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California Shooting and Autism

This past weekend, there was a very wicked crime committed, a drive-by killing three, and an earlier execution of three individuals after them being lured into the home of the killer. Finally, the suspect kills himself.

Reports are indicating that he was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

What's particularly bothering to me about this story is how we've seen the media abstract a large group of people in a unidimensional way, that sustains an image of that group as being particularly depraved or violent. Gun owners are one popular bogeyman in the media. Others, the 'abortion clinic bombings' are supposed to make us afraid of the average Christian and small business owner.

I'm afraid that what the media wants to do is make people like me look like evil people. I have the Asperger syndrome. I don't want scrutiny focused on us because we are not malevolent and we are not killers. But I still must tell you what we are and it will make some of you uncomfortable.

This young man behind these six murders, complained bitterly that one catalyst to his fascination with mass murder, and an inspiration for his attack, was that women had not found him desirable, he was a 22-yr
old virgin.

That's probably difficult for most young people, answering the question of virginity. When to lose it, who to lose it with.. why you haven't lost it, whether you will lose it at all.

Do I fault this child, who I feel incapable of calling a man since his emotional level seems so immature, from feeling hurt? Not at all. I am 25-years old and I have never had sex, and from a biological standpoint that is a difficult thing to accomplish because every life has a basic need to propagate itself and it is deeply contrary to nature to not do so. Socially speaking, it bothers me but it does not bother me, because I eventually came to recognize the truth about society.

The truth is this young man shouldn't have been put in a position where he felt unwanted. The truth is when society embarked on its quest to legitimize and glorify promiscuity, loose sexual conduct, but even going beyond this, to belittle anyone who had an antithetical notion or who from either choice or physical disability did not have sex, and to make these children feel unequal and shunned by their peers, that was the true error.

The true error was that it ever became a question of singlehood and virginity. The error was that society tacked on such a high value to "the sexual revolution that wasn't", that it led this man to kill six people.

Somehow, I don't find him the monster that everyone else wants to make him. I resonate with his experience.

Years Ago

Years ago, I'd post at WrongPlanet, I'd talk to people there and it was very similar to salvia divinorum.  People would post their experiences smoking salvia and I myself had some wild trips, so wild they would  say, "Guffaw.. You haven't smoked salvia. You don't know what you're talking about." It was a lot like that. "You don't have Aspergers.. you probably just self-diagnosed(1), you probably just read a couple articles about it, blah blah."

(1) This is when you know you're deep in autistic territory, it being one of their catchwords. For instance, some people are nerds AND autistic, and a lot of their nerdiness emanates as a quality of their autism. On the other hand, some kids are just nerds and losers and could only hope to be autistic to explain away their obvious difficulties, and perhaps to give them something to talk about to make them seem clever, since obviously they are so boring most of the time no one wants to be around them. Therefore, it has become trendy among some to claim to have Asperger's syndrome.

I shared on a few internet forum about the autistics. In my estimation, they're some of the gentlest souls, and also the most dark and callous.

(If the truth be known, they are probably more than self-satisfied to eat a whole large pizza, while thinking about an African child eating a small bag of rice all week.)

The Aspergians are a judgment*. We are a judgment on our families and a judgment on society. We hate your society and we want it to burn. The reason we hate it is simple: It is not equitable, it is unjust, its complete disregard for life of all forms, it's a machine dedicated to crushing people. All we see is coldness. Our families are cold, as children growing up our schoolmates are cold, we're adults and the world gets colder.

*If you want to know why, please write.

Some of the Aspergians are prophets and some of them are anti-christs. Some are both but at different times while others don't know what they are, still deciding what they are.

Do I think they want blood? I think a lot of them really do. I think justice and punishment is something many of them think about regularly. I say this from my examination of history including one of its most notorious persons and what I've come to find from personal experience.

Why would they want blood? Listen to what the world says about them. They lack 'empathy'. Defective  'genes'. A strain on parents. 'Demon-possessed'. Lack a 'theory of mind'. 'Lone wolves'. 'Doesn't play well  with other kids'.

That's something very strange, I've never found us short on empathy. But we don't feel sorry in general for  humans. We identify with victims, particularly those victimized as innocents, the animals, and for a few of  us, who have known deep sadness from our journeys on this earth, we consider ourselves as victims, at the  hands of the society. What this young man suffered at the hands of the planet led him to do this evil work.


Some of you are going to be really disturbed by the connection being made. But Hitler had notable autistic  features, particularly on the order of what we now denote as Asperger syndrome (AS) but also may be thought of as high-functioning autism, which medically designates a level of impairment beyond that of AS but to the ordinary layman is apprehended more readily than the AS label.

What do we know about Hitler?

We know as a boy he was withdrawn. He suffered particular pain when he realized he couldn't be a  professional painter and felt belittled by people in his life. He suffered from some sort of stress that gave rise to a life-long bad excretory system, which may in itself be evidence of the so-called autistic enterocolitis. You even see in his speeches that he wasn't just speaking as a passionate orator, but as someone who came from another world, a fantasy he had fashioned for himself, and was moved to speak about.

Given an absence of an appropriate social interaction, stereotypy, "lack of social or emotional reciprocity," and the fantasy he had constructed for himself, these are prima facie indicators of developmental disorder, particularly Asperger syndrome.

It's commonly thought that the Aspergians are dramatically impaired in their communication skills and this  doesn't comport to the view of Hitler as a skilled public speaker. I would say that where we see with the  Auties that they are abnormally, prodigiously even, gifted in one or several, but usually one special skill, sometimes obscurantist and bizarre even, it seemed Hitler's great skill was with eloquence and communicating his mind. This should actually be understood as a facet of autism, rather than a discrepant factor.

