Saturday, February 20, 2016

Satan has taken up residence in the church

So what are we to do with this institution?

What am I to do with this institution?

Should I cherish it, and hold it dear, as a mother, to minister to me and bring me closer to experience God?

No. I revile the Church. I hate it. I want it to burn and to be left in ruins. The Church is the enemy of God, who opposes God, and whom God opposes.

The Church is a whore of an institution, a disgrace and disgust.

And yet where is immaculate ministry? There is not one. So we have the Church or none at all. Will that cause me to love the Church? No. Neither will it cause me to save it, should it need saving.

The Church again is the office of the Pharisees, and where are they? God lost all good use for them as well. So God gave them, the men of letters and men of the law, to be destroyed.

For there is no temporal flesh which is indispensable to God, a being of eternal power and life. We are merely frivolous and impotent with regard to the fact of eternity. He may even give His church to brutal torture and permanent destruction, even if it is only a very temporary pleasure to Him.

So the Church has been taken, and now we must let it go. For it is polluted, and all polluted must be thrown out as refuse and burnt.

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  1. Like I have said many times before, the impostor, who calls himself paul has caused the death of millions with his favorite lie found at Romans 6:14!