Sunday, May 18, 2014

Homophobia and Nigerian Girls

I was reading into this Nigerian girl scam and I fell in a feminist pit, a blog, a den of vipers with appeals to homophobia and anti-religion standard fare.

And I distinctly felt another level of exhaustion at the endless propaganda about the battered homosexuals and how dispossessed of their human rights they are because we as society have raped them.

I want to dismiss with this 'homophobia' word which is not accurate at all.

The correct word is


Yes. We are nauseated at your endless subterfuge of the electoral and democratic process, stacking the judiciary with activist judges, your vile desecration of churches and religion, and your open war on young  boys.

You're boring. And you're nauseating. You feel if you can't be accepted on equal terms you will bully  everyone and accost them through electoral sabotage.

You thrive off thinking people are 'afraid' of you.

We're not afraid of you. We're not homophobic. We're homonauseated because you make us sick. We're sick looking at you. We're sick moving to the back of the bus for you. We're sick of your vandalism of our  churches and your endless rape of kids.


Nigerian girls

I'm the only one who can see it for what it is?

How long has Africa had its hand out to the white societies in the Western world begging for a handout.

When I first heard the story, I thought it was a ploy. 'Bring attention to Nigeria' 'Starving children in Nigeria' 'The plight of schools in Nigeria' 'No medicine in Nigeria'

That's all it is. Or that's all I thought it was.

Then the video of the girls comes out reciting the Qu'ran and kowtowing to Islam.

First off, I purchased a modern edition of Foxe's Book of Martyrs that talks about persecution in the 20th century.

I know for a fact that millions of Christians have suffered in dozens of countries throughout earth just in my  lifetime for their beliefs, and they don't simply acquiesce to the demands of their Muslim captors or  Communist governments. They stand for what they believe and they die for it if they have to.

This story is fake. It's about money. It's about making us feel sorry for little kids in Nigeria.

I don't feel sorry. You're not going to make me feel sorry.

I've seen this crap again and again.

Oklahoma City... false-flag

9/11... false-flag

Sandy Hook.. false-flag

I learned growing up in America to not believe something just because the 'news' reported it.

I have no reason to believe there is any such crisis going on, that there was a kidnapping, and if there was, they are dead to me. They're apostates. They bowed to Allah. Fuck them. Don't give them a dime. There was no kidnapping.

It is TAQQIYA, it is war.

That's all it is. TAQQIYA - look it up.


  1. Homosexually is a choice, not something born with. If it was something that you were born to become, and a prenatal test could determine so; do you think that the fags and dikes would be anti-abortion when it came to "fetus homos"?

  2. Nigeria is a former British Colony. They remember the mistreatment of the British (Christians), and some have decided to try another religion. Nigeria is rich in agriculture and minerals, especially oil. They can take care of their problem or they can let it get worse; it is their problem, not ours,
    It looks like war to me. The girls have not been reported dead, but hundreds of boys have!