Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Biggest Enemies of God

The biggest enemy of God is not His critics, but His own followers!

I read an old article on John Calvin from Christianity Today, dated in 2009. Although I didn't read it all, I did until I felt so lightheaded and flushed that I had to go find something to eat.

Believe it or not, I am not the biggest enemy of the Christian faith. I am the biggest enemy of the Hindu faith. After I got sick reading the article on Calvin, I went had some cereal and a glass of milk. Already this evening I have had:

About a half gallon of milk a bowl of cereal and a large bowl of macaroni and cheese

It is udder abuse, what the cows go through each day. Later I may have some fried cheese or some more  macaroni. I'm feeling withdrawals from it now.

The Christian church majority is:




That right there should prove to you that the biggest enemy of God is the "Christians" themselves because  they believe, and love to believe false doctrines.

Jesus was not a Christian, and the Pope is not Catholic. So why should I be a Christian. You people have it all mixed up, who "God" is and what it means to be His people. Look at the Old Testament. Nearly every  page has a story about Him slaughtering His people or causing them to take wrong turns in the wilderness.

Some prize, to be God's "people", whatever that means.

It's very straightforward. God is a good Father. You should love your Father and want to obey Him, because you know He looks out for you and can better care for your needs than you can yourself. Christians do not show that. All they talk about are His commands are "a curse, and chains". They say if you obey His commandments, you are only showing off, to have something "wherewith to boast" and God's love is not in you, because you willingly choose to obey His words.

These are the blasphemous lies from the Christians themselves! They love to attack God's word or anyone
who believes it.

If you dare say that the Bible is a literal book, they will attack you, they will slaner you, and say how you do not understand that most of it all is a metaphor and that it only has metaphorical meaning. They sit there and mock the words as too unbelievable to be true.

Christians hate the Bible, and they teach others to hate it too.

Then they teach lies about the Book so that they can cause atheists and all other people who have never read it to hate it too, they love to teach lies about it so much.

The Bible is such an easy book to read, if you do not have some moron with a ministry degree trying to  cloud your notion of what it means. You have to stop listening to these bloviators and loudmouths and listen to God, for He will give you a word.

There's no reason to listen to a pastor. They sold out. They only want to have a light-hearted chat. Pastors are so stupid, all they want to do is tell jokes. But they are so boring because they have such an antiquated view of society that their "jokes" fall flat because they aren't funny. And then they speak about something unrelated like how to spend your money or whatnot.

I saw one newsletter a few days ago with a title "Who Your Money Really Belongs To"!!!

Pastor you gotta be shittin' me. I guess according to you my money belongs to the church.

Look, you send the bucket around and I'll put in what I want to put in. You don't have to do a sermon every 4-6 weeks reminding people to give and then send out newsletters to insult people's intelligence and suggest that their money belongs to the church.

At that rate, I may just not give you any money at all. I think from now on, I'll keep my money and spent it on Cheetos and whatnot. This church takes in $20,000 to $40,000 a Sunday and they're still sending out  letters to shake its members down. WTF? I'm not familiar with these things, but a $2,000,000 to  $4,000,000 budget for one church in a town with 2,000 churches in a 15 mile vicinity seems like a lot. I think being resourceful in managing what one has is another thing that religion teaches. Also being thankful. This church doesn't seem thankful. They seem actually very greedy and thankless for the several million that some of the richest families in our community give to their church every year.

Perhaps if they were using this money to substantially change the lives of members of the community,  extensive work in feeding the needy, etc., etc., it could seem justified. I actually have no accounting of where the money is going and there certainly doesn't seem to be a united front against poverty in the community that I'm witnessing. Therefore it must be a money pit. I don't think a Federal Reserve printing press could provide this church with enough money into making a difference in the community because I think their "difference" is all about making a show.

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  1. If the pork-eating, Sunday-church attending person were asked about what was contained in Deuteronomy 28, he or she would probably say that they did not know; but if you asked them about no longer under the law but grace, they would readily respond.

    GOD,HIMSELF told them through Moses in Deuteronomy that HE would reward them for obedience, and punish for disobedience! However, they rather listen to Paul because he teaches that "we" do not have to follow the 'old rules'. These same hypocrites would still disobey the Law of GOD even if Paul hadn't published Romans 6:14.