The notable dedication to systems

Certainly there is an obsessive component to the autism spectrum. Many kids with the disorder need constant rehearsal of the day's agenda from one or either parent, so that he has a clear itinerary drawn up in his mind. If, at the spur of the moment, a plan is cancelled, additional plans are made, or an appointed time
is set back, the child becomes indignant and outraged. He can't contemplate a world without order, a world
without known variables.

For foods, he often will eat the same meals. He eats them repetitively and draws more or less the same  satisfaction from each one, certain foods never getting old. His family considers him the picky eater and  he probably suffers extreme anxiety by the shapes, colors, or proximity of certain foods, probably so much so that he won't even want others at his table to eat them, but because of his altruism and liberalism, he doesn't go so far in making THAT request.

In his school, he needs clearly defined goals. There's no project that can be open-ended and he probably  can't function to the level to where he can participate in a group project. Nevertheless, he works to the best of his ability when group projects are assigned and meanwhile struggles to complete work with the competition between work loads, demands for organization skills, and perceived ridicule from classmates.

And I should note that is sometimes being super-conscious of oneself and feeling looked at when you're really not, but in a lot of ways it is real. Autistics are known a lot of times to walk with an abnormal gait and much more regularly have a serious deficit in motor skills and hand eye coordination. I for instance have never excelled at sports and cannot use eating utensils well. Given that some of these children are aware that they walk differently, are naturally awkward and clumsy, and other features that make them stick out from other kids, their fear that they're being looked at and judged is not really a mistaken notion, in most cases.

But order...

The overriding theme in every sector of his life is he expects things done in a certain way, every day, without any variation. He doesn't just want things done on his terms; rather, if they are done on your terms, then it should still be the same way, every day.

His life is ordered by systems, rituals, rules, and obsessions.
And for many, and I think Aspergians are naturally among the most altruistic people on earth, they also  acquire their view of justice and morality in the same rigorous, organized, systematic way.

They cannot fathom immorality as a choice and there must be at least some moral capital in every decision  they make. They can't merely make a choice to do something because it serves an immediate pleasure  interest, but it must also be done within the constraints of their systems.

To them, morality is a system unto itself, and every system holds some things, in the first set, as absolute standards, while in the second set, it holds absolute penalties for a violation of those standards.

This is how the Autie sense of justice must be understood.

Many of them are going to sympathize with the Egyptian statute upholding the death penalty for someone who brings suffering on a cat. In this way, they simply appraise life, and varieties of life, in different ways. Causing suffering to an animal or to a human is not distinguished in a conventional way.

They also consider many other 'crimes' and 'sins' worthy of death. A drunk person who crashes their car and kills himself merely got 'what he deserved and even better that he did not kill anyone in the meanwhile.'

They see a story, 'Man kills girlfriend after she tells him she has HIV' and they appraise this as being a very fair action. For if someone has recklessly endangered the life of one, and by this very fact is shown to have the proclivity to disregard the health of others, then whether they're locked in solitary or murdered really makes no appreciable difference on the society. So long as the menace is contained.

Their systems further give rise to the need to topple entire industry, societies, and governments. Because the great deal of societies and industry are not justly and equitably administered, then they should be destroyed and replaced by systems that do uphold justice, those expectations held in common by society.

What the man did and what he didn't do and what he should have done

Because of the state of singlehood as a sexual distinction among men, and that it simply has never been  accepted and never will be accepted in the same way that heterosexuality, homosexuality, and transsexuality, are applauded, then it at least made sense to this boy at that time to commit the murders he did.

He lived in a much darker place (California) than I ever did. There was probably no way to reach him with  remedial faith-based help to show him the light of the Way.

Sadly, he was a circumstance who turned nine innocent people into victims. He was a circumstance to the  ridicule of society that says, "We will accept man-woman, we will accept man-man, we will accept man-horse! We will not accept virginity! You will never be equal to us!"

He was brought up in a society that defines satisfaction in life by relationships, marriage, starting a family, and most importantly, sex. Those are the essential things people want in life, other than a satisfying career. He didn't have those things and that is the lie of society I discussed. This is a Western concept. Globally this isn't how most people lived. He bought into the lie and, while I used to, I don't anymore.

I've seen people online try to belittle the 'virginity' even in his death. They say he was just a baby, he shouldn't have been so sensitive.. or in other words, he should have had a better reason for killing people.

Just go ahead and say what you mean, say what you really think. You think that is a terrible reason to kill people.

And I'm saying that's still a -phobic statement, and is phobic whether it's said towards gays, the different races, or toward the single.

And I have to ask, What is a good reason for killing people? I don't think this is a 'good' reason to kill someone. I don't think there is a 'good' reason for killing someone and I don't know how to begin saying whether this one was better or worse than others. I don't know. But I at least sympathize with him not in what he did, but in what was probably for him an incredibly difficult childhood. If he had to suffer what I suffered, then it probably made every bit of sense to him to do what he did at the time.

And finally, some of you will wonder what do I think of Hitler. I'm sickened at what they did to that man. Children are not born like that. They are made into sociopaths and killers. Anyone who could do a thing like Hitler probably knew profound suffering and the standard Hitler-was-a-monster myth doesn't cut it. And obviously he was a monster. History doesn't indicate for us what happened but someone did something to Hitler when he was young and all he could think to do after that was to KILL.

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