Sunday, June 22, 2014

America is Pagan-Christian, Not Judeo-Christian

We were founded by a religiously diverse group of men who believed in natural law. It's clear to me that we are pagan-Christian rather than Judeo-Christian.

It's my view after further study and reflection that there is nothing about this country or its founding that can be described as 'Judeo-Christian', a truly farcical term. This country never shared a heritage of  abstinence from pork or unclean meats, celbrating Passover or other holy days preferring instad to celebrate pagan feasts Ostara and Saturnalia calling it the birth and resurrection of Christ, followed in the tradition of anomian Paulinist faith, and a long-standing tradition of persecution against Jews who, for instance, at elite progressive-minded Northern colleges were discriminated against in admissions until the middle part of the last century.

If you want to be Judeo-Christian, you are going to need a little bit more Judeo in your Christian.

But we cannot have that! NO, the Christians will tell you the Law is a curse, and it is done away with, and that the Old Testament is only secondary in importance to the New Testament.

So stop with this Judeo-Christian lie. This country is more pagan than Judaic or Christian.


  1. Paul the Imposter has done a great job in deceiving the pagan world that they could continue their sins and please GOD. You cannot blame America without being critical of Europe.

  2. In Matthew 7:21 Jesus said, "...they who do the Will of My FATHER shall enter Heaven."
    Again in John 5:30, Jesus said, "I seek not mine own will, but the Will of THE FATHER which hath sent me.
    The followers of Jesus were named "Christians" by the sinners of Antioch, not by GOD!
    It is not the Will of GOD to:
    1. Attempt to change the Sabbath to Sunday
    2. Eat unclean animals
    3. Kill the innocent (abortions
    4. Execute with less than 2 witnesses
    5. Enslave people who were conquered by others (slavery usa style).

  3. continued from 11:06AM--
    6. Marry divorced women
    7. Bow to statues
    8. Kill thieves
    and anything else that GOD had instructed to do or forbade!!!!