Wednesday, June 12, 2013

There Are No Bad Christians

There are no bad Christians. You have a choice to either be a good Christian or a good Satanist, but you don't get to choose to be a bad Christian.

In the other sense though, most of you Christians are nothing but bad. Bad morals, bad attitudes and liars. But in another sense, I would just as soon say none of that sort are Christians at all. They're living according to the rules of the devil better than they are the rules of God.

Let's talk about pork and your "apostle" Paul. Many of you continue to eat pork to spite God because of your hatred of His law. And then you uphold Paul as a great oracle of knowledge. Paul said it himself, that you can't partake of God's table and the table of demons. You have to choice which one you serve. I've got news for you "Christians": There ain't no pork being served at God's table. If the devil offered many of you a ham sandwich you would sell your soul for it. You go on doing all sorts of evil, lies, slanders. You have such a deficit of morality and you choose to identify by the name Christian when that is not what you are. You are Satanists as a matter of fact. And many of you are so irreparably stupid I think God will finally have mercy on you because of your outrageous ignorance. But if you knowingly go around cursing His children, including His prophets, and continue preaching Hell then perhaps He will remove His mercy. You cannot be merciless and preach damnation against all but then expect mercy, especially when you have no special merit over anyone else. In fact, you're morally more decrepit than most of those you pass judgment on. And don't tell me I have accused anyone. I just called it for what it is.

Either you obey the law or you do not. That means you are either law-abiding or you are a criminal, a law-breaker. No Epistle can reverse that fact. If you choose to break the Law, then you are practicing Satanism. You are either a good Christian or a good Satanist, but you cannot be a bad Christian.

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  1. GOD talked to Joshua directly. After the Promised Land had been subdued, Joshua gave the Israelites a choice: "Choose you this day whom ye will serve....[Joshua 24:15]." YOU CANNOT CALL YOURSELF A LOVER of GOD And CLING TO THE FALSE TEACHING OF PAUL. Fake followers of GOD justify the eating of squirrel, pork, catfish, rabbit, lobster, and the like on Paul. If you put more weight on ITimothy 4:3-5 than the True Law of GOD, you are sinful.