Sunday, March 8, 2015

I am a conventional, Christian traditionalist

I am a traditionalist. I am a big Bible believer.

You will wonder, why do I spend so much time attacking the church and Christianity?

I think you should know.

Because the churches attack each other.

In the churches, they speak evil about the "Calvinist-Arminian" dichotomy, the "Catholic-Protestant" dichotomy, the "Pentecostal-traditional or mainline" dichotomy, the "futuristic-preterist" dichotomy, and for every conceivable reason do pastors go up to the pulpit, which when I'm typing I started to type on accident bullpit (bullshitpit), which actually is a lot more accurate than "pulpit", do they teach hatred for other churches and other religions.

They will teach the evil of Islam, they will teach how perfect the Jews are, they will teach how evil the Jews are, on and on and on, and it makes my head spin and it bothers me.

So, instead of choosing sides, I will choose every side.

I will come here, as often and as vulgarly as I want, will I attack every church and every Christian who does the same. If and when you decide to stop attacking people, I will stop attacking you.

Even when Christians meet in public, they trash talk each other. They insult others for their beliefs and put down their beliefs. They argue about what translation is the best and how you are lost if you use this-or-that translation.

I'm irritated by these people and annoyed. It's very rare I deal with them extensively because it's like going into a nuclear waste site without a Hazmat suit on. It's icky and it rubs off on you.

Like the Reformers' Shit Don't Stink

Many of you are so clever.

You read Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, so on and so forth. So refined, so clever.

You make repeated appeals to authority. "Luther said, _____", "Calvin said, ____"

and then you saunter off with a stupid grin on your face, like, "Stupid unread moron, who never read the  prescient words of the great Luther and Calvin, ha, imbeciles. I sure showed him. I will leave him trying to pick up the broken pieces after leaving him in intellectual tatters and embarrassment. Ha!"

You act like the Reformers' shit don't stink.

I'll go a step further and tell you what Luther said, "Burn the synagogues." He said persecute the Jews, curse them, banish them.

Or Calvin, he said he did Servetus an honor. He had him burned at the stake when he could have had his  head cut off. It's a real dishonor to have your head cut off. Therefore, Calvin saved Servetus' honor. Yeah, and he had him burned at the stake. Woohoo!

Many of you still have not learned. You still have not seen the point.

Eric Hoffer would say, Calvin and Luther opposed dogmatic systems and did not recognize authority  because they were not the authority! They were not men against a brutal system. They were men against  another one's brutal system.

I would go further in showing you how many of the great men you hold up are not great at all. Clive Staples Lewis, Pope John Paul II (agent of I.G. Farben), Rick Warren (CFR globalist), Benny Hinn (wants  permission from God to murder people), Ted Haggard (he likes boy prositutes and meth benders), Oral  Roberts (performs rituals in the basement of one of the facilities at ORU), Billy Graham (Masonic plant).

I can go further historically and show

Tertullian waffled and picked and chose what he believed and finally became a Montanist

how Augustine said unbaptized babies would burn forever in hell

and how many other of these giants you Christians love and adore were vile, vulgar, evil people.

You sit in very good company. I can't tell the difference between the two of you.

A Life of Sin

A Life of Sin

There is one demoniac, named David. I want to tell you about the depravity of his way of life and the evil he performs.

David is a very cheap man. He works less than ten hours a week to my knowledge. He is incredibly lazy and he spends most of his time playing on the computer. He does not work by choice, not disability or stupidity. In fact he is very smart but he does not like work and so does not work anymore than he has to.

How does he support himself?

Well, one means is he goes to the soup kitchens. He goes to the Salvation Army every day, sometimes  several times a day. Other nights, when a church opens its doors to feed the needy, he goes to those too. So when he goes to work, about two days a week, he keeps that money for himself to spend it as he pleases.

You see, by the stupid generosity of stupid Christians, we see the lives of evil men supported.

One should not give charity to anyone and everyone who asks. Personally, I do not care to give to any  ministry that will give support to stupid, lazy, drug abusing bastards who offer nothing to the world but only take. They are worthless to me.

There are children living a life of want, there are mothers who work tirelessly to provide a decent way of life for their families.

