Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chris Brown and Trayvon

A young, out-of-control, violent and sadistic rapper, an abuser of women and drugs says he supports Trayvon.

Wow, ew what a deep view of things you have, what profound knowledge of the world and how it works!

Doesn't he know he makes things worse by stating his support for Trayvon?

Let me tell you something. Violent sadists have to stand together, or they will fall separately. If sadists do not support other sadists, then no one will support sadists.

Let's talk about those lovely specimens of humanity called black men. In much of this country, and in other parts of the world who are so unfortunate to entertain you as guests, you generally run roughshod over the average man on the streets. You inspire reigns of terror, violent crimes such as robbery, rape, and murder, and then you complain that the police are racist and have an agenda. You demand because you choose not to work that monies should be taken from all the other races but especially Whites, since you so clearly have nothing but HATRED for the white race, and handed to you to supplement your wages as pimps and drug pushers. So many of you drive nicer vehicles and own many nicer things paid for with taxpayer dollars that frankly and unbeknownst to you, white people grow up every day and simply cannot imagine having the luxuries that many of you enjoy and yet never worked for. You speak againsty the evils of slavery, no, your hatred of White America, and yet you turn a blind eye to the Africans who are sold into slavery everyday. I have never heard one word from a black America, and I am 25 years old, about the slavery of blacks in Africa every single day, and much less slavery in Asia. Instead, you complain about some distant evil that no one alive can even be blamed for and expect to receive payment though none of you have ever even suffered for it. You great humanitarians! You rail against the evil of 200 years ago and you yourselves commit murders 3x your rate in the population!

Let's be honest. Nearly every one-and-a-half hours, a black man or woman kills someone in this country. On any street, of any town, on any night, EXCEPT THAT STREET, OF THAT TOWN, ON THAT NIGHT, a black man would have beat his victim nearly to death, then rob him and leave him for dead, if HE DIDN'T ALREADY KILL HIM. Yes, I imagine it is upsetting to know that that is not always going to work. That you will not always get away with a victim's wallet. That some of you will be met with armed resistance and might be shot down. You have tried to strong-arm an entire country, an entire race. One of the young men was killed. In your cities, you kill them by the thousands and no one cries or remembers those youths. You made this as the crime of the century, so that you could indict White America, no, so that you could lynch us, because of your sick hatred.

Because of black America's sin in acquitting a violent murderer like OJ Simpson, black America had to offer their children to atone for their national sins. Until you confront the demons within you, the violence will not stop in places like Chicago and Baltimore. You must call upon the Lord lest you all be burned up in God's violent anger.

You see, Chris Brown supports Trayvon because he sees things from his perspective. As a violent sadist himself, an abuser of women and drug addict, someone who will wreck into someone and then speed off before police arrive, a TRUE SADIST, like many young black men today, has to support a SADIST like TRAYVON MARTIN.

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