Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Some Revolutionary Thoughts on Christianity

I think about this Walter Martin figure, who while looking for books to buy on Amazon, his classic "The Kingdom of the Occult" was presented under the 'Recommended' menu. I always thought it a bit strange how distorted ordinary Christians' views of so-called "cult" movements really is. For, isn't Christianity itself a cult of Judaism.

#1 Christianity is a cult of Judaism

Now whether that's historically relevant, or whether it's germane to the topic at all, I think we're remiss when taking for granted that [b]Christianity is itself a cult of Judaism[/b].

I mean, a rabbi, learned in the traditions of Judaism, Torah, Torah-observance, to come on the scene and to shock the elite of his day proclaiming to be God. That's as aggressive a maneuver as nearly any you might point to today, such as Jim Jones. Even Jim Jones spent many years cultivating his flock before asking them to drink poisonous kool-aid. Even Morris Applewhite spent years cultivating his flock before he asked them to commit suicide to join with Jesus Christ on Comet Hale-Bopp as it made its historic trip around the earth in 1997.

Jesus just came right in and said to everyone, "You're doing it all wrong." It was gutsy, it was audacious.

But it was also something that a cult leader would do.

So basically, Christianity is indeed a cult of Judaism.

#2 Mainstream Christianity is descended from Greek and Egyptian mysteries.

If we abandon the analysis, we will only overlook more subtle, but more pressing revelations. That is, that even acknowledging that Christianity is a cult of Judaism, modern Christianity is the spin-off of ancient mysteries and therefore is itself a cult of earlier cults.

Christianity is a Pagan religion at its heart, with sparse Judaisms thrown in to make it seem authentic.

Much of the central tenets of Christianity are very much indifferent to what pagans, Greeks or Egyptians once believed. The three-personalitied God, the eternity of matter, the eternal condemnation in hellfire, the host, it's all rooted in pagan superstition and, therefore, Christianity is very little judaic but is actually a cult of Christianity and paganism. Christianity is enmeshed with pagan religion through and through.

#3 At best, all Christians are cultists, at worst, they're willing to do extremely awful things to promote their cult.

Sometimes it may be innocuous, they write endless books condemning different believers for holding a variety of views, mostly in good faith.

Is this not concerning to you? How easily a Christian can pick up a pen, someone like Walter Martin, sit down at his typewriter and author up volumes of condemnations, anathemas, damnations, cursings, blotting outs, against people that the orthodox Martin does not want to share heaven with, and then find a publisher to publish it?

I actually think Martin's text is very good, however, I only use him as an illustration here, since his book is one most have heard of.

I think Christians are too concerned with what other people believe than what they believe. Because too often, what they say they believe is exposed by what they do in actual life. In actual life, their engaging in such notorious behavior that it's well-known and would surprise no one if I presented it here.

These are some of my thoughts about the "cult industry" in the book industry, etc.


  1. when I get another easy day, I will respond

  2. Post Paul doctrines can be called [CINO], Christ In Name Only. Imagine a Ford worker always talking about how fantastic his Chevrolet runs!
    he many times said (my gospel). This was one of the few times that he told the truth. THE GOSPEL OF PAUL IS NOT THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS!!!!

  3. An estimation of sunday worship:

    85% paul
    8% Jesus
    4% nonsense other than paul
    3% Old Testament--which contains THE WORD OF THE LORD CAME UNTO....

  4. Enough of impostor paul for now. If you still think that he was a servant of The Only And Most High GOD, next to nothing can ever change you.

    Today, November 1, 2016, I started studying the Apocrypha. No one can tell me what not to read. I have read parts of these books; my idea not is to start at the beginning of these books, which is Tobit.

    tobit 1 started out by relating to the facts in the KJV (66). It is a personal account of a captive of Israel by the Assyrians before Judah was invaded. Tobit mentions Jeroboam in verses 4-5. In verses 11-14, he tells how he did not break dietary laws and how he sacrificed in Jerusalem instead of Bethel.

    Tobit then told about the Assyrian Kingdom going from Shalmaneser > Shennacherib > Esarhaddon.

    Just as Ezekiel in the 6th Chapter of Ezekiel, I have preached to the mountains because the sinners have not listened!