Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Is the Law for the Jews Only?

The Jewish people try to denounce this. They try to hide it and especially from Gentiles.

They say they have a special relationship to God. The laws are only for them.

I cannot more highly disagree with this racist view.

I say the Law is good. AND furthermore, it is good for all people at all times.

Like I explained earlier, the Christians say God wants you to eat sausage and bacon.

I say that is repugnant because then obviously this "god" character wants everyone to have worms inside of them.

Obviously, I believe AND I teach that God tells people to NOT eat pork (among other things).

The Jews are not really any better than the pagan Christians.

Because even the Jews would say God does not want them to have worms, but He doesn't care if anyone else has worms.

I think that is tasteless and reprehensible.

The GOD I know does not want ANYONE to have worms, unless you are a wicked Jezebel who hates His children. Then He wants you to have lots and lots of worms, and to be eaten by dogs.

Is the Law good?

For I believe in absolute good, and absolute right and wrong.

The Torah has lots of sanitary and hygienic measures.

For instance, it's not a good idea to put a pot to shit in next to the oven in the kitchen.

Oh, but the Jews don't care if you have the toilet in the kitchen. They will tell you all that "sanitation" and "hygiene" applies only to Jews.

They also would imply very many other tacky things.

Like we should laugh at the disabled. You see, because the "Law" only applies to the "Jews", then we as Gentiles can trip over the blind or even curse at the deaf.

But that is all dumb.

You see on the face of it these commandments are to curb very dangerous and wicked sorts of behavior, such as picking on the disabled.

I don't think God really cares if it is a Jew or an American or a Spaniard or whatnot who mocks the disabled. I feel that God will be irritated at ANYONE who mistreats the disabled, or ANYONE ELSE for that matter.

Because in the big scheme of things, we are all severely mentally handicapped before God.. and if we make fun of others, then God will make fun of us. Then if you do not repent, He might cause the earth to swallow you up or some other epic demise, such as a God could imagine.

Now, about this Law.

It contains very many good and positive things. I don't know why the Jews try to tell people that no one is supposed to obey it but them.

But I see why. Because the Jews are the 'chosen' people.

That's when God chose them because they are, shh!, genetically superior!

Let me ask you something then, brilliant ones.

Why were the Jews the last group God came to inquire of?

For up until this time, He went to ask all the other nations to worship Him, and they declined.

He went to them at the end because they were under yonder tree playing the harlot and doing other tasteless things.

Don't you remember how the first few books are all lovey-dovey and then the rest of the Testament is prophets coming to say God is going to kill you, He is going to destroy your country, you are spiritual whores..

That is because from the beginning they were harlotting under that same wicked tree.

Sure, they are the chosen people. Chosen for what?

They have been made an example out of. They were chosen to be an example.

Now aside from that there fact, they are nevertheless wonderful people. They were the people through whom the Messiah and the prophets but most importantly the Messiah were brought forth.

They also have a special relationship with God because of a covenant they made. And God is an honorable husband and He will honor that covenant, although some Jews have broken out of it.

The Jewish people should be loved and supported. Israel has a right to exist and has a right to defend itself. That doesn't mean we defend every trashy thing any Jew does.

And when they say these evil things about the Law, they should be fought.


  1. Paul did not create the hog; GOD did. If My FATHER said that it was not fit for human consumption, that's all I need to know. Paul was lying again when he said that it was all right.

  2. The Israelites are wrong if they say that they own the Law of GOD. In like fashion, those who think that they are followers of Jesus (Christians) are just as wrong. Jesus came to do the will of His FATHER [John 5:30]. Never did GOD will that we put unclean animals into our mouths!

  3. In my email (, I end by stating that Jesus taught 'Judahism'. Paul is anti-GOD. All who follow Paul cannot please GOD. Paul-lovers are idolaters.
    For example, GOD said not to sacrifice children to molech, but they did; GOD said not to eat unclean flesh, but the followers of paul do.