Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Life of Sin

A Life of Sin

There is one demoniac, named David. I want to tell you about the depravity of his way of life and the evil he performs.

David is a very cheap man. He works less than ten hours a week to my knowledge. He is incredibly lazy and he spends most of his time playing on the computer. He does not work by choice, not disability or stupidity. In fact he is very smart but he does not like work and so does not work anymore than he has to.

How does he support himself?

Well, one means is he goes to the soup kitchens. He goes to the Salvation Army every day, sometimes  several times a day. Other nights, when a church opens its doors to feed the needy, he goes to those too. So when he goes to work, about two days a week, he keeps that money for himself to spend it as he pleases.

You see, by the stupid generosity of stupid Christians, we see the lives of evil men supported.

One should not give charity to anyone and everyone who asks. Personally, I do not care to give to any  ministry that will give support to stupid, lazy, drug abusing bastards who offer nothing to the world but only take. They are worthless to me.

There are children living a life of want, there are mothers who work tirelessly to provide a decent way of life for their families.

And yet you bring in a bunch of men who are too God damned lazy to go out and get a job! These men who I have seen in the streets and I have seen them in soup kitchens because I have been invited to come see  these places, I also know spend their money on drugs and cigarettes and liquor, I know they are petty  criminals who threaten people in the streets. I have been accosted by them, I have been threatened. I know these are the people that these ministries support and offer food.

I know those mothers and those children will not go into those kitchens. They are afraid. They do not want their children exposed to the criminal underclass, of lazy, conniving, welfare artists.

This little sick, homosexual man, David, if you can call someone so lazy and impotent a man, proudly says he will take no form of support. My family was proud, he says. We would never have taken food stamps or support. It was frowned upon in those days.

And yet, there is hardly a meal he ever eats that was not given to him. He willingly takes charity from the children and takes it for himself, so he can eat. He does not care to see that others, more deserving starve.

This is the stupidity of the believers in Sha'ul. Sha'ul said, A man who does not work does not eat. There are no free lunches. Some of your own economists say that. And yet what do these liars do in their private lives? They are thieves. They work as the children of the lawless. They take the food of the children, which Jesus said was not meet (fit) for them to take.

And what else did Sha'ul say, hmm? For he said also one of my first comments.. To not render charity to anyone who asks. But what he meant by this is far, far different than what I mean.

James, the brother of the Lord, the leader of all the church in the years following Jesus' death, said to not fail to render aid to the widows.

Paul said you should not give to widows. He said basically many of them were whoremongers and sick, they were not true widows until they were 60 years old and their sex drives had stopped.

So under Paul's fucked up system that the Christians have created, we should feed the drug addicts, dealers, mentally disturbed and criminally insane, the wretched, underclass that does a great share of crime in this nation, but dare not feed a widow! Dare not feed children.

Some in the conspiracy circuit say that the powers have begun rounding up these eaters, and sending them to camps for permanent relocation, or elimination. They say a pattern has been noticed in urban areas of California, Colorado and other places that these populations have dwindled and are disappearing.

Hold on while I attempt to give a fuck.

No fuck given. Sorry.

I've never seen more shysters, more subhuman dirt than the trash that is welcomed into these facilities. I don't accept the fact that the people who need the most help and community support are too afraid to go into these dens, BECAUSE COWARDLY CHRISTIANS CANNOT PUT THEIR FOOT DOWN AND SAY WE WILL NOT SUPPORT YOUR VAGRANT, COWARDLY WAY OF LIFE.

One doubts such backward humanity exists until they walk into such a place. I don't believe there was ever a point in life where I lost faith in the entire human race, until I moved down the street from the soup kitchen. And trust me, these people are all smiles and pots of joy when in the soup kitchen, and they are the tackiest, most disgraceful examples of, I will not say humanity and stain the whole race by comparing the two.

As a society, we need to stop giving a free pass to these men and look after the broken and lost in the  community.


You need to become part of the solution and stop contributing to the problem, or sit down, and shut up and let men, instead of cowards fix this problem.

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  1. I use fewer words than Randall.
    These charity groups are promoting theft, a violation of the Law of GOD!