Saturday, May 2, 2015

Who is the white male?

Talking with a black man tonight, I saw first hand the true plantation mentality which exists among many black Americans, who are dyed-in-the-wool democratic voters. It's an American phenomenon that in most  election cycles, black Americans vote 95% in favor of Democratic party candidates and some times, over 97%. They state emphatically, with no indication the thought of error crossed their minds, that the  Republicans are bad for black people, the Democrats good.

But I have observed American politics far too long to gather that assessment. There is no ethnic policy  among Republicans. The national Republican party is a big business enterprise and will make deals with  anyone who will make them a buck. And they harbor no ethnic prejudice but a clear cut view that prides  money and business more than anything.

But neither do the Democrats have a clear ethnic policy. Instead, I think Democrats are willing to cater to whatever ethnic ideology will serve them at that moment.

If one district is served by running Shaka Zulu, the "kill whitey" candidate, then the Democrats will hit hard on the racial platform, reminding blacks of an imminent white conspiracy to take away their liberties. Meanwhile, if facing a black conservative, the Democrats will also cater to black stereotypes to win approval from the white voters.

Such is the case when President Bush nominated for the Supreme Court the Honorable Clarence Thomas.  When a known false accuser stepped forward to engage in insidious character assassinations against a respected judge, who merely differed from the prevailing political ideology of the left in Washington, white  Democrats appealed to every demeaning stereotype about African-American men, Clarence Thomas was  sex-crazed, he was a sexual predator. Even when Herman Cain, the pizza guy ran in 2012, the narrative was  still the same. Black men: Are sexually uncontrollable rapists who throw themselves on women every chance  they get.

Even one of the most honorable in Washington and that's saying something, it's the slimiest place on the  planet will escape the wrath of American liberals: Allan West, former Marine, one-term Congressman from  Florida. That's not okay. A black man talking about personal responsibility and strong families and not  inciting class warfare to stir up the masses, per Alinsky? Pssh.

Alan Keyes, he was quite a remarkable fellow. One of the most brilliant individuals who I don't know has  ever served in elected office, which is a great stain on this nation's record, that such able-bodied men are unable to win election. But he doesn't fit it. If you're black AND a conservative, in the United Socialist States of America, you aren't entitled to the same rights as those who pass the ideological test.

Recently, a young black woman learned first hand, the inner racist frustration of the Democratic party, who after announcing her support for Rand Paul was very condescendingly rebuked by a white male liberal,  stating something like, "Didn't you see the party? Republicans are anti-black and anti-woman." (Seems very  Jim Crow like, publicly belittling a black woman by a white man for holding a personal opinion.)

In America, if you are a minority, you don't get to make the same decisions as everyone else. You have to  pass an ideological test to enter the great American debate.

Its moments like these in the political landscape that I'm deeply troubled with the broad generalizations that "Republicans = bad, Democrats = good!" Many black people I'm certain don't have an analysis more than that more white people consider themselves Republican than Democratic and that anything white people support must be bad. I think it's a great example of the extreme racism prevalent in the black community.

Who is the white male?

It seems at this time that there is no one more hated in this country than the white, heterosexual, Christian male. And that is an extremely harmful policy for this nation. Mores aside, family values aside, I want to outline who the white American male is and why he is the backbone in this country.

In the jobs market, the majority worker is the white male. White men make up most of the workers in this  country and they pay most of the taxes. And yet there is no more hated group in America than the white  male.

In America, over ninety million people do not work, AT ALL. The primary reason these people do not work, and don't have to work, is because of the largesse of the American worker, which is primarily a white
male workforce.

This is extraordinary. This is the only nation on earth that I'm aware of where nearly one-third of the  population does not have to work at all, and many are not retirees, they're people who have never worked  or never had constant employment.

In European social democracies, it happens that a young person could take three months paid leave from  work, or the ordinary worker could retire at 45. But the reasons that can be sustained there are as numerous as the reasons that it could not happen here.

In fact, managing a country as big and diverse as America, apparently, reviewing modern empires as well as past empires, appears to be totally impossible. The trend is borne out when one observes that America is reaching a point where it is no longer manageable. But in countries one may look at, China (very equal in size though much greater population), Russia (somewhat equal in population and very unequal in size), to other nations, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan. These are nations that are not truly functioning participatory democracies. Brazil is for all intents and purposes one of the most impoverished of the nations, India as well. China and Russia, nations which in the 20th century killed an estimated over 100 million combined of their citizens. There just is not a comparable nation that has been managed as well as the United States without either killing a huge number of its own or suffering tens of millions to live on the brink of starvation, which has been historic in India, where millions of its people die from too little to eat. Prevailing caste structure makes it repugnant to even help them and not the nation's responsibility. They are suffering because of the build up of evil in their former lives. Let them starve, the Indians say. (Apologies to all Indians, some in that nation do feel that way.)

So in America, where the prevalent attitude and history has been a strong family, a strong participatory  democracy, a system where despite all its wants and warbles, has been such a remarkable success, because  of the strong family tradition, and the industriousness of the American worker, black, white, male and female, all the workers.

