Friday, May 23, 2014

The Strange State of the Blog (The Fabulous Centennial Post)

The Strange State of the Blog

When I think about how the internet mold was cracked by my authorings, and the pure charm of my blog, I  consider it in several ways.

My blog is charming much in the same way the Cryptkeeper is from Tales From the Crypt.

I consider how it has all the trappings and pizzazz of viral influenza and that it is actually the very thesis of Charm itself.

I had to ask myself why this was.

Why all the lofty rhetoric and theory and beauty of language..

What is so different about my words that makes them so potent, so desireable and bitter?

I conclude that I am merely presiding over a funeral which in many ways is sad. Here at PreCatholic, I preside over the funeral of all illogic, in fact I sentence it to death and slay it.

So many are embittered by my passionate critiques and railings but it is only because their own wimpy, false little reality is dying the more and more I post.

I preside over the funeral of illogic! I sentence it to the pit where it belongs and as so often throughout  history, people hate it. You squeam and you squirm in your little rickety chair wobbling under the weight of your fat ass and denounce my words and my teachings. And what ever do you offer the world? Oh, so I guess we're equal then.

Keep mocking my letters! Keep on and this will be you! 

But a few consider it for all the betterment to the world it offers and they take it and are transformed.


  1. Jesus' followers take the narrow road, which are full of GOD'S Laws;
    the followers of Paul take the wide road, where there is grace.

  2. There is no "grace" from OUR FATHER for disobeying HIM. Read the entire 28th Chapter of Deuteronomy for details on how GOD will deal with violators of HIS Laws!