And yet you bring in a bunch of men who are too God damned lazy to go out and get a job! These men who I have seen in the streets and I have seen them in soup kitchens because I have been invited to come see  these places, I also know spend their money on drugs and cigarettes and liquor, I know they are petty  criminals who threaten people in the streets. I have been accosted by them, I have been threatened. I know these are the people that these ministries support and offer food.

I know those mothers and those children will not go into those kitchens. They are afraid. They do not want their children exposed to the criminal underclass, of lazy, conniving, welfare artists.

This little sick, homosexual man, David, if you can call someone so lazy and impotent a man, proudly says he will take no form of support. My family was proud, he says. We would never have taken food stamps or support. It was frowned upon in those days.

And yet, there is hardly a meal he ever eats that was not given to him. He willingly takes charity from the children and takes it for himself, so he can eat. He does not care to see that others, more deserving starve.

This is the stupidity of the believers in Sha'ul. Sha'ul said, A man who does not work does not eat. There are no free lunches. Some of your own economists say that. And yet what do these liars do in their private lives? They are thieves. They work as the children of the lawless. They take the food of the children, which Jesus said was not meet (fit) for them to take.

And what else did Sha'ul say, hmm? For he said also one of my first comments.. To not render charity to anyone who asks. But what he meant by this is far, far different than what I mean.

James, the brother of the Lord, the leader of all the church in the years following Jesus' death, said to not fail to render aid to the widows.

Paul said you should not give to widows. He said basically many of them were whoremongers and sick, they were not true widows until they were 60 years old and their sex drives had stopped.

So under Paul's fucked up system that the Christians have created, we should feed the drug addicts, dealers, mentally disturbed and criminally insane, the wretched, underclass that does a great share of crime in this nation, but dare not feed a widow! Dare not feed children.

Some in the conspiracy circuit say that the powers have begun rounding up these eaters, and sending them to camps for permanent relocation, or elimination. They say a pattern has been noticed in urban areas of California, Colorado and other places that these populations have dwindled and are disappearing.

Hold on while I attempt to give a fuck.

No fuck given. Sorry.

I've never seen more shysters, more subhuman dirt than the trash that is welcomed into these facilities. I don't accept the fact that the people who need the most help and community support are too afraid to go into these dens, BECAUSE COWARDLY CHRISTIANS CANNOT PUT THEIR FOOT DOWN AND SAY WE WILL NOT SUPPORT YOUR VAGRANT, COWARDLY WAY OF LIFE.

One doubts such backward humanity exists until they walk into such a place. I don't believe there was ever a point in life where I lost faith in the entire human race, until I moved down the street from the soup kitchen. And trust me, these people are all smiles and pots of joy when in the soup kitchen, and they are the tackiest, most disgraceful examples of, I will not say humanity and stain the whole race by comparing the two.

As a society, we need to stop giving a free pass to these men and look after the broken and lost in the  community.


You need to become part of the solution and stop contributing to the problem, or sit down, and shut up and let men, instead of cowards fix this problem.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Christians and Their Lies

Why do you say, "Why did he lie to me?"

Did you not know the character of the liar, and the character of the one sworn to tell only the truth?

Machiavelli said to not listen to the one who praises you. Those who praise you, your every thought and  devotion are not your friend, are not good ministers. They are lying to benefit only themselves. A true  minister will tell you if he believes you are in error, and a good king will not inspire a climate of fear, where ministers are afraid to speak.

There are two categories of people I am sure will lie to you: Christians and pro-choice women.

As to the latter I say, If a woman has no compunction against killing her own children, then she will have no problem lying to others. You would be a fool to get mixed up with one. This is the sort that will take you to court and bleed you dry. The best case scenario: You're bankrupted and keep your honor, and may be able to make another fortune. Worst case scenario: You're bankrupted and imprisoned and also lose your honor. Fret not over lack of evidence; juries love salacious stories and imprisoning innocent people.

As to atheists. I do not consider them much liars, but for different reasons. Atheists have no shame, but even more they lack any care for others. They will not lie to make you feel better or to make themselves look better. They really have no reason to lie. No matter the evil they commit they are quick to take credit and defend it, proudly. There is nothing so shameful to say, that it should not be said, that they will not say. Rather, the more shameful a thing to say the more likely they are to say! They proudly speak shamefully and therefore have no reason to lie but rather to flaunt their depravity honestly!

