Sunday, March 8, 2015

I am a conventional, Christian traditionalist

I am a traditionalist. I am a big Bible believer.

You will wonder, why do I spend so much time attacking the church and Christianity?

I think you should know.

Because the churches attack each other.

In the churches, they speak evil about the "Calvinist-Arminian" dichotomy, the "Catholic-Protestant" dichotomy, the "Pentecostal-traditional or mainline" dichotomy, the "futuristic-preterist" dichotomy, and for every conceivable reason do pastors go up to the pulpit, which when I'm typing I started to type on accident bullpit (bullshitpit), which actually is a lot more accurate than "pulpit", do they teach hatred for other churches and other religions.

They will teach the evil of Islam, they will teach how perfect the Jews are, they will teach how evil the Jews are, on and on and on, and it makes my head spin and it bothers me.

So, instead of choosing sides, I will choose every side.

I will come here, as often and as vulgarly as I want, will I attack every church and every Christian who does the same. If and when you decide to stop attacking people, I will stop attacking you.

Even when Christians meet in public, they trash talk each other. They insult others for their beliefs and put down their beliefs. They argue about what translation is the best and how you are lost if you use this-or-that translation.

I'm irritated by these people and annoyed. It's very rare I deal with them extensively because it's like going into a nuclear waste site without a Hazmat suit on. It's icky and it rubs off on you.


  1. I will have to comment in detail later.

  2. Israelites are and were wrong in several areas; therefore, Jesus was sent to bring them back to GOD.