Saturday, April 25, 2015

WWII veteran arrested for feeding the homeless

In Florida, there was recently the case of an old, WWII veteran who was leading a mission on the streets. He wanted to feed the destitute, the downcast, the homeless, and the struggling families.

The evil Democratic mayor and government of this town sent police to arrest this man.

How many thousands of dollars did this cost the city? To send police to investigate the "crime". To arrest this man, who is ninety years old, to transport him to the jail, to incarcerate him. Then to bring the case to trial and prosecute him? HOw many thousands of dollars did that cost?

And yet every year in this country, hundreds of thousands of rape kits go untested, and the true criminals who have made this country's streets dangerous to walk go without prosecution.

I know when I'm walking through town, I never have to fear a robber with a gun or a knife. I never fear  young teenagers with too much time on their hands and no fear of getting caught playing the so-called  "knockout game" or destroying personal property. My real fear is a man with a wielding a hot dog and a  bowl of soup.

Yes, it is these mad men giving us free food that is the most fearful nightmare of them all.

These Americans are very naive people, to continue talking about "American exceptionalism". America is not an exceptional country. Although in terms of ways we have devised to tax people, to arrest and confine people, and to suppress dissent, we are exceptional in those areas.

God does not love Americans more than, say, the Afghanis or the Senegalese. God loves all men and wishes
that all would come to know Him.

The average American does not know anything about this cook down in Florida. Even if they watch the news, the news does not publish everything which is fit to print, or report everything fit to report. The news  merely gives you tidbits of information and extraneous news stories, although nothing that would ever really inspire the people to action or to petition their representatives. We get only the news which however salacious and tragic, is just such that no one really asks if things have to be this way.

The true lurid, depraved injustice that exists here, like imprisoning a hero who helped defeat Hitler and  served this country as a hero, and today is still a hero and wants to change poverty and help people get a hot meal, and who is being relentlessly persecuted by the Democratic party in this country, will simply never be told in today's media.

And so Americans keep parroting, "America is exceptional, America is God's country," because they are not
told the truth, and that America is fallen, is fallen.

What a satisfaction to know, if you are raped, if you are brutally attacked in this country, it will take years for the DNA to ever be considered, but be safe and know that no uninspected, untaxed hot dog will never be passed on the streets here without brutally subjecting the giver to the barbaric prisons of this country.

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  1. A repub would have done the same. I just wonder what the "cook" would have done 1n 1940's if he knew that he would be jailed for being an aide to his comrads?