The Christians though are very paradoxic. These are among the worst deceivers you should meet. Why are  you surprised? Ask them, "We are not under the law but under grace." If I confess to being a pirate, why are you distraught to be robbed? If I am known to be maniacal and devious, why are you confused when I defraud and abuse you?

Why are you deceived that a person who claims no law or constraint to morality should abuse and mistreat  you?

I say if you respect the Mob, they will heed you.

I say if you respect your neighbor, he will heed you.

I say if you respect those who are lawless and claim no law, they will repeatedly defraud and incriminate you, to promote themselves.

Christians lie for different reasons. A strong motivation is they don't want to be made uncomfortable. They don't want to tell a person what they really think about them because it feels better for them, and to rationalize, I have hurt no one's feelings. Most people do not like to feel uncomfortable. They lie to you because it feels better than telling the truth and putting themselves in an uncomfortable situation. They also feel better to think they have morally guarded your feelings instead of hurting your feelings.

But, when the Christian is around other company, however, you can trust he lies about you. He will speak any nasty lie at the time that he can think of. There are different levels. One, a person can rehearse themselves to believe falsehood, by continually denying evidence to the contrary and repeating the same lie until they no longer can distinguish it from the truth. Others lie because they believe they are more broadly doing a service. For if one is accursed of God, then any lie that is spread about them only serves to deter God's cherished from being involved with that person. Therefore, to use their reasoning, if I lie and slander a man's reputation, I am doing a very noble act before God and the Lamb. Therefore, I must lie repeatedly.

Others believe that lies are only bad in terms of the evil which follows them. Therefore, if I lie for noble reasons, or I lie trusting that good effects will follow, and naturally I believe in the sovereignty of God and that all that happens is in His domain and made for good, then I trust that my lies all have very good effects according to established dogmatic precepts! Let my lies be unto God's glory, with honor and thanksgiving! I should even praise God by my lies, and that I should lie more regularly, more shamelessly and without compunction whatsoever! Our own most honest apostle Shaul tells us this!

So trust that when you deal with Christians, they will lie to you, rob you, and even murder you and believe they are doing God a service. We should commend them that they act to honor God! We should hate their actions and revile them openly for treacherous dealing. They have lied to promote their business toward God as being honorable and forthright. By their actions they execute treachery and dishonesty and with their mouths speak death.


You should beware of those who speak with popular support and approval. Like the evil minister, telling the king only what he believes he wants to hear, and such as will support his plans, the teller of untruths relies heavily on public approval of his lies. Ergo, he appeals to the bottom feeders, those who enjoy, like stupid dogs, to be scratched on their heads and behind the ears.

The people who tell the most truth are the ones who get in trouble the most for their mouths. They are those who are indicted for their speech, those who enjoy no popular support and are most probably the ones to suffer exile and banishing for their views. They cater to none, but Truth, and they don't offer a service satisfying the pedestrian notions of the common man. Their views push science, push society to the next era, and everyman of yore that you love and praise now was the enemy in his time!

"Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, and say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers! how can ye escape the damnation of hell?"

Now also be witnesses,

"Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them ye shall scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city: that upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zechariah son of Berechiah, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar. Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation."

Now see that this is a basic problem with a broad class of men. Men like words that push no boundary, that say nothing new and say nothing that puts a fire under his pot. Prophets demanded action, they demanded that you surrender to the enemy. They demanded that you abandon your life and flee into the mountains. They called for radical change because in the face of war, the alternative was to die, or perhaps worse. They said you would lose your wars, they said your nation would be destroyed. They said your families would be murdered before your eyes.

And even when they did not speak about such imminent disasters, they said things that were not comforting at all.

And this ministry was not a comfortable ministry. They spoke with full knowledge of the result, that 99.7% would refuse to hear, and many of those would become imminent bodily threats, they would detest the speech so much.

The prophet was groomed repeatedly in youth, toward embarrassment, toward shame, toward the most hurtful ridicule man might endure without ending his own life. Then he was thrown out in the cold and tested repeatedly as to his grain. If he prevailed in truth, in speaking only that which he was commanded, never varying, adding or subtracting, he could prophesy to nations. If he transgressed he might be excused. If he profited to transgress, he'd be killed.

You tell this man the hounds of hell are unleashed on him and his family unless he turn from the One that sent him out, then release the hounds of hell! Release the greatest damnation you have, because I am no scoundrel nor will I go the way of the scoundrel!