But let's not claim victory. The white male worker, the predominant worker, I'm not being unfair, I'm saying because America is majority white, the majority worker is the white male. It is very substantially based on the taxes they pay and on their productivity, that ninety million people in this country do not have to work!

What in the world makes people want to change that? Imagine what will happen to this country if their  mission is accomplished. The majority of your workforce will one day be recruited out of the third world.  They will have poor command of the English language. Instead of high-paying skilled jobs, you will have  those fields replaced with a third-world labor force, who graduated from third-rate universities in India or Pakistan, who make a third of what the last guy made. Your tax revenues will shore up. Soon, many of that ninety million will find their money stops coming in. They have to look for work. At this stage, it doesn't matter what sort of education they have, they can't find work because an Indian will do it for a third the price.

All white people subsequently blamed and held to account. More demands for justice ensue. Society sinks  further.

Rinse and repeat.

This rhetoric, "for the worker!" The Democrats are not for the worker. The Democrats are for death taxes,  stronger regulation, impediments to business (that's right, if you have 10 workers you're uberrich and should pay the jizziyah!), then they'll also go on endless witchhunts: You don't hire enough blacks, you said something that a paranoid woman thought sounded sexual, etc etc.

I am for the worker. I recognize what this means to the economy that the worker is allowed to work and  produce, and take most of his pay home. Democrats' default position is raise taxes, class warfare, death  taxes, private property is unlawful, redistribution, pensions (where people get paid to not work, and paid even more than if they did work). There's a disjunction between their policy and their expectation: Looting Social Security is okay, even if there's no way to pay it back later, looting Medicare and diverting it to the Affordable Care system, pulling the plug on Grandma. Stalin's system was evil. The Democratic party's system is inventive and evil. How can the worker work and produce, under burden of regulation, and at the end of the day, take home less than 50% of what he's paid? The answer is he can't and the jobs because fodder for immigrant labor.

Why I am suspicious of the American Democratic party and why you should be too: The modern Democratic party is in the political tradition of a movement that climaxed in the October Revolution 1917. It came to a sudden, horrific halt when the factory workers were gunned down under machine gun fire. Their crime? They discovered that Lenin and his henchmen weren't concerned about the worker at all. They discovered they were only useful idiots in bringing about the Soviet revolution, and when they piped up to Stalin, "Hey, what about all that worker stuff?" they were ordered to be gunned down by Stalin. Nothing gets
people's attention faster than heavy machine gun fire into a crowd.

In fact, in Lenin's Russia, he had perfected the most expeditious way of eliminating one's political enemies. No need to get decked out with gas chambers and more expensive modes of dispensing with one's opponents. Machine guns are faster.

It's no wonder on a review of history why progressves opened abortion centers in black neighborhoods.  These were Sanger's "human weeds" who she announced speaking before the Klan in New York State were bad for the country. Sanger wanted black women to be knowledgeable about reproductive choice; she wanted black people to kill themselves, with the help of white and Jewish abortion doctors.

It's still no wonder today that the abortion clinics, the liquor stores, are all found in the black community and conspicuously target the black community.

These are all bread and butter for American Democrats. Anything anti-family, anything pro-drug, pro-abortion they love, and while many have shed themselves of the Jim Crow mentality that was once  shared by all liberals, it seems to me that a few of them still hold to the old way of viewing things. Why else is there the need to keep reliving on Meet the Press, Face the Nation, and elsewhere on the national stage the tried, and proven false, accusations, that black males are raging sexual lovers, drug maniacs, waiting to throw themselves on the first woman they see?

There is nowhere that is more prevalently discussed than in American Democratic circles.

As a Christian, I CANNOT support the American Democratic party. My vote for the Republican party is not an endorsement of their morals and every thing they do. It's because the DNC is a party that advocates for abortion, which takes two million lives per year, homosexual marriage, and caters to racist stereotypes, anti-black, anti-white, whatever it takes to win and they think people will vote for.


  1. For the few Americanized Africans who were allowed to vote between 1866 - 1932, usually voted Republican. During that time, Republicans basically forgot about them and Lincoln too, Roosevelt stole afams from the republicans by letting them participate in social programs, although they did not get what the regular americans got,
    During the Eisenhower years, very little was done by repubs to get black and other minority votes.
    Then there was Nixon, Reagan, and Bushes; none had a message appealing to African minorities.
    In 2008 America elected a half-breed president, and America's hidden racism erupted. Also during this timeframe, the Obama-hating repubs also became outwardly anti-Hispanic. Peoples of color will not soon forgive the party that ridiculed their hero.

  2. Republicans court evangelicals for their votes more than for their funds. They brought up the charges against Thomas. He like Cain were guilty of being Republicans, hypocritical and selfish, Republicans have the best health care in the usa, but they don't want everyone to have it, Clarence and Herman both have benefited from affirmative action, but keep it away from the other niggers!

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  4. The white male does as little work as he possibly can. That's why he had serfs in Europe; 7year and lifetime slaves in the Americas; and underpaid peoples around the world!