Sunday, March 8, 2015

Like the Reformers' Shit Don't Stink

Many of you are so clever.

You read Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, so on and so forth. So refined, so clever.

You make repeated appeals to authority. "Luther said, _____", "Calvin said, ____"

and then you saunter off with a stupid grin on your face, like, "Stupid unread moron, who never read the  prescient words of the great Luther and Calvin, ha, imbeciles. I sure showed him. I will leave him trying to pick up the broken pieces after leaving him in intellectual tatters and embarrassment. Ha!"

You act like the Reformers' shit don't stink.

I'll go a step further and tell you what Luther said, "Burn the synagogues." He said persecute the Jews, curse them, banish them.

Or Calvin, he said he did Servetus an honor. He had him burned at the stake when he could have had his  head cut off. It's a real dishonor to have your head cut off. Therefore, Calvin saved Servetus' honor. Yeah, and he had him burned at the stake. Woohoo!

Many of you still have not learned. You still have not seen the point.

Eric Hoffer would say, Calvin and Luther opposed dogmatic systems and did not recognize authority  because they were not the authority! They were not men against a brutal system. They were men against  another one's brutal system.

I would go further in showing you how many of the great men you hold up are not great at all. Clive Staples Lewis, Pope John Paul II (agent of I.G. Farben), Rick Warren (CFR globalist), Benny Hinn (wants  permission from God to murder people), Ted Haggard (he likes boy prositutes and meth benders), Oral  Roberts (performs rituals in the basement of one of the facilities at ORU), Billy Graham (Masonic plant).

I can go further historically and show

Tertullian waffled and picked and chose what he believed and finally became a Montanist

how Augustine said unbaptized babies would burn forever in hell

and how many other of these giants you Christians love and adore were vile, vulgar, evil people.

You sit in very good company. I can't tell the difference between the two of you.

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  1. I have not read the Reformers, and I don't plan to. I can determine the Law of GOD from the Bible.
    How stupid are the ones who call themselves Christian. They take the Jews' religion, and hate the Jews.