How did God send these men out, with full faith in their ability to execute? It was because in their weakest defeated moment, they soared to do righteousness, when all else would abandon. Because they were defined in their tragedy and they were transformed. There was nothing they feared  more than to defame the Almighty and become the object of His eternal scorn.

Hence, they never defamed His law, no prophet ever. One should fear to detest His law, for we did not author it to scorn it. I have no authorship in it to repeal it! There is but One who can repeal it and I am not He, nor do I envy His job!

Some of you have been taken by one that came in not by the door but by some other way. Jesus said that the one who came in not by the way was a thief and a liar. He told you, when He called you, that His sheep would hear His voice, and know His voice.

That man you claim, I do not know his voice, nor that of the one he heard. Although I will say, that voice knew well the words ascribed to Bacchus in Euripides' Bacchae. So perhaps I shall call it Bacchus who spoke, for lack of evidence.

I do not know his voice.
Paul going not by the way, but out the back like a fugitive fleeing justice

Have you never seen the film of wartime, of imminent threat and the colonel tells his men, Do not believe any who do not prove to you they are authorized. The authorized have the password, and do not believe any man who comes to you with any other story.

A young man, unlearned, believing the fate of his country is at hand, will let in the enemy. He will invite the enemy in. "The colonel will praise my great valor to deny his orders, as in my superior judgment I have adjudged its great purpose, and I will be hailed a hero!"

You may lose every man in your detail, or at best, you may be killed and the mission saved when the intruder is found.

I am under such an order. Believe not he who does not go by the door but goes up by some other way!

Those of you who teach a twisted unbalanced conception of grace start with a lie. You lie when you say your gospel is not amoral and that it is moral, and then you lie for very different reasons after this.

But you lie and I know you lie.

You go by this horrid distinction, Christian under a new covenant, a covenant never established by a prophet or intercessor but established in a metaphor drawn out in Hebrews, that is a confused notion of what a covenant is, details, or maintains.

You are liars and until you stop lying I will never stop calling you liars.

I will forever slay your doctrines, your orthodoxy, because I hate your system and what it means. Your orthodoxy said to turn your face to murder done in its name, to save its system. It said to turn your face from child molestation to save the system. You could not admit to the most egregious wrongs because it was tacit with many prior assertions. When you asserted it was faultless, therefore it was theologically perfect, therefore it was essential, therefore all subsequent assertions depend therefore on the last and our basic integrity cannot be questioned, it was by design that it could never acknowledge its wrongdoing without destabilizing some or all of its fundamental teachings.

Many of you defend much less, but defend it.

Why are you surprised when they lie to you? They have told you what they are.

The Only Hope for the Palestinian People

My view on the matter is Israel has a right to exist. I don't believe the Israelis or the Palestinians should make war on one another. I believe in diplomacy and diplomatic methods and Palestinians who can see the writing on the wall need to be vocal about making a truce with the Israelis. This will not be easy because adherence to the Palestinian national platform is demanded at pain of death among the radicals there. But as is so often the case, evil triumphs because good men do nothing.

And that is the crux. Many Palestinians, or notably the ones in charge, want war, but they want it in a "have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too" sort of way.

I am afraid the political groups that claim to speak for the ordinary Palestinian believe that a dead Palestinian is a good Palestinian. Americans talk about our old washed-up activists from the 60s era that pretend they represent black Americans. It's said if racism were totally defeated, these individuals, who have fleeced millions from government and business over decades running the racket of "civil rights" would be out of business. The Palestinian political parties see propaganda value in slain Palestinians and are not invested in seeing Palestinians safe in their homes. The greater animosity they can foment between the Palestinian people and the Jews the better they line their pockets and boost their image (as an embattled minority) in the Western media.

Like I said in a previous article, if women were not subjugated, there'd be no need for women's rights  organizations. It is necessary to their business model that women are raped and beaten.

This is Hamas' business model. Hamas grows in notoriety, in funding, in material and intellectual support when situations are created where Palestinians get blown up by IDF munitions.

There is only one solution for the Palestinians.


Palestinians must turn to Jesus Christ to save them.

You see, the Israelis who occupy Palestine now have a very special advantage over the Palestinians. They  are predominantly a people who are descended from the original settlers, Abraham and his camp.

