Sunday, June 22, 2014

Religion Makes People 'Experts' and Should Be Viewed With Suspicion

Religion should be viewed with suspicion.

It is the clever venue for charlatans to take the appearance of credibility and honesty to further their swindling enterprise.

It also serves a unique function for the stupid. The stupid, who are not experts in anything, by being given this revelation, can now be experts in something. They now have authority, they have letters after their name (from a degree mill), and they have a shiny badge. Their authority now is so powerful, they can never be questioned. It is instead they are who the geniuses and now everyone else are the stupid ones.

You see that? Now, those same people who have struggled with doubt of their own inferiority and unintelligence, now feel validated! They too are intellectuals and Au contraire! It is those who made them to feel weak always that were the dumb ones! And they are the most clever of all!

So the man of the cloth isn't often the smartest man in the room.. although he may be the least capable.

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  1. The Prophets of GOD were selected by HIM. The Real Prophets foretold of John, the Baptist; Jesus also declared his authenticity. Many times GOD acknowledged Jesus as HIS Son. The 12 Apostles were chosen by Jesus.
    Saul of Tarsus (He, not GOD, changed his name to Paul!) had no one to vouch for him; Paul was a self-promoter.