Sunday, June 22, 2014

Science is a Caricature of Religion and a Hostile Force to Religion

Science has lost all grounding and direction and is merely a caricature of religion and itself.

False research with poor methodology, shrouded in technical language and under color of science is holy  writ,

    the scientists are moral intercessors seeking the 'advancement' of humanity,

    there is no God outside this world but it is certain that there are space aliens,

    and the eternal God manifesting to the world in the form of a man is an insurmountable
    conundrum, but in space there are wormholes by which we can bounce from one galaxy
    to another.

    Life and consciousness arising from an intelligent cause is preposterous! It is clear it
    arose from nothing, instead.

    Man is so insignificant and a little ant, however his gases jeopardize the stability of the
    whole planet.

    The Revelation is false, there is no Apocalypse! global warming, the world is ending!

It has a writ, it has a morality, it has a priestly class, it has an origins myth, it has a myth of intelligent, perhaps vastly intelligent life on another plane in another realm, and finally has an eschatology.

Can we seriously continue designating science what is nothing but a clever satire against religion? The best thing is for science to stick to the facts... of science, and not personal religious speculation.

Pastors... stop trying to sound scientific and 'beat' the scientists. You are not going to beat them at their own game and you're only going to stick your foot in your mouth and make us all look bad. Stick to your speculations... on religion.

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  1. GOD created everything. If you have a better explanation, please explain in believable imaginations.