Wednesday, May 7, 2014

God's Murder and Love

God's Murder and Love

I believed strongly once that God used death to His benefit, to advance His purposes.

We see murder used often throughout the Bible.

I. Assassination of leaders of enemy nations (Og of Bashan, et al.)

II. Killing a person's child for the sin of the father (David's son was taken)

III. A whole family could be erased (Achan and his family in Ai)

I reminded people to do right by God or He could kill them or kill their families. I went even further and said God was going to kill us all.

In a sense that's right. I don't know how I will die, although some common reasons are heart disease, cancer, stroke, virulent influenza, among others.

But I know that when I die, it is because God GAVE me over to disease and allowed my body to be eaten away by the virus.

So in a sense, God eventually is going to kill me and everyone else.

But there is nothing charming about that.

And then I ask myself, knowing that God is all-good, why would He do something like kill the child of David?

I discovered the reason.

David was motivated by passion in this stage of his life. He was led to kill. He could never have been a good father to this child.

God in his perfect wisdom, knew that this child needed a great father, and in this case, David was not a good father. He could not have been a good father.

God took the child because He loved the child, and brought the child to heaven.

It is in God's terrible judgments that His love is made known.

Like bacon. People seem to think only a despotic out-of-control dictator would demand His subjects to not eat bacon.

Au contraire! I think it is a much worse ruler who wants his followers to have worms crawling inside of them!

You do realize at one time, people were guaranteed if they ate pork that they would get worms?

So in other words, the Gentile pagan "Christian" god wants everyone to have worms!

But obviously that is non-sensical and bizarre.

GOD does not want you to have worms.

THEREFORE, He gives you dieting stipulations to warn you what has worms, such foods as humans have specific allergies to, what foods are healthy and what foods are not.

In all of these laws and doings and commandments, He is showing His perfect love.

And sometimes, He will kill you BECAUSE He loves you.


  1. Most of what you said is fairly true. I will only comment when you veer off the road.
    The bastard son of David and Bathsheba did not go to Heaven [John 3:13]. If any went to Heaven, it would be no reason for the Resurrection [Revelation 20:13].

    1. I am basically replying because no one else has and/ or I didn't finish my thoughts 2 years earlier.

      The first righteous man who died, Abel, didn't go to heaven; he stayed on earth (Genesis 4:10).

      Moses was buried on earth in Deuteronomy 34:5-6. When Moses and Elijah talked with Jesus in Matthew 17, neither came from Heaven!