Thursday, April 24, 2014

Trinity: Was Jesus a LaVeyan Satanist?


Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, is One...

When Jesus prays this prayer, He notes that "Our" God, is one.

But the Trinitarians say that Jesus here is referring to a plurality of persons within a Trinity, a godhead, you might say.

You don't say? So what Jesus is saying, by saying Our God, which also implies His personal God, that He is in fact His own personal God.

But that is precisely the teaching of LaVeyan Satanism. They mock religion completely and say they are all gods unto themselves.

So if Jesus in repeating the prayer found in Deuteronomy, is claiming that He is His own personal God, and that He is starting His own personal religious cult claiming Himself as God, then He must be a LaVeyan Satanist.


But that is all absurd, just as we have been trying to tell you. There is no Trinity. Jesus makes as much clear right here, when He quotes the words in the prayer of Moses.

So if He says "Our God" but He really means Himself, then He is a bald-faced liar for speaking deceptively.

I'm sorry I had to post this message but you Christians are at fault!

You all teach such stupid drivel that the prophets will have to come in and clean up your mess.

The prophets were always the gatekeepers of the true religion.

There is no one else who decides what the religion states.

Not one prophet taught a Trinity, including Jesus. The only thing you can find is in the apostolic writings and those are not inspired scriptures. The prophets have the final say. If you are not a prophet, you will not understand.

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  1. Please explain to me how Jesus can be equal with GOD and also inferior as clearly stated by Jesus in John 14:28: "...My Father is greater than I."