Monday, May 26, 2014

The Ineffable Interconnectedness of All Things

In all the law, we find over 600 commandments.

The Christians ponder about how so many laws can be held at the same time.

Yet God slowly, but timely, offered discipline and correction against me. He sent me spinning, He made me fear something like a sword of Damocles over my head. I held my head low for a very long time and even to  this day I have trouble looking up while praying. Sometimes I look high up to heaven to speak to God face  to face, but then I am overpowered and my head falls back down without the power to go up.

God showed me the wrongfulness of eating pork and unclean meats. One of the big ones here in East Texas is catfish. My grandfather cooks it good but otherwise I don't like it *so* much. But I quit eating ribs, and catfish, and breakfast biscuits, and pepperoni pizzas and all those things.

God showed me that to drink water is also a blessing to the body. To remove yourself from the energy drinks, sports drinks, and basically anything with sugar.

He basically showed there is a morality to good health. Moral people take care of their bodies. It's not what makes them moral, but it's an outgrowth of their moralness, that they take good care of their bodies.

I quit smoking and I quit drinking. I walked more. I felt better.

I continued studying this Law and I came to understand the fabric, the ineffable interconnectedness of all things.

This is a profound doctrine, and obvious that because it posits such an interconnectedness, this very theory itself applies to all things. I want to show in this letter just a few ways in which it applies.


This fabric, the thread that weaves between one dispensation of time to another, one dispensation of our lives to another, even down from one day to another, is so hidden and mysterious, many have failed to see it.

What I was witnessing as I gradually took on certain aspects of the Law to accord with, I was seeing that these are interconnected things.

Suppose we take a man, a man who for the sake of my letter is merely a fiction, but an illustration of the point.

The man finds himself famished. He has quite his fill of pork. He becomes indigested and has to take a puff off a cigarette. His various biles and humors become admixed and then has to solicit the services of a prostitute for relief. The following day the various offsets, distortions and scenarios of the previous day lead him to heavy drinking, to 'blow steam off'.

You see with this man, the various circumstances give rise to a set of future and concurrent circumstances that continually goad the man into deeper and deeper bondage and wickedness.

Whereas the holy man eats a robust diet, has healthy bowel movements, a good metabolism, enjoys what he has, never thinking that he has been shorted by not having more, but rather praising holy God, for that of which he does have.


We see the interconnectedness on various other levels.

The Bible suggests there are times of revival and outpouring, Joel 2, Acts 2, even behind John the Baptist revival was stirring.

Likewise there were times of darkness, where the love of many would wax cold, where there would be a great falling away, a time when all the priests and prophets in the land were disposed toward wickedness.


I have long thought there is even such a relationship in voting. You see, some say that 'every vote counts' while others take quite serious objection to this doctrine and say that 'none of your votes count. Diebold.  Derp.'

But I suppose that when I go to vote, there are a lot of people that are going to vote too, who like me often do not go. Am I making people go vote by psychic powers?                                               

                                                                 do do do do do do do do

Pssh. I wish. I wish I could make only libertarians go vote and everyone else just stay home.

But no. I think there is something rather simple at work here. I think in the election with really high voter turnout, where citizens who typically do not vote turn up at polls, they're probably being enticed to vote for deeply polarizing issues such as when a race becomes deeply personal to the voters and they're there for the same reason I am.

Certain issues capture the attention of the electorate, and whatever attribute or quality they all share, we see there are some things so controversial put up for a referendum that EVERYONE must have their say.

So even that I see this same thread operating in.


I believe this theory holds truth to some very serious matters as well.


What happens post-abortion?

Women who have had abortions are more likely to die within the first year afterward than those who have not had an abortion.

They are more likely to commit suicide.

They are more likely to develop breast cancer.

And they are more likely to suffer from mental illness.

These are the consequences that women have reaped on themselves. They aren't exactly those that the women choose; these are merely the hidden consequences of making a decision to kill your own child.

But there is the interrelatedness.

When you look at minority races.. I've heard many blacks who say "they've" destroyed the family, the government, the wolf, etc. And I agreed with them. Yes, the devil has come against the black family. But the black woman has come harder against the black family than the devil. In many cities across this nation, the womb is the most dangerous place for a black child to be. Black women nowadays are as likely to abort their fetuses as they are to keep them.

Is there an interconnectedness here? I believe so. The fruit of your womb is laid fallow, the seed in the time of harvest bears no fruit, a cycle of poverty, joblessness, and hate sets in. Endless slumps with only short interludes as respites become the norm for many black middle adults, troubled to find a career and a place where they can thrive and succeed.


And the orphans, the liberals say. No one is going to adopt these kids. Why not just abort them, have mercy on the children.

Is there mercy in that? Ask those around you who you know had a hard childhood. Ask them, ask yourself, from your mouth to your heart. Was there anything that made you suffer so much that like Job, you cursed the very day in which you were born? Did you ever think that you might have been as well to have been terminated? I know the answer is no.

But why will they not be adopted? I have to say the culture of abortion and depreciation of life has as much to do with it as anything else. I see a world where there are so many children that society embarks on a cooperative endeavor and says, "We are going to do right for these kids. We're going to give them a chance." In our day, I see men who not only feel no responsibility to another's man child, but even their own children they feel no responsibility toward, but I see a world to replace it, where like the lowland gorilla or the elephant, every man sees a communal stake in all children. Like St. Thomas, who one man thought he saw in vision ministering to the souls of the aborted in the next realm, all of whom were grown in full splendor, as young men and young women, and some saying that in heaven we are all about 30 years of age and in good shape, we will see these kids in full splendor, in need of love and care, like this symbolic St. Thomas offers the children.

Why do we not see that? One of the reasons is the culture of death, of abortion, and nihilism.

We don't see it because of this indubitable, ineffable interconnectedness of all things.


  1. It is simple, THOU SHALT NOT means Don't Do It!
    Jesus said, "What GOD has joined together, let no man put asunder." GOD has put HIS Laws together; and no man, not even 'the Apostle Paul' can put it asunder!

  2. I made a gross mistake. On May 27 above, I meant to say the IMPOSTOR PAUL!!!