as is our outcome.

Though we are divided now, true Christianity will ultimately prevail in victory, and the good will be given reign to walk the earth without the weight of the iniquity present in this life.


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  3. I went on the Bible web and looked up "the word of the Lord". This passage was first written at Genesis 15:1 when GOD spoke to Abram. This word combination continued from Genesis through II Chronicles, only Ruth missing; from Ezra through Ezekiel with only Esther, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon not included. Between Daniel and Malachi all books contained "the Word of the LORD" except the one chapter Book of Obadiah.
    As I was reading in the New Testament, I came to another lie of Paul. The topic verse is Acts 20:35 where Paul, the great pretender said that he was repeating Jesus. I researched "give" between Matthew and Revelation; Jesus did not say it!
    Even when I'm not trying to, I find more falsities of this liar.
    The "Word of the LORD" was never used in conjunction with Paul like it was used with the Real Prophets [I Samuel 15:10; Isaiah 38:4; Jeremiah 1:1-2; Daniel 9:2].