In this sense, they are occupying a land that was once promised to be held eternally as a deed to the Israelite people. This actually is very close to being correct and presents a very strong basis outside of our dimension, i.e. by spiritual fiat outside of this world, that that land cannot be severed at all from their possession.

Id est, it is a policy that I would say is fruitless to imagine a scenario where the Israelis will give up their land. With all due respect, this is a fourth-dimensional principle that is binding on our human civilization. The solution has to work around that.

I'm pointing out that there is a superior fourth dimensional principle that overrules that principle, however inviolate it may be. Although I imagine 99% of you have no idea what it is I'm saying or how important this article is in the great scheme of things.

We must look at the examples of this people and their land. They were removed from it several times. There were several hundred laws that were established going into the land that God gave for them to honor.

There were several times of national crises, and one could write a book about it. In fact, I'm sure you could find a number of books on this very topic in a mid-sized, urban public library, and possibly thousands of resources on the internet. I'm not invested here in writing a book but a short article so I'll recommend you check into that if not already familiar. (You really must look no further than the book of Jeremiah to familiarize yourself with it.)

These crises were connected with increasing lawlessness, and eventually, the people were taken into captivity, and led away captive.

This happened on several occasions and the final destruction of Jerusalem (AD 70) came a couple short  generations after the crucifixion of Christ. And there's a long story from circa AD 30 to AD 70 that most don't know but I'll talk about it some other time. But a very significant event during this time is the Jews killed their Messiah.

There actually was a larger principle at work in the Old Testament that was magnified over the people, the land, and the covenant.

It was the entry into the world of man of the Promised One, the Redeemer, the Son of the Everlasting God.

This was more important that any other one fact of Scripture. Jews today do not recognize the books that  came to follow Malachi, but that are named Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

These are four short books, amounting to about 100 pages, that I contend are the defining documents of  human civilization, that tell you everything you need to know about man, life, and how to live, and the meaning of life.

There is nothing that has been stated, or written, or thought, that transcends the arguments and observations in these books in any way, and they are the most undying testament of the existence of a great and powerful God who formed this earth by the power of His hands and wants us to want to know Him.

The truth is that there is not a distinctly Jewish people. There is not a distinctly Israelite people. Those people that lived eons ago are dead, but only after they were dragged to Rome, Persia, western Europe, Africa, and anywhere else the captors like. There, they did their best to survive. The women were taken in harems, the men made eunuchs. Some begat children with the locals. The true descendants of Abraham are everywhere to be found, and they are not one race, but all races.

The land for a specific genetic reason cannot be held in deed by the Palestinian people.

The great principle at work here is the most important thing that the Palestinians should see.

The state of Israel, as an object, of land, or as an idea in the mind, belongs to the children of God, and this also includes the followers of the Meshiach, Yashua ha'Meshiach, Jesus Christ.

The only claim to the land that you as a Palestinian has that trumps the genetic claim of an Israeli, which I say now is only genetic and tenuous, is by claiming Christ, who will give you that land.

The Jews are going to be in very big trouble if the Palestinians experience a revival.

The Bible states, and you can verify that at that time, the land will never be divided from the people again. One point however, is Zechariah prophesied a final captivity where a foreign force occupies Jerusalem, but these two prophecies have different scope and impact.

Ultimately, the fact is, the genetic claim to ownership means zero. Jesus said that one could not enter the kingdom, that one could not know the Father without going through him.

It is only in this dispensation that the Jews can refer to the genetic contract. In the future, coming dispensation, which is very close at hand, the Jew who reviles Messiah is no different than a heathen before a graven image. They will be cast out as chaff.

The land belongs to me! And it belongs to us all! It is the richest heritage to man and this world! But for me it is only an idea! I like that idea! I like the idea of streams of living water, the tree of life for the healing of the nations, where the wolf lies with the baby goat, the lion eats grass as the ox, and a child shall lead them! I like that!

But the land as an object. For me it only belongs in spirit. These are tough words to someone who is so close to holding the land themselves but are being sighted by Israeli military forces. To you, if you are Christ's, if you are Yeshua's, Jesus's... The land is yours! And I promise you, though the Israelis may defeat you, in spirit, and in flesh, and sever your life, the richest inheritance awaits you past this sorrowful veil.