Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Redskins

In one era, the Trail of Tears dispossessed millions of Native Cherokee of their tribal land and many died the process.

Today, society's great sin is the conjunction of the words 'red' and 'skin'.

Noting the inverse relationship between racial disharmony and the importance of a civil rights industry to assert minority interests, what has happened is racial disharmony has mostly evaporated while the need for rabblerousers and the (un)civil rights organizations to continue appearing relevant has dramatically increased.

Therefore, without any hint of irony, the Trail of Tears and Washington NFL team are seriously entertaining together as comparable evidences of systemic racism in society.

When the Native Americans were asked themselves their position they were vastly in favor of keeping the  team name.

What we are really witnessing when we see a number of senators and racial agitators threatening the Redskins organzation is the same arrogant presumption evidenced by the White man through every colonial conquest and imposition on native peoples.

But when the Natives were apprized of the situation, they decided it was not worth their time.

Arrogantly, the White man has decided that the Native is incompetent to represent himself, so seeing his inability, the White man must intervene and assert his, the Native's, own interests, for he cannot do it himself.

Were these stupid white liberals asserting the interests of minorities when they were ruling on Plessy or when they were ruling on Brown?

Were these stupid white liberals asserting minorities interests when they said you can ride on your own bus or when they said you can ride on the back of the bus?

Every generation it is some scandal..

Northern Methodist.. United Methodist.. African Methodist

First Baptist.. Southern Baptist.. American Baptist.. Primitive Baptist

Progressive.. Dixiecrat.. Blue-dog Democrat

All it means is no matter how far we've come toward realizing Dr. King's dream, no matter how innocuous  the times, there is going to be an industry that feeds off scandal and actively stirring the pot rather than stilling it.

Oh and by the way.. If the Democrats really want to do something nice for the Indians, how about instead of  bitching about what some sports team chooses to call itself, why don't you just give their land back?

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  1. There is still another racially insensitive team in the "Americas" other than the red skins. It is the Pittsburgh Panthers (black cats).