Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Bible is the Most Unpopular Book Ever

The Bible is, by sales volume, the most popular book in history, by sales mind you. Don't forget that Christians also annoy people by giving out millions of free ones that most people just take to be nice and grateful, but they never read it. I'm sure if you printed billions of copies of Mark Twain or some similar great historical author and tried to hand them off to people you could get them to take it too and then you could say, look, Mark Twain is the most popular author on Earth. Okay, enough sacrilege, I will get to my point.

My point is, that this is clearly the most unpopular book in the world, especially among Christians. I say that because virtually no one actually believes it. Let me demonstrate:

I. Millions upon millions of Christians who believe in a pre-tribulation Rapture. That is taught against at Matthew 24:29-31, 1 Thes 4, and 2 Thes 2. Clearly, the Bible is not popular to anyone who believes in this Rapture lie.

II. The Trinity. For all the billions of Christians who believe this particular lie of pagan origin that the Bible no where actually teaches, the Bible is not very popular either. If you want to know where the Bible teaches against it, blindly open up to any page and just look down at the words.

III. Dispensationalism. Another lie millions believe. Nowhere is this lie taught. It's another one of Darby's stupid lies and I'll get to Darby later.

IV. Strange manifestations like gold falling from Heaven, barking like a dog... Seriously? Are Christians so stupid that they believe this or when a guy says if you sow an $8000 seed God is going to send you free money (probably under the table too because all those televangelists are tax cheats and whatever demon god they follow probably is a tax cheat too)?

V. They don't like the part about God saying He hates people ("...Esau I have hated."). They scream, they squirm, and then finally they crawl back into the septic tank or landfill or gutter they crawled out of.

VI. They don't like the part that says not to eat pork. They like the part about getting to go to Heaven and sitting around singing songs and eating good food but they don't like the part about obeying the commandments. They want all the goodies but not have to work for it.

VII. And pretty much ever other stupid lie they harp on that are so unbiblical and anti-biblical that it proves once and for all that no one takes much of anything seriously in this book. If it is not fun and exciting it's ignored, if it's astonishing and uncomfortable it's thrown out, and anything else that anyone decides doesn't suit his liking he will throw it out.

What it boils down to is most of these "Christians" are no different than any of you heathens who are reading this. You all just want to believe whatever you want to believe and nothing is going to change it, definitely not a holy book. If you have a great scientific theory, it doesn't matter only a few scientists agree with you because you can just say that it is years before it is proven. If you are a youth, you can make yourself believe that your parents are stupid idiots who grew up in the naive 70s and fail to understand the modern world and then go about doing what you like. Or you can insist that the police are abusing their authority and the legislators are philosophically incorrect and go ahead and break the law anyway.

Again, and again, and again, I find that most people just want to live their lives, pursue happiness that is tailored specifically for them, to find fulfillment, and not be bothered by someone telling them about the God of all the earth and His plans for them. The Christians are no different. They want to do what satisfies them and be left alone. It is disgusting, it is hypocritical, nauseating, and it is one of the reasons unbelievers who have met some of you would rather burn in Hell than find themselves sitting next to you for all eternity because you're shameful. You are children of the devil, many of you Christians, and this is your doing. You have created an epic, once in a thousand year mess for people like me to have to come along and clean up and I've got to say if it weren't for the power of God, no one would be able clean this up because you truly have made everything FUBAR.

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