Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That Common Hell Question

As I have written here, my belief is that the damned will go into the ground and they are gone. I don't accept an eternal Hell and I might be open to some sort of amnesty policy whereby at least some of the unbelievers might receive salvation, some sort of apokatastasis. Then Christians ask me this question: If unbelievers can make it to Heaven without accepting Christ? Which I accept as a legitimate question. But I ask that you respect that I get to ask legitimate questions too. My question for you is this: If there is no Law, then why do unbelievers need Christ? You who argue that Paul has instituted liberty and grace and that we're free to eat bacon and ham sandwiches, you who say there is no Law, then good for you because now you have made Christ to be useless at best. There is no Law so there is no need for Christ so that we may receive forgiveness and salvation anymore.

(EDIT: Several weeks after writing because some of you are dense: If Christ died because many of you are rebels who eat ham sandwiches and sausage on a stick, but you say that it's perfectly okay to eat sausage on a stick and ham sandwiches, then you're saying Christ died for nothing at all. 'He meant well but he was deluded' in other words. Or some of you will try to be tricky and say He died just so we could eat as many ham sandwiches as we want. Hey that's a good idea, I guess we can all go around stealing from people and killing anyone we dislike too can't we, I mean since Christ already died for everything anyway, right?)

But you want your cake and to eat it too. (That's such a stupid cliche. If it's my cake, then why don't I get to eat it?) Your point is that there is a Law that judges people who reject Christ but then once you get saved the Law flies out the window and you don't have to respect any of it? Wait, I just remembered something. The (false) Apostle Paul said that Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law. The Law is no curse, that is a flat out lie. Eating balogna intentionally in defiance of God's Law brings a curse. The German language is cursed too because of cologne, balogna, and colonel, they make no sense whatsoever, learn to spell. Either that, or Americans don't know how to read and we're cursed (I would say in fact this nation is already cursed).

But to get back to the point, why do you say that you sit in special category and don't have to obey the commandments but if an unbeliever does he reserves a front row seat in Hell? So your question is faulty because it uses an inconsistent rule.

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  1. Jesus first mentioned hell in Matthew 5:22. He mentioned hell many more times thereafter. Sometimes it was called hell fire. Jesus spoke of "hell", but Paul never did!