Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Social Issues I: Beyonce and Justice

Justice and Beyonce

Beyonce recently made the point in an interview that there was no justice in the world. That's odd coming from her. Her and her husband, who have made absolutely no contribution whatsoever to humanity except making pathetic and annoying music are worth, it's estimated, about $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars). What kind of justice is that? You aren't spending much of that money feeding your people in Africa, you're not building houses for Habitat for Humanity that crack dealers can be awarded so they have a safe place to sell drugs from, you're not promoting vaccination in Africa like Bill Gates does that has side effects of causing sterility so that the unchecked reproduction there can be diminished (that's what it's for, check the facts). Or even better than eugenics: a billion dollars could build thousands of schools, supply running water to potentially hundreds of thousands of Africans, and still have money left to build universities and start endowments so that the best and brightest children could see their entire schooling paid for, through medical schol even.

What does she propose to do for us as a society? She takes an interview and sets time aside from her day to lecture us on "justice".

Where's the justice when since the days of Destiny's Child, you've promoted sex sex sex, and nothing but sex, dressing in sexually provocative get-ups, practically expose you ass at the Super Bowl, there's nothing even leftto the imagination, we practically have seen you completely naked, and so a guy at your concert a few weeks ago slaps you on the ass and so you have the guy removed. Wait a minute, you made the business decision to sell yourself off as a sex item, but then someone going the next logical step and slapping you on the ass is the problem?

That is not justice! That is an injustice!

Another reason it's an injustice, not only because you are a hypocrite, but because that concert probably cost nearly $100 just for general admission. The guy to be that close to the stage likely paid more than that. You made how many tens or hundreds of thousands but this guy has committed a capital offense to slap you on the butt?

Or how's this for justice, since you lecture us on justice.

You lip-sync at the Inauguration.

You lip-sync at the Super Bowl.

Then you probably (I don't know and don't really care) go to this concert, make hundreds of thousands that night by charging probably $100 a ticket, you lip sync, and then a guy slaps you on the ass and he's thrown out.

You don't sing. You throw your body out like you are some sort of ideal woman (you're kind of disgusting actually) but then if someone gets a little to close they're thrown out, despite having paid the hundreds of dollars so that you can go home that much closer to making another million for simply prancing around on a stage and moving your lips like you were actually singing.

You lecture us on justice. Go help your people. You saw a black man in office. Now go see blacks in Africa have clean water that isn't contaminated by worms and parasites, living in mud huts and taking baths under urinating cattle. Go fix that and we'll talk about justice. You and your husband may be the richest people on earth who have created actually nothing and offer nothing to society whatsoever. That you lecture anyone on justice is what makes you a terrible person.

EDIT: 4:55 AM, I have the NBC morning news on. Right as I was getting ready to post this they did a story about how in photos for some magazine I guess they photoshopped her body to make her look thinner. What a fake faker... She can't sing, she sells sex, even her photos are faked and she lectures us. And her name is spelled be-yontz. There is no acute accent on the E. Look, you don't get to override rules of language just because your sort doesn't generally agree there are any rules. Ebonics, Tomekas, and I can verify one Squirtisha, it doesn't matter. But it does. If it were pronounced correctly, it would be b-yontz.

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