Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Principle of Holocausality

The cause of the Holocaust was the crime of the Jews in fomenting Communist revolt.

A result of the Holocaust was the Jewish state.

The six million estimated kiled is likely too high of an estimate.


One thing that is disturbing about this tragedy is the popular lies that one will hear from time to time from the Jews.

"Christians were behind the Holocaust."

I have heard this same lie on the Savage Nation, Michael Savage's radio program. It's a very insensitive remark given that many Christians gave their lives to protect and hide the Jews to keep them from being apprehended. And it is known that several million or over ten million were killed by the Hiterlian regime. But exclusive attention is paid only to the "six million" Jews who died in the Holocaust. There is no mention made of the Germans, or Christians, or disabled or anyone else killed in the Hitlerian regime. Two things on the validity of the six million figure are clear:

A. Certain Jewish sources are steadfast in promoting the number, despite any evidence that is harmful to their position.

B. The Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites are steadfast in all of their claims as well.

Neither of these parties can, or should, be believed.


Hitler was an anti-Communist. Because of the extensive Jewish involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the bringing in of Stalin to power, and of the Union's intent to invade Eastern Europe, it seemed logical for Hitler who imagine himself as the man who would save Europe, to oppress the Jewish minority and any who harbored them and pre-emptively strike against Russia. To do this, they needed the co-operation of Poland. Poland did not co-operate, and so therefore was crushed like the ants that they were. Because of our very own Communist president, Delano Roosevelt, when the Americans became involved, despite long-standing warnings from Generals Patton and MacArthur, we came to aid the Communist power, which was later to take over most of Eastern Europe, who would experience their own 'holocaust', the Holodomor, and the intentional sabotage of the Soviet farm plan, such that a vast number, tens of millions would die in the days of Stalinist regime. Yet we hear nothing of the millions of Ukrainians or native Russians who suffered during these years. And the lie that Christians were involved, when Christians gave their lives for the Jews make another thing apparent:

C. Jews have exploited the Holocaust for their personal gain and they refuse, even mock the suffering of other races and minorities as being a part of those who were responsible.



I. The Holocaust was Hitler's rational response to the meddling and sedition of the Jewish people.

II. It was divinely appointed because the Jews continued in their rebellion by not returning to their native land.

III. Without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish state.

The Jews were not persecuted as some helpless, peace-loving minority. They were taken in because, as the Bible amply demonstrated their intractable stubbornness and provocation, they had committed the national sins of working for Communist takeovers and conspiracies. As to whether there were six million to die or no, the Jewish racists are no more to be believed than the White racists. That they should help to suppress the true numbers of ALL who died, rather than just the Jews, shows a disconnect when they also try to oppress those who hope to air more reliable numbers of the Jews who died. They are both liars who say six million AND one million and I have no idea how many. But I disagree that the Jews have made it that the lives of Jews who were lost are of greater worth than the others who died because they are not. And of course Jews have pathetically attacked the Christian religion for millennia, even killing its founder, which they also lie and say they did not. And if they use the Holocaust to slander the Christians, the Christians who liberated them in their camps, the Christians in the American military, then they should not expect anyone to believe their silly, unfounded and ridiculous six million claim.

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  1. Martin Luther was a German Catholic Priest. Catholics and Protestants both claim to be Christians. Similar to the Cubans who saw democracy as an enemy, so also the Israelites see Fake Christianity as an enemy.
    Israelites tried to get aid from the Catholic Cult, and they were called Jesus killers. When they were at Ellis Island, they were refused entry.
    By your making excuses for the "C" people, you are reveiling your anti-Semitism!