Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Judgment Against Wal-Mart

I was saved very powerfully in November 2007. In 2008, I received the prophecy against Wal-Mart.

I was with a friend one afternoon when we stopped at Wal-Mart. He went in before me. I might have been smoking a cigarette outside. I went in going to look for him. But I stopped near the front and focused in on the magazines. The Holy Spirit showed me how It feels about the immorality present in society. I was intoxicated. I saw people in the stores who practiced deep immorality in their lives, some were dressed in not much more than a stripper's attire, the clothing sold in the store was not much more presentable, and the magazines on the stands promoted the immoral lives of the nation's celebrities. When I say I felt intoxicated, I am telling the truth and that I was stumbling through
the store.


I made myself in between a couple check-out lanes and I started looking at the candy, struggling to hold my head up. I looked down and it was at this point I received a vision. I saw a whirlwind, a tornado in other words, descend from heaven. It went through the front of the store sweeping out the moneychangers, the cash registers, the customers, and all the money. Instantly, it was made known to me the meaning of the vision. Wal-Mart, a sort of Babylon, would be financially destroyed.

This is what will come to pass: Because of the great corruption of the Wal-Mart company, their manipulation and exploitation in the third world and its general disrespect for human rights and workers' rights, God will send a spirit of confusion into its corporate hierarchy.

The accountants and the chief officers will continue managing the company believing that everything is sailing along just fine. They will report many billions in profits, they will continue growing setting up more stores and nothing will signal that something is amiss. And then in one day, a bombshell will drop: The numbers will come out, and something is wrong. A file was misplaced, a decimal was misplaced, an accountant's failing vision; I can't say for sure. But it will come to pass that management will be shocked and will announce that Wal-Mart is collapsed.

This news will shock the world. The giant of giants, a giant no one could imagine would fail, WILL FAIL. It will be destroyed. This is financial Babylon. It is the backbone, it employs millions, it is the one-stop shop for millions of Americans needing car work, groceries, tools, weapons, ammo, toys, pet food, eye care, etc. Whole communities rely that Wal-Mart will always be there to provide its people with food. Wal-Mart collapses... what will happen then? The shelves will be emptied, and Wal-Mart will close its doors.

Many communities will realize they have no way to provide their citizens with food. Gradually, what will begin to happen is discontent will grow. People will be robbed, and not even for their gold and jewellery. They will be robbed who have the food, the water, the supplies. Protests will grow in the cities to the point of rioting and looting. Government will try to consolidate resources, gradually confiscating implements of production, food, and water. Soup and bread lines will be introduced, as well as a new ID system, a chip. It will improve on many of the problems of old identification methods and represents a new generation of technology. People will be enticed through the provision of aid, they will be told they will receive food, clean water, even vaccinations that will protect them from the new viruses that begin to spread (read: be released) at this time. Many for fear of starvation of they and their children will take the chip. A new generation of vaccines will be another basis for aid. If you want aid you will take the jab.

A remnant will complain and warn neighbors of the evils of the new innovations in society. Neighbors will be troubled, politicians will rage that a small minority are making their implementations more difficult.

I could go on but many of you know how the story ends from here. And if you are on this page and do not know the story, I sugegest that you may be on the wrong page. But if you insist on understanding, I will say, 'Go search Google and find one of hundreds if not thousands of websites that tell this story'. When you are finished reading, come back here and we will pick up where you left off.

It is too late to go back now. I was given a prophetic commission and it is way too late in the game for me to slow down and start at square one. The time is short people and we must forge ahead. If you need to back out now and read up on some old publications, please do so and then come back. Revelation is to bring what has not been said. This story has already been told many times and you can find it online in many places. What I do as a prophet is bring the missing piece. The piece is that the collapse of Wal-Mart will work tremendously to destabilise the American economy, and yes, EVEN THE WORLD ITSELF. When you see that this is beginning to take place, pray to the Lord that He may reveal to you what He says for you to do, and it is to be very nearly aligned at this same time, that God will reveal His word to His people.

ADDENDUM: I wanted to bring this message several months ago, really not that long after starting the blog here. But I am convinced that this message, as well as others on this theme, was not yet time to reveal. I started high school in 2003 and there was a young man, a couple grades ahead of me, who I played in the band with. Somehow, after nearly ten years, we managed to bump into each other one day and talked a little bit. After a couple more conversations, we exchanged numbers, and this was nearly a couple weeks ago. On Tuesday night, we talked and he had a story to tell me. A friend of his in the last year received a vision of Wal-Mart. He was very happy becaue now just a few nights ago, he says God showed him a dream of Wal-Mart.

In my heart I said, "What did they see of Wal-Mart? That Wal-Mart will grow and find more and more success?"

He said they have both seen that God will bring judgment on Wal-Mart.

I am commissioned as a prophet, my readers, and I need to tell you that it is troubling to be the first to receive a revelation of something. I have searched the internet far and wide for several years and I HAVE NOT FOUND ONE CORROBORATION of the vision I received. Could I be a liar, could I be a false prophet? 'But no, I know what I saw and my love for God, I must be right against all odds' I have always maintained. Thank the Lord, that the Lord has brought this man to bring word to me so that the Lord has spoken to me, and the word serves many effects.

I. It shows that my message is true.

II. It shows that I am correct in the suspicion as to my office.

III. It shows that this man, and his friend are both followers of the Lord and it improves their position.

IV. It can help to show to this man that I am a follower of the Lord too.

For these several reasons, this is a very important witness. And fifth, I am now free to go forward, given peace, that now is the time to blast the trumpet and warn the world, that Wal-Mart will not remain. God will judge this wicked corporation, and the people will tremble.

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  1. Faggetry was only one of many sins of the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. They were rich and stingy like walmart.