Saturday, May 24, 2014

Phil Robertson is a Douchebag

Media Generates New Anti-Gay Scandal Following Video of Phil Robertson Sermon

For the record, I am 100% opposed to homosexuality and the gay agenda, but in a most logical way, I have to point out that that question has no bearing on whether Phil Robertson is a douchebag because I think quite agreeably they are both true. Phil is a douchebag, but so are the homosexuals.

"Radar Online reports Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson said politically incorrect things about homosexuals during a sermon at his church in West Monroe, Louisiana on Easter Sunday. He compared gays to thieves and adulterers.

"During the sermon Robertson criticized the corporate media for misunderstanding biblical verse following an interview he made with GQ in December. During the interview Robertson paraphrased a passage from First Corinthians. He said homosexuals, adulterers, idolaters, and other sinners “won’t inherit the kingdom of God.” The interview resulted in A&E suspending Robertson from Duck Dynasty."

I guess he got off so much on the fags in the media ripping him a new one he came back for more. Did he really not learn his 'lesson'? Now he'll really be ripped a new one.

"You want the verse? The news media didn't even know it was a verse! They thought I was just mouthing off."

Oh, so I get it. You're just so fucking smart everyone misunderstood you. You're just a fucking Einstein and I'm sorry us peons are so beneath you Phil.

"Is homosexual behavior a sin? The guy asked me."

Here he doesn't even accept responsibility for what he said. "He asked me! I was just bein' nass' by  answerin' the question!"


The Church of Christ explicitly teaches its members that YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THEIR CHURCH TO BE SAVED. Otherwise you are damned.

This is what is so stupid about the Christian cult mentality.

You all see it in black in white: 'Christian' makes politically unpopular statements (that happen to be popular with the Christian conservatives) --- Criticized in media --- Christians rush to defend him

Let's get one thing straight.

"___________ won't inherit the kingdom of God."

Was Phil's quote. I left the first part blank to illustrate the point.

How does Phil fill this in?

He names the obvious...




But the laws of subterfuge dictate that you never really say what you mean, you only acknowledge up to and  including the point your audience is willing to accept.

Look at some of Obama's lies he told leading up to being elected.

He derailed the Patriot Act and the general lessening of civil liberties post-9/11. Yet in 2012, he was  dissatisfied that NDAA did not contain a provision to allow for the indefinite detention of American  citizens. The national security aparatus has grown exponentially in Obama's tenure, but that didn't stop him from filibustering the PATRIOT Act.

Obama's Signing Statement on NDAA

" should first be remembered that the very bil President Obama threatened to veto was controversial due to the language the Obama White House itself pressured Congress to add to the bill, according to Sen. Carl Levin." Aaron Dykes, January, 1, 2012

You see, he said what he had to say to get elected in 2007, because no Democrat was going to support a candidate who believed in the PATRIOT Act or indefinite detention, although despite his 'voting record', he shows in his leadership that he believes in all of these.

The weed vote.. He had to turn out the weed vote. So he says circa 2006 "I support decriminalization.." Did  that really happen though? No. The Feds just grew more bold in prosecutions of California dispensaries.

Gay marriage.. Very explicit.. does not support an individual right of gays to marry. What happened with that? He feminized and homosexualized the military, overturning the very sensible Don't Ask Don't Tell  doctrine, he refused to defend DOMA, presumably in violation of his duties as chief executive, he appoints a lesbian (?) to the Supreme Court, he pushes for gay marriage, he weaponizes his DoJ as an arm of the gay mafia and passes the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act.

My friends, if Bill Clinton was the first black president, then Obama is our first gay president. And he is not black either.

I read Niccolo Macchiavelli's The Prince some months back and if it was not 1:56 am on a Saturday morning I would be tempted to draw it out and make a few pertinent quotations. However, it's 1:57 am on a Saturday morning and I'm tired.

But what you'll find if you read him and just study the world around you, there is a thing called subterfuge. It's how a politician achieves a mandated for a stated vision and purpose, and as soon as he is elected, he goes much furtherto the left or right and implements his true vision.

Phil cleverly sought to court the Christian demographic by appealing to certain of the sensibilities among them, but he was careful not to clarify what the Church of Christ religion really teaches.

Now how do you fill in that box, Phil?

[Anyone who is not a member of the Church of Christ] including Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, pentecostals and ALL OTHER BELIEVERS


If you get to the bottom of Phil's true beliefs, he ultimately has to conclude, to be a good, upstanding member of the Church of Christ, that if you do not believe precisely as he and his church does, you are DAMNED.

My Position, Not Heretofore Stated

I will NEVER believe a doctrine that demands me to accept it. If you tell me I'll be damned, then I guess I'll just be damned.

I will never join a bigoted small-minded little cult like the Church of Christ because they think everyone else is damned.

And I especially will never accept your dumb, infantile, moronic Trinity doctrine and it is all your fault!

Because I had to listen to you Christians non-stop for years talking about this crap then I am never going to accept it. I'm going to keep teaching against it and denouncing it and mocking the Scutum and maybe I'm just a devil. Or maybe the Christians are the devils for constantly berating anyone with a non-established viewpoint and making them feel like worthless little diseases that world authorities try to eradicate because they can't accept anyone with a different viewpoint.

Jehovah's Witness addendum:

Let me tell you that I studied with the Witnesses for about six months. I did because I'm a liberal and I think everyone has a right to speak and be heard. I never had any desire to join them. But I feel sorry for them in some was how they get treated, nevertheless while they harass people.

But I should tell you, in all my studies with them, I NEVER ONCE HEARD this sort of bigotry espoused that I have heard from the Church of Christ. It is the most bigoted religion other than Catholicism I've ever seen.


  1. Like I said many times before, people who think that they are Christians speak more of Paul than they do of Jesus. Phil quoted the words of Paul. I would agree with him more if he had quoted Matthew 5:17-18.
    Pork is not allowed by GOD in HIS Peoples' diet; neither is flesh-eating fowl, such as the ducks that he shoot.
    Obama was not the first gay (fag) in the Whitehouse; it was James Buchanan. I would probably be killed before I could call him President Butfuckannon, that is, if I was born in 1850 instead of 1950.
    Anyone who actually believes in the "Trinity" cannot explain away John 14:16. Herein, Jesus promised His true Apostles the Comforter (Holy Ghost). Jesus, if He is GOD, had to ask Himself for permission to send the Holy Ghost. Now, if the Holy Ghost was equal to GOD and Jesus, why does the Holy Ghost have to wait on a command from Gods 1 and 2? Furthermore, if the Holy Ghost was equal, why doesn't it come before Jesus (g, h,.,j)?

  2. Maybe you have already heard give an inch, and they will take a mile. This is what has become the homosexual conspiracy. It has developed over the years because of those who believe in Paul's lie of Romans 6:14.

  3. The above June 2 submission is incomplete; now, for the rest of the story.
    When Joshua crossed over into Canaan, his instructions were to kill all the inhabitants of Canaan. GOD told them of the problems that they would have in the future if the Israelites failed to wipe them out [Numbers 33:55].
    In Leviticus 20:13, GOD commanded that "homos" be executed.
    Under Paul's gospel, his followers were no longer under the Law of GOD; and they did not obey GOD.
    A CLARIFICATION IS NEEDED AT THIS TIME: The "gospel" of Paul is not The Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!
    Fags and dikes have messed up the world. And they are not through causing problems.