Sunday, June 22, 2014

Christians Are Worse Than Pharisees!

The Pharisees accused him of claiming to be God.

The Christians accuse him of this same blasphemy.

Only Christians are much worse than the Pharisees ever were.

They go even further and say this 'God' character told them to eat bacon.

Even the Pharisees could not dream of such a wicked blasphemy!

You as Christians assign even greater evil to Jesus Christ than the Pharisees ever did.

You say he pretended to be God and he also told us to eat bacon. That is worse than the Pharisees ever  could have imagined.

The Pharisees were not all bad you know. For instance, they believed in very clean dishes, so much so that they thought it would make them even closer to God. They made tithes of mint and cumin, and everyone knows how indispensable those good spices are. By the way, what is cumin?

You see, beyond the hard outer shell of pharisaical hatred, there was a soft gentle soul inside, with cream-filling!

Honestly, I can't say as much for some of you. I see all the trappings of Pharisaical hatred and your theology is just as weak. Like when you project your own fascination with larva-infested meat on to Jesus Christ himself.

That's cool and all, if eating worms is your thing, but don't bring the Messiah into it and tell me that He said it was okay.

Now that is sick.

"But if you cook it to 165.."

Get a clue moron. The larva don't just hop off the meat because it got too hot. They're still there, though  dead. Okay, you're eating worm larvae.

And these aren't the little critters that you pull out of the ground and go fishing with with your grandpa.

These are worms that will suck your blood from inside your body, will implant themselves in your brain, grow to several inches and pass on one of dozens of diseases, that will make your life nearly as miserable as you made that of all those around you, before you die in screeching agony in a hospital room all alone.

"But if you cook it to 165.."


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  1. It all comes down to GOD against Paul.
    GOD said thru Moses and many other prophets not to eat pork.
    Paul is the only self-proclaimed (man of Jesus) who preached against GOD.
    I will start eating pork again when I find a hog that was created by Paul.