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The Only Hope for the Palestinian People

My view on the matter is Israel has a right to exist. I don't believe the Israelis or the Palestinians should make war on one another. I believe in diplomacy and diplomatic methods and Palestinians who can see the writing on the wall need to be vocal about making a truce with the Israelis. This will not be easy because adherence to the Palestinian national platform is demanded at pain of death among the radicals there. But as is so often the case, evil triumphs because good men do nothing.

And that is the crux. Many Palestinians, or notably the ones in charge, want war, but they want it in a "have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too" sort of way.

I am afraid the political groups that claim to speak for the ordinary Palestinian believe that a dead Palestinian is a good Palestinian. Americans talk about our old washed-up activists from the 60s era that pretend they represent black Americans. It's said if racism were totally defeated, these individuals, who have fleeced millions from government and business over decades running the racket of "civil rights" would be out of business. The Palestinian political parties see propaganda value in slain Palestinians and are not invested in seeing Palestinians safe in their homes. The greater animosity they can foment between the Palestinian people and the Jews the better they line their pockets and boost their image (as an embattled minority) in the Western media.

Like I said in a previous article, if women were not subjugated, there'd be no need for women's rights  organizations. It is necessary to their business model that women are raped and beaten.

This is Hamas' business model. Hamas grows in notoriety, in funding, in material and intellectual support when situations are created where Palestinians get blown up by IDF munitions.

There is only one solution for the Palestinians.


Palestinians must turn to Jesus Christ to save them.

You see, the Israelis who occupy Palestine now have a very special advantage over the Palestinians. They  are predominantly a people who are descended from the original settlers, Abraham and his camp.

In this sense, they are occupying a land that was once promised to be held eternally as a deed to the Israelite people. This actually is very close to being correct and presents a very strong basis outside of our dimension, i.e. by spiritual fiat outside of this world, that that land cannot be severed at all from their possession.

Id est, it is a policy that I would say is fruitless to imagine a scenario where the Israelis will give up their land. With all due respect, this is a fourth-dimensional principle that is binding on our human civilization. The solution has to work around that.

I'm pointing out that there is a superior fourth dimensional principle that overrules that principle, however inviolate it may be. Although I imagine 99% of you have no idea what it is I'm saying or how important this article is in the great scheme of things.

We must look at the examples of this people and their land. They were removed from it several times. There were several hundred laws that were established going into the land that God gave for them to honor.

There were several times of national crises, and one could write a book about it. In fact, I'm sure you could find a number of books on this very topic in a mid-sized, urban public library, and possibly thousands of resources on the internet. I'm not invested here in writing a book but a short article so I'll recommend you check into that if not already familiar. (You really must look no further than the book of Jeremiah to familiarize yourself with it.)

These crises were connected with increasing lawlessness, and eventually, the people were taken into captivity, and led away captive.

This happened on several occasions and the final destruction of Jerusalem (AD 70) came a couple short  generations after the crucifixion of Christ. And there's a long story from circa AD 30 to AD 70 that most don't know but I'll talk about it some other time. But a very significant event during this time is the Jews killed their Messiah.

There actually was a larger principle at work in the Old Testament that was magnified over the people, the land, and the covenant.

It was the entry into the world of man of the Promised One, the Redeemer, the Son of the Everlasting God.

This was more important that any other one fact of Scripture. Jews today do not recognize the books that  came to follow Malachi, but that are named Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

These are four short books, amounting to about 100 pages, that I contend are the defining documents of  human civilization, that tell you everything you need to know about man, life, and how to live, and the meaning of life.

There is nothing that has been stated, or written, or thought, that transcends the arguments and observations in these books in any way, and they are the most undying testament of the existence of a great and powerful God who formed this earth by the power of His hands and wants us to want to know Him.

The truth is that there is not a distinctly Jewish people. There is not a distinctly Israelite people. Those people that lived eons ago are dead, but only after they were dragged to Rome, Persia, western Europe, Africa, and anywhere else the captors like. There, they did their best to survive. The women were taken in harems, the men made eunuchs. Some begat children with the locals. The true descendants of Abraham are everywhere to be found, and they are not one race, but all races.

The land for a specific genetic reason cannot be held in deed by the Palestinian people.

The great principle at work here is the most important thing that the Palestinians should see.

The state of Israel, as an object, of land, or as an idea in the mind, belongs to the children of God, and this also includes the followers of the Meshiach, Yashua ha'Meshiach, Jesus Christ.

The only claim to the land that you as a Palestinian has that trumps the genetic claim of an Israeli, which I say now is only genetic and tenuous, is by claiming Christ, who will give you that land.

The Jews are going to be in very big trouble if the Palestinians experience a revival.

The Bible states, and you can verify that at that time, the land will never be divided from the people again. One point however, is Zechariah prophesied a final captivity where a foreign force occupies Jerusalem, but these two prophecies have different scope and impact.

Ultimately, the fact is, the genetic claim to ownership means zero. Jesus said that one could not enter the kingdom, that one could not know the Father without going through him.

It is only in this dispensation that the Jews can refer to the genetic contract. In the future, coming dispensation, which is very close at hand, the Jew who reviles Messiah is no different than a heathen before a graven image. They will be cast out as chaff.

The land belongs to me! And it belongs to us all! It is the richest heritage to man and this world! But for me it is only an idea! I like that idea! I like the idea of streams of living water, the tree of life for the healing of the nations, where the wolf lies with the baby goat, the lion eats grass as the ox, and a child shall lead them! I like that!

But the land as an object. For me it only belongs in spirit. These are tough words to someone who is so close to holding the land themselves but are being sighted by Israeli military forces. To you, if you are Christ's, if you are Yeshua's, Jesus's... The land is yours! And I promise you, though the Israelis may defeat you, in spirit, and in flesh, and sever your life, the richest inheritance awaits you past this sorrowful veil.

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  1. Jesus is not, and never called anyone to Himself; He called them to The FATHER!

    allah cannot save them!!!!