Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Greatest Harm Done to Ethnic Bodies

The Greatest Harm Done to Ethnic Bodies

       While those in the racial grievance industry decry harm done against "black bodies" and "ethnic bodies", let's examine what the greatest harm done against ethnic bodies really is.

       I'd submit that those in the University of Missouri movement, which has spread to Ithaca, Yale, and other campuses, are profitting off of racial suffering. I'd suggest that the real testimonies of victims of racism are being drowned out by people with megaphones and media savvy, with a gift for manipulating media, and deploying it to their advantage.

       I'd also submit that if racial injustice were ever totally cured, the crutch these provocateurs have used to get ahead for so long would no longer be as potent a weapon, and then they would have no more excuse for their failures.

       The real greatest harm against ethnic bodies exists long before life in the projects, in a broken education system, or in an economy where minorities have suffered generationally high unemployment and less prospects than middle class whites.

       The greatest harm awaiting ethnic bodies begins in the womb of his or her mother. The crime of abortion makes certain that fifty percent of black fetuses will never experience life at all. Before forty weeks of pregnancy is up, his mother will go into a legal medical clinic, taxpayer funded, and be given a drug to dilate her cervix, and a doctor will insert barbaric tools to obliterate the baby's body and remove it from his mother's uterus.

       The crime of abortion affects millions of Asian, African, and Latin American women every year, not just in this country, but in places like China, where a one-child policy has led the government to forcibly seize and abort women who violate that statute, and others.

       If this child beats the fifty percent odds of not making it into the world at all, then he or she will certainly face many another injustice.

       Perhaps this child will become one of the victims of the high homicide rate in the black community, where black people kill six thousand black people in urban communities every year? (Black killers choose black victims approximately 90% of the time).

       Maybe the child will come under the influence of older kids at school, who teach him that it's cool to take drugs, and to live a life of petty crime? Maybe the young man or woman does a prison stint in a state penitentiary after being tried and convicted for his or her crimes.

       In summary, white people do not represent a threat against minorities today. There is no secret Wednesday night meeting, or secret handshake gathering of whites plotting how to sabotage black people in their careers or educational pursuits. Instead, white people form the backbone of the philanthropic community, the medical community, education, and all other industries that are the most potent organized weapons helping to advance the black community today. The greatest funding, and skilled workers, are brought together to put the sum of the community's aid into action, to help ordinary people. This is seen in every Habitat for Humanity project, food pantry, college scholarship program, medical assistance for the needy, and every other program that is organized solely on the generosity of those involved.

       Those are actual products of the white community. That isn't saying there are not black professionals and Hispanic professionals involved as well; that certainly is the case. But the largest burden of funding those organizations falls on white people, because of our position historically as having fairer opportunities when laws once did not favor minorities.

       The language of protesters is going to sour good will between the peoples, and incite hatred, more than has ever existed than at any point in our lives. The injury done to ethnic bodies is being done almost wholly by the minorities themselves, and then some in the race hustling industry, try to profit off of this and institute a reverse apartheid system, to make technical lynchings of white people permissible.

       If black people want love, if black people want acceptance, they must first come to love their own children, instead of seeing them as an intrusion into their fun, something to be aborted, or what many have said who did get a chance at life, were told by their mothers, "I should have aborted you."

       The greatest hatred against blacks is not engineered in the deep South, in white families' households or in the halls of Congress. It begins inside the womb, and then on the block, and then in the schools. Black people who kill each other because he wears this team's hat, or he wears that color shirt, or because I live on 19th Street and he lives on 21st Street.

       This evil talk of racism on the college campuses is poison and is hatred and needs to stop.


  1. Fifty years ago it was white girls who were getting abortions. Since 1973 black females have been self-destructive. Men who support abortion and the ones who have the extractions are worse than the idol worshipers who sacrificed their children. These sinful people waited until the children could walk into their death!

    In the black community, there are Mexican-haters. My respond to them is they knew the address of their relatives, but not the address of UNWANTED PARENTHOOD. Blame yourselves for the Hispanic school population in Dallas being 70%.

  2. Mexicans were brought in by republicans that wanted cheaper labor than black people were willing to work for. Now they want them to leave.

    The children of racist America are the ones promoting trump.

    1. My belief on that is blacks are Americans. Therefore, they have as much right to be hired or considered for a position as anyone else. But now with the state of immigration, there are real incentives for businessmen to just hire whoever under the table, and more or less a promise the government will look away. That's harmful to all American workers, of all races.

  3. There is another problem on Sundays. More than half the black female teens go to church, and what are they taught?
    They are taught the lies of Impostor Paul instead of the Word Of GOD delivered by Jesus.
    Justified by faith and grace replacing the Law are the main sermons.
    For these reasons, and more, 75% of the infant killers attend church!!!

    1. Thank you. Because the gospel of Jesus would never condone the things which the young people are doing. Or the older people for that matter but the young people I would say are living out that philosophy more truly than even the older ones. Now they look and see what they have wrought, twice the children of hell as they were.