Thursday, June 13, 2013

Old lines a lot of us bought

A lot of Christians try to warn their kids about these. Or for the youth they know about them and make pledges to resist it. You know them...

"Everyone's doing it,"

"But it feels good,"

"But the political system just hasn't caught up with the times yet, they still wish they lived in the Victorian era and days of Prohibition,"

"There is no morality. Everything is relative, there is no absolute truth and people get to choose their own way in life. There is nothing outside of ourselves that we have anything to learn from,"

"God gave us magic mushrooms/There is no medical evidence that weed is harmful."

"If you don't do it is just because you're a square."

This could apply to smoking weed, smoking crack, jumping off a bridge, asphyxiation games.

Or the Bible.

One that many of you missed was the Law of God. The lie came the same way, same form, just different wording.

"Christ died for you, none of that matters any more, all Christians eat sausage on a stick"

"But this bacon tastes so good,"

"That was Old Covenant, this is new, they live in bygone eras"

"Those who say otherwise are Victorians and Judaizers, living in bygone eras"

"All the dietary laws are expired, we as men get to decide what we eat, when we eat, and how much we eat!"

"God gave us honey glazed ham, everything God gave was for our good, pork in moderation never harmed anyone!"

"Anyone who tries to obey God's laws is just being self-righteous and better than everyone else."


You better stop me now before I win some sort of literature prize. I'd say I did pretty good and for the 8 or so of you who read this you might even be impressed. The application of a color system has the effect of lining up the claim of the drug dealer with the claims of the butcher or the Gentile and it adds a dimension to the rhetorical effect.

To conclude, I want to say that many of you have fought against these pressures, taught your kids of what sorts of little demon kids they go to school with, or at least you have faced peer pressure yourself. What makes you think that the same tricks are not used by the devil to get you to falter as his own  children use? his children learned these lies from him. It is those of us who have been trusted with the ministry of the Gospel to lead you into light and show you the truth itself.

It happened many ages ago, in fact it was one of the first happenings that ever happened. It was early on in the garden days when the serpent met up with Eve and said that old lie, "Hath God really said," to not eat of that fruit? He said it wasn't that you would die in the day in which you would eat it, but rather it was because they would become like unto God and God wanted to hog all the power to Himself.

Unfortunately, many of the teachers have come in, and from a very early date to proffer, "Hath God really said," to not eat of the pork-meat?

You have bought into the devil's lies all over again.

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  1. Don't disagree until you have carefully read Deuteronomy 5:29.