Friday, January 10, 2014

Less than ten years before total societal collapse

I said we have less than ten years as a society before we see total collapse. If I want to push the envelope a little farther, I'll say less than five years. Ten years is far too optimistic according to my projections and mathematical studies into the probabilities of the arrival of the Apocalypse. Let me give you two alternatives though so we can define what absurdness really appears as today in society.

Joe Biden is 'a leading statesman of his time'

This quote is more likely to be made on:

a) Saturday Night Live

b) An alternate reality

c) The unadulterated opinion of Vermin Supreme

d) a White House press release


The answer, shockingly is D. If you guessed any of the above, that's probably what I would have said too.

Second only to Hillary right?

Luckily, the Democratic party isn't filled with total racists like these two dolts.

They've got Robert Byrd, Strom Thurmond, David Duke, Bull Connor, and George Wallace to balance things out.


Part II

Hide your wife and kids... it's a terrorist... and he's armed with a... an arm.

"An Oklahoma State representative introduced a bill this week that would see protections put into place to prevent schools from punishing students who bring with them small toy guns, or objects resembling or depicting guns.

"A spate of incidents in the last year in schools across the country has led to children being suspended or expelled for such ludicrous things as biting food into the shape of a gun, or simply using their hands to make a gun gesture."

One of the things this law looks to ban is teachers punishing children for "Using a finger or hand to simulate a weapon."


I want everyone to take a moment to view an old video you're certain to remember. But it does a good job of showing where society is at.


With all this in mind, does it really seem that implausible that society will collapse completely in the next ten years as it did when you started this message? That these two stories should come out within days of each other just shows me that society is a complete circus and it is ran by clowns. IF WE MAKE IT ten more years, WHICH WE WON'T, then I will be shocked.


  1. Thurman and many others racist democrats joined the republicans because felt betrayed by LBJ, that betrayal being the promotion and signing of civil rights legislation.

  2. John, you are guessing and/ or wishing again. Mark 13:32 states that no one knows the day of the return of Christ but GOD.
    Herein is another slap at the Trinity believers. If Jesus was or is GOD, then He would know when He was (is) going